Secret Agent

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An evil villain is trying to destroy the world. We sent our best agent into his lair, but he’s gone MIA. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the mission in his stead. Do you have what it takes to thwart the villain’s fiendish plans – before it’s too late?

Considered our hardest game, Secret Agent is filled with hidden rooms and secret codes – perfect for anyone looking for a challenge. If you’re new to escape gaming, then maybe Armageddon or Egyptian Tomb might be the game to start with.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

An evil villain is trying to destroy the world. We sent our best agent into his lair, but he’s gone MIA. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the mission in his stead. Do you have what it takes to thwart the villain’s fiendish plans – before it’s too late?

Considered our hardest game, Secret Agent is filled with hidden rooms and secret codes – perfect for anyone looking for a challenge. If you're new to escape gaming, then maybe Armageddon or Egyptian Tomb might be the game to start with.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

409 reviews for Secret Agent

  1. Andy Miller (verified owner)

    An excellent fun time for my wife’s birthday! We escaped with 13 minutes to spare and throughly enjoyed the amount of puzzles, some of which had us really stumped for a while!

    I would whole heartily recommend to anyone!

  2. Chloe Bird (verified owner)

    Amazing! Helen was so friendly!

  3. Tom Jenkins (verified owner)

    Loved it! We had a great time playing the Secret Agent. We have played around a dozen escape rooms and this was honestly one of the best. Some great puzzles and the host was quite funny!

  4. Mark Sirot-Smith (verified owner)

    Really challenging, with a number of different ways to get to the final solution.

  5. Kari Law (verified owner)

    My son had his 15th birthday patty with you. He and his friends all had a lovely time. The games were just the right level of difficulty and they are already planning to go back and do another room.

  6. parag garg (verified owner)

    Jo was an excellent host , we loved the game , so well done , loved the fact that it was almost hand made and artisan

  7. Charley Abbott (verified owner)

    Brilliant room. Friendly staff.

  8. karen connor (verified owner)

    Great game, lots of puzzles – well thought out. Thank you

  9. Madi Ajgarni (verified owner)

    I have done a few escape rooms and this one was my favourite, the theme was enjoyable and we managed to escape with 15 minutes to spare. The employee Helen who helped us was friendly and enthusiastic and she gave us a few hints that guided us in the right direction but still allowed us to get the satisfaction of figuring the clues our ourselves

  10. Natasha Eftychiou (verified owner)

    Very fun game. Played all 3 at lockhouse and would definitely recommend. Staff are friendly and add to the fun experience. 10/10.

  11. Flora Raffai (verified owner)

    Excellent escape room! Really creative puzzles, that fit together well and evolve throughout the room.

  12. Sally van Pelt (verified owner)

    Great fun – will be going back

  13. Bethany Ginn (verified owner)

    The game was so much fun to play we all had an amazing time. The employe that guided us through the game was so much fun and made the experience even more enjoyable.

  14. Julie Myles (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic time at Lockhouse games. The secret agent room was the last of the 3 rooms we needed to complete and it didn’t disappoint. Great to get our brains thinking in a different way. Thank you for a fun filled evening 🙂

  15. Jonathan Weir-McCall (verified owner)

    Great afternoon out. 4th escape room (but first in Cambridge), and probably the most impressive I’ve done in the complexity of its layout and progressive reveals.

  16. Natalie Robson (verified owner)

    Much better than another escape room we have done – loads more to do and a strong storyline. Staff were great and we felt ‘safe’ with the social distancing approach.

  17. Andrea Loreto (verified owner)

    We escaped!! Very enjoyable experience and Fred made it even more entertaining with his jokes! We will go back to try to escape the other two rooms!

  18. Simon Kemp (verified owner)

    A good challenge and the whole experience was made great by the excellent host/guide. Another brilliant experience from the team.

  19. Victoria Wilderspin (verified owner)

    What a fantastic experience! Thank you to all the team and especially Fred who made our time at LockHouse so memorable. His funny comments whilst we were trying to solve the puzzles lightened the mood when we were so deeply focused on trying to beat the clock. We left feeling very chuffed with our time too! Great fun, great memories and a great shop too for those folk who always need just one more board game in their shelf at home!

