Hello, new students! And old students! And anyone else who happens to be reading this! The LockHouse blog is back, and it’s here to convince you all that playing an escape room is the best thing you can do in Cambridge. (Apart from all that life-changing education stuff.) With so much to do during Freshers’ Week, why should Cambridge freshers play an escape room? Boy, are we glad you asked.

1. Speedrun making friends

a group of students holding books and folders smiling at the camera

Make sure to get out once in a while, or you’ll end up like the students in this stock photo

Escape rooms are great for getting to know people. You don’t have to worry about making awkward small talk when you’re all frantically trying to save the world from an asteroid, thwarting a supervillain’s deadly plot, or crawling through mummy-ridden tunnels in an Egyptian tomb. Once the door to the escape room is shut behind you, you’ve got one hour to complete your mission—and it’s impossible to make it out without some quality bonding time in the process. You’ll laugh. You’ll get to know people. You’ll probably scream a bit. 

2. Get your brain in gear

The transition from the summer holidays back into term-time can be painful. Suddenly, people are expecting you to “use” your “brain”; what’s that about? Solving an escape room is the perfect way to stretch your brain a bit (before anyone makes you write an essay with it). In order to escape, you’ll need to pit your wits against a sequence of fiendish puzzles—before the timer runs out! Plus, escaping the room will make you feel like the geniuses you are, so it’s a fun confidence boost.

3. Show off your college

a scenic view of one of the cambridge colleges across the lawnWhat’s better than playing an escape room? Playing an escape room better than everyone else! The annual Student Escape Room League from LockHouse is up and running. Once you’ve completed your amazing escape, let your games master know which college you’re from, and you could wind up on the leaderboard. The current college leaders for each of our escape rooms are Emmanuel (28:27, Egyptian Tomb), Homerton (34:46, Armageddon), and

Jesus (34:35, Secret Agent). Think you could do better? Come and take them down a peg! It’s not just for Cambridge freshers, either! The league is open to any Cambridge students and staff (including Anglia Ruskin).

4. Get to know Cambridge

LockHouse Escape Games is conveniently located on Regent Street in central Cambridge. In order to get here, you’ll wander past a whole range of coffee shops, bars, and local businesses, and get a taste of everything Cambridge has to offer. The next time you have the chance, take a break from the library and get to know the city you’ve ended up in. (And if you’re looking for fun activities to do in Cambridge, look no further—LockHouse is the number one rated activity in Cambridge, according to TripAdvisor!)

5. Discounts!

The best part about being a student is, of course, discounts. You’ve got enough stress to be dealing with without having to pay full price for things. Students get 10% off games at LockHouse, any time, any day of the week. (If you’re booking online, make sure you just pay the deposit via the website. Then let us know that you’re students when you arrive for your game!) 

Looking for other things to do as Cambridge freshers? As well as escape rooms, LockHouse runs a weekly RPG night at the Grain and Hop Store on Monday evenings—join the Facebook group for more information! Or if you’d rather stay in with a board game, we’ve got you covered with our board game recommendations.

LockHouse Escape Games is currently open! Find out more and book your game on our website. Plus keep an eye on our Facebook for everything from updates to brainteasers!