  20. Suzanne Notley (verified owner)

    Really liked the look of the room, and enjoyed the puzzles, but the ending felt sudden and a bit of an anti-climax for all 4 of us.

  21. Stephen Dinsdale (verified owner)

    Fantastic game and fantastic service from Fred and Emma. I left a TripAdvisor as it was awesome!!!

  22. Amanda Halls (verified owner)

    Great fun and entertainment!

  23. Matthew Terry (verified owner)

    Really good escape room, props & the gentleman who gave clues and was dressed up as out theme room was class! Really put his all into it when he was dressed up, with accent and jokes. Would totally go again!

  24. Rachael Roberts (verified owner)

    Challenging and fun – great night

  25. Lea Gayer de Mena (verified owner)

    Was a really fun time!

  26. Anna Hill (verified owner)

    Had a fantastic time ! Helen, member of staff, was very friendly and helpful. The game itself was very cleverly put together. I would recommend it 100%.

  27. Harriet Norman (verified owner)

    Really good fun 😀

  28. Sophie Moss (verified owner)

    We had a great time! We were hosted by Harry who was brilliant. Great acting skills!

  29. Charlotte Smith (verified owner)

    Me and the girls had the best time! The people who worked there were so friendly and made the whole experience funny and brilliant! Cannot thank them enough for how fun and exciting it was!

  30. Gemma Hook (verified owner)

    Great game, fantastic staff. Shame they didn’t know the ratio of successful completion of the room.

  31. Rosario Luna (verified owner)

    Excellent!, I took a bunch of 6 kids (aged 10) and they all cracked the game… the most difficult level, it was fun to see them solving all the clues, and the structure of the game is very good…. I will definitely will go back with another group… of adults to see how they do!
    Fun and entertaining, highly recommended

  32. Alec Christie (verified owner)

    We had a great time completing the last of the three escape rooms! We even got a free escape room board game for completing the trio – thanks to Fred for pointing this out and his help during the game. The in-game commentary/hinting was on point

  33. Elena Squire (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time!! Secret Agent Helen was amazing and genuinely wanted us to do well. I loved every second.

  34. Jo Montgomery (verified owner)

    The overall experience was great. The staff were a bit cringe at the beginning but lovely throughout the clues. There were lots of different things in the space and it would maybe have been better to move from room to room. Also the headspace wasn’t great for those of us who are tall!

  35. Sarah Nendick (verified owner)

    Brilliant game – testing enough with some new tricks we’d not seen before.

  36. Mary Pawson (verified owner)

    Great fun, we booked it as a thing to do for my 18th birthday and it was so fun, me and my friends really enjoyed it and the staff were very nice and extremely funny.

  37. Kim Small (verified owner)

    Great fun – well organised – staff super helpful.

  38. Rebecca Saveall-Green (verified owner)

    Very challenging game, but lots of fun. The puzzles were clever, and honestly we were a little in over our heads given most of the team had never done an escape room before, but we had a great time and the spymaster/staff member giving us hints and feedback was fantastic (and very patient!).

  39. Pete Dendy (verified owner)

    Loved it .. A LOT! So many fun puzzles and challenges and it was the perfect difficulty level for our group!

  40. Elaine Hallam (verified owner)

    We went as. Team building event and had a great time, best thing was we beat our team mates who were in Armageddon!

  41. Sonny Sleight (verified owner)

    We had the best time! Loved the game, the room, the staff, the whole experience! Thank you!

  42. Jordan King (verified owner)

    Great fun, great assistance, and an all round great experience

  43. Katie Wong (verified owner)

    Enjoyed by the group of teens! Had lots of tasks to make them work together, great time had by all! Thank you!

  44. Susan Whitehouse (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed ourselves

  45. Deborah Dainty (verified owner)

    Brilliant day as always

  46. Rob Emery (verified owner)

    The game was excellent, plenty to keep the three of us occupied while we were in there – no unnecessary dead ends.
    Got out in 40ish mins so could have been a bit longer

  47. Lucas Reali (verified owner)

    Great room and staff

  48. Eleonora Scognamiglio (verified owner)

    It was really wonderful! We had played other games before, this room was the most difficult but definitely entertaining and worth it! We will be back visiting other rooms soon!

  49. Guillaume Audeon (verified owner)

    The team was great and helpful we had great fun

  50. Debby Wooding (verified owner)

    My family had a great time trying to escape from this room! Clever tricks and mind bending conundrums a plenty. James – thanks you made it an even better experience!

  51. David Maitland (verified owner)

    We had a really good time. The only way it could be better was if the room looked like it had less wear & tear and the black room was a bit damp.

  52. Hannah Armand (verified owner)

    We had a fab time and the rooms and staff were great

  53. Duncan Veitch (verified owner)

    Lots of fun. Alexi , our instructor ,was great too

  54. Jooles Tostevin-Hobbs (verified owner)

    Great fun – we have done a few escape rooms and found this to be a really fantastic experience. Definitely recommend for adult and family groups.

  55. Delaine Kunish (verified owner)

    The Secret Agent experience was definitely more difficult than the other two escape room. I was really fun but one of us had a mood swing from entering a code to completing the game!

  56. O Moulton (verified owner)

    We were proud of our team work!

  57. Sylvia Smith (verified owner)

    Good fun

  58. James Matthews (verified owner)

    Great venue, brilliant snd thoroughly entertaining staff and a fantastic escape room. Lots of fun, really good challenge.

  59. Steve Lovatt (verified owner)

    Fun day out with a mixed age group – everyone enjoyed it

  60. John Davidson (verified owner)

    Great fun and very helpful and friendly staff. We did the Secret Agent room in 50 mins 50 secs – so very happy with that!

  61. Averil Ballam (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable but very difficult escape room!

  62. Darren Clifton (verified owner)

    Amazing from start to finish

  63. Penny Hayward-Miege (verified owner)

    Good fun, lots of different puzzles

  64. Katie Sinclair (verified owner)

    Excellent game. Very good interaction from the guide (James) who was very funny and made the experience great. Thanks very much!

  65. Todd Bauleke (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience! Highly recommend!

  66. Phil Last (verified owner)

    An excellent game, very challenging

  67. Matthew Hersch (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  68. Deborah Stratfold (verified owner)

    Great fun!!!

  69. Keya Elie (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. This room was difficult but, full of surprises. I would 100% recommend.

  70. Marilena Netty (verified owner)

    We loved it! Great fun and enjoyably challenging! Team was brilliant at moving us along with well timed clues and comments!!!

  71. Kiara Hudson (verified owner)

    The room was amazing! It was quite hard but we got through it. The props were amazing and the staff member (Helen) was really into it and was a great host! Definitely recommend and will be going back when next in cambridge!

  72. Mary Edis (verified owner)

    We had a great time doing the Secret Agent room (although we were cutting it a bit fine with less than two minutes to spare!) – quite a big step up from Armageddon but still a good mix of traditional locks and keys with other puzzles that got you thinking outside the box.

  73. Dawn Rahman (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Really good and we escaped

  74. Charles blackmore (verified owner)


  75. Joanna Caisová (verified owner)

    We had a really enjoyable evening and would definitely recommend this to others. Many thanks to Helen for being an enthusiastic and friendly guide.

  76. Serena Wright (verified owner)

    This was a fun and engaging hour’s entertainment for four of us, and the guy that was our ‘agent’ was hilarious. Lots of different tasks to undertake, and the room’s theming was spot on. Only got a four instead of a five because we’d booked for Cabin in the Woods, only to be told when we arrived that this was a Halloween special and, as Halloween had passed, it was now ‘Secret Agent’. It was fun, but not what we paid for/got excited about, which was a bit disappointing. Perhaps could be clearer when booking this the limitations of ‘special’ events like this.

  77. Clare Mellor (verified owner)

    Really fun evening!

  78. Alex Gatley (verified owner)

    It was great fun. Such a good experience and Helen did a great job and making sure we had a good time. Defo going back to do another room.

  79. Faiza Grew (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience. The staff members were great and very engaging!! Definitely will come back!!

  80. Ben Kilkelly (verified owner)

    Fantastic fun. Just the right level of difficulty for a group of adults. Highly recommended

  81. Isabel de Miguel Cristobal (verified owner)

    Amazing experience, music and effects really good.
    I recommend it!!

  82. Eduard (verified owner)


  83. Matthew Chantry (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable room, would definitely recommend.

  84. Misha Voloboev (verified owner)

    Overall very enjoyable, James did a good job of jump scaring our friend.

  85. Rebecca Siddall (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time thanks

  86. Yaqing` Wang (verified owner)

    Very good game!!Awesome staff, especially Mr.A. Would totally recommend:))

  87. Emma Atkin (verified owner)

    Helen was great!

  88. Gesa (verified owner)

    Very nice game but scaryness was a bit distracting from actual puzzles.

  89. Joseph McLoughlin (verified owner)

    Great game! Really good puzzles and the staff were fantastic

  90. Nathan Galpin (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable game with some clever puzzles. Thoroughly enjoyed how the room expanded into 4 additional areas. Was frustrating that the poker chips didn’t work/weren’t required cause the door was already open. Also, the fact that you could fairly easily brute force the killer’s name was disappointing. Though the fact that you could work out the answer from fairly aesthetic elements was a nice touch. The chess puzzle was probably one of my favourite elements. However, we all had a great time and will definitely consider coming back to try one of the other rooms.

  91. Cat Maciver (verified owner)

    Really good fun. We broke a key, maybe the staff could have some bolt cutters around so if that happened again so we wouldn’t have to miss part of the puzzle

  92. Lisa Seymour (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time Thank you!

  93. Alexander Dutton (verified owner)

    It was a lot of fun and definitely worth every penny I spent. As a birthday present to a friend of mine, they also enjoyed it very much. Planning a few more revisits in the next 12 months.

  94. Irina Ivanova (verified owner)

    Great experience!

  95. Nicolas Inard (verified owner)

    Very satisfied to having solved the toughest room without any help. We all enjoyed the challenge and the mystery, puzzle and production design were up to the task. Can’t wait to do the other rooms!

  96. Megan Jones (verified owner)

    Everyone at Lockhouse games was so funny and welcoming we laughed so much and they made the experience so good! Difficult rooms but you don’t end up so stuck that you give up/get bored as they are really good with clues when you ask. Would 1000% come back!

  97. Adrian Pevley (verified owner)

    Was a challenging but fun experience, Fred was amazing at making it immersive and bringing energy to the scenario!

  98. fiza raza (verified owner)

    game was super fun especially our game master Fred who was thoroughly entertaining and made the whole experience better

  99. Gareth John (verified owner)

    Great fun – we all enjoyed the challenge

  100. Joanna Surridge (verified owner)

    Exhilarating, tense, brain stretching, brilliant

  101. Cat Sani (verified owner)

    We had a fab time! The escape room was good fun. Alexi was great!

  102. Helen Barrow (verified owner)

    This was our first experience at an escape room and you did not disappoint, we all have a fantastic time and can’t wait to come back to complete the other 2 rooms. Staff were all really lovely and helpful too.

  103. Helen Averill (verified owner)

    ‘Secret Agent’ was an absolutely fantastic escape room, easily as good as ‘Egyptian Tomb’ and James was a brilliant and very funny games master. Excited to do the next one!

  104. Paula Dopadlik (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time and had many laughs. This was our first and certainly won’t be our last. We were made to feel very welcome by the team. Brilliantly thought out game. Would definitely recommend this to friends.

  105. Richard Southwell (verified owner)

    An excellent game for an 18th birthday present that all the family could partake together

  106. Holly Hibbett (verified owner)

    Staff were amazing, rooms were just the right balance of challenging and entertaining

  107. Elizabeth Wheater (verified owner)

    Helen was super duper, we really had the best time on this occasion thank you so much!

  108. laurence robinson (verified owner)

    As first timers my wife and 2 sons really enjoyed our visit. We did have a little help from our secret agent who was always monitoring our progress. Will definitely do the other 2 rooms.

  109. Francisco Anaya (verified owner)

    Enjoying . Very helpful

  110. Laura Wilson (verified owner)

    Had a great time our host chris was brilliant

  111. James Maguire (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable

  112. Duncan Payne (verified owner)

    Great fun. Really clever Escape room.

  113. Jules Scherrer (verified owner)

    We did armagedon instead of secret agent and it was really fun

  114. Peter Baxter (verified owner)

    An excellent one spent in a challenging game. My daughter loved it as much as I did.

  115. Patrick Draper (verified owner)

    Great atmosphere. Great clues. Great hints. Great time

  116. Rebecca Weldon (verified owner)

    Amazing we had a brilliant time

  117. Melanie Cousins (verified owner)

    We booked the secret agent escape room and had a really good time. It was our first escape room experience but we’ll definitely be going back! Friendly staff and well thought out puzzles to solve

  118. Richard Dear (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, with unforgettable features and lovely staff.

  119. David Leather (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! Awesome afternoon!

  120. Rhys Thomson (verified owner)

    Very good room, excellent pitch of difficulty and sound advice from the host.

    Memorable and fun experience!

  121. Katherine Taylor (verified owner)

    My friends and I had a great time in the Secret Agent room and really enjoyed the variety of puzzles. A big thank you to the staff who were too polite to mind that we stayed in the shop long after our turn, hiding from the rain and trying out some of their impressive range of board games!

  122. Alan Lintorn (verified owner)

    Good fun with a small amount of help.Nice to be able to take pictures afterwards as a memory of the occasion.

  123. Andrea Fry (verified owner)

    Great fun from start to finish. Looking forward to trying the other rooms.

  124. Lisa Ward-Holmes (verified owner)

    excellent we will be looking forward to the next time

  125. Lawrence Champion (verified owner)

    Great fun

  126. Ana Gouveia (verified owner)

    First time and we loved it. Room decor was great!

  127. Ravi Popat (verified owner)

    Great escape room. One of the best I have done. Great puzzles and great objects. Some of the mechanisms in the objects were incredible.

  128. James Croft (verified owner)

    better than expected!

  129. Ginny Brophy (verified owner)

    What a brilliant afternoon….mainly because we got out with one minute to spare and felt such a massive rush of achievement!! It was hard and very puzzling but then when the penny dropped it was so exciting. Our voice from above was Ben 2 who was hilarious and made the whole experience more enjoyable. We will be back to complete the other two!

  130. Danielle Phillimore (verified owner)

    The Secret Agent room was amazing, it was a lot more in depth than we anticipated so by the end we were manically rushing around and managed to complete it with only 4 minutes left! We all had an excellent time, I’d really recommend it.

  131. Rocio Martinez Guillan (verified owner)

    We went to the escape room for a team-building experience. None of us had been to one before and it was a great choice, our game master was really fun and helped us to have a great time!

  132. Angela Beaver (verified owner)

    Nelly was awesome

  133. Keith Garrett (verified owner)

    So much fun. They looked after us and made it special for the birthday girl!

  134. Hannah Rogers (verified owner)

    We didn’t get out in time but we had a great time. And when we needed clues they were actually helpful.

  135. Darren Kelly (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed. It was a challenge.

  136. JONATHAN GATEFIELD (verified owner)

    Very fun

  137. Julia Van Gilder (verified owner)

    We had a blast celebrating our 8 year old’s birthday. It was a challenging family activity!

  138. Alex Grimaldi (verified owner)

    Lots of fun

  139. Harry Busby (verified owner)

    Thanks for a really fun time

  140. Morgan Sapsford (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great fun!

  141. Gamini Obeyesekere (verified owner)

    Good fun. Loads of content and puzzles.

  142. Sam Bennett (verified owner)

    The staff were very friendly, and made the visit extremely enjoyable. The escape room was good fun and all of our party enjoyed it and could take part.

  143. Hattie Emerson (verified owner)

    AMAZINGLY GOOD.really fun and challenging.mabye better for four people instead of six.

  144. Laura Huggett (verified owner)

    A lot more in depth than I thought it would be, really fun & Fred is great!

  145. Matt Greene (verified owner)

    We had a great time in this room – the puzzles were well calibrated and the production values were good. Thanks!

  146. Alex Powell (verified owner)

    A lot of fun, great variety of problems and challenges!

  147. Corina Oancea (verified owner)

    Amazing time, thanks

  148. Sarah Sprigg (verified owner)

    Really good fun and a great way to spend time with friends or work colleagues.

  149. Thomas Lutener (verified owner)

    Great experience, the staff made it – we’ll be back!

  150. alison sutehall (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyable evening. It was all set up very well and the staff were friendly and welcoming. Will definitely be recommending to others.

  151. Gabriella Capel-Bird (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable, the right amount of help and in character 🙂 had a great time

  152. Samantha Sansby (verified owner)

    Went for 30th Birthday. Cant fault our experience. Great fun start to finish.

  153. Wendy Peet (verified owner)

    Great staff, great room, great atmosphere.

  154. Charlotte Holliday (verified owner)

    it was really good and we all had a great time

  155. Alicia Virtue (verified owner)

    Had lots of fun and useful to have the clues over speakers but would feel like more of an achievement if one clue gave you riddles/clues to the next clue/part, so even as a novice you could still attempt to do it without help.

  156. Brooke Mara (verified owner)

    Everyone really enjoyed the experience

  157. Hassan Shakeel (verified owner)

    Brilliant escape room – more theatre than most.

  158. Danielle Patrick (verified owner)

    Really interesting and challenging (but not unrealistically difficult!) escape room, brilliant introduction to the game by the staff, and friendly games shop at the front. I’ll definitely be going back for the other rooms.

  159. stella hodgson (verified owner)

    could have had a bit more explanation on what we were supposed to do before entering room and what were actually looking for, but a lot of fun was had by all, would recommend this with a group of friends, entertaining especially the help we received from the voice. 10/10

  160. Joanne Ratcliff (verified owner)

    Great family fun, working together to solve problems and puzzles. Needed a bit of help but not too much, as this was the third of three rooms. Sad we’ve done them all now.

  161. Joanne Peacock (verified owner)

    Amazing! So much fun, and just the right level of difficulty.

  162. Hannah Reeman (verified owner)

    Really friendly employees who got into character extremely well. The whole experience was fantastic

  163. Hugo Ford (verified owner)

    Great experience. Great staff. Many thanks

  164. Laura Warren (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed our game the clues were hard but not impossible. We liked the effort put in by the game organisers.

  165. Anna Morley-Merenyi (verified owner)

    A really well thought out game with lots of twists and turns, some more obvious than others. Some of the locks were really hard to open even when we had the right key.

  166. Diane Baker (verified owner)

    A good variety of puzzles to solve and at the right challenge level.

  167. Chloe Davies (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable

  168. Myles Morgan (verified owner)

    Really good fun, greatly enjoyed the game. Staff were funny and friendly and helped us just the right amount with the room.

  169. Stephanie Wilcox (verified owner)

    A Very enjoyable experience. We managed to save the World!

  170. Rhian Buchan (verified owner)


  171. Rebecca Fowler (verified owner)

    We had the best time doing our Secret Agent escape room! The room was great and Ben2 was amazing, he really made the experience for us. Some companies underestimate how important an enthusiastic host and setting up the story is, but you guys have it spot on. Thank you!

  172. Catherine Wijman (verified owner)

    As before. Fab guys and brilliant rooms. Done the tomb and agent now and we love them. Can’t wait to do the next one. Also live the amount of choice of games to buy. My collection is getting rather large now.

  173. Sol Franklin (verified owner)

    Really good fun, with some ingenious puzzles and contraptions and best of all a sliding door! My second time at Lockhouse games and both have been very fun and unique!

  174. Jed Thorpe (verified owner)

    Great room, great Fred

  175. Amelia Armour (verified owner)

    Very good for a 12th birthday

  176. Chloe Gilbert (verified owner)

    Great time!

  177. Jon Carlan (verified owner)

    We had a really, really exciting time at LockHouse. The Secret Agent room was both challenging but rewarding, and our host (Fred) was brilliant both in and out of character. Would highly, highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for something a little different to do in Cambridge.

  178. Rabbi Lucky (verified owner)

    First time here and wow. Amazing experience will be back. Alexi was also fantastic and a credit to the business

  179. Emily Steggles (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd time and all of them have been really good fun. I’d love to go again with different friends so would be good if the questions could be changed on the different rooms.

    Thanks, Emily

  180. Tom Blair (verified owner)

    Great fun and appreciated the staff getting into it.

  181. Conner Dall (verified owner)

    Even down to the last minute the game was incredible 🙂

  182. Robbie Adnett (verified owner)

    Great fun

  183. Enrique Garcia (verified owner)

    exciting and staff friendly

  184. Suzanne Bowser (verified owner)

    Great experience would highly recommend only thing best for 3-4 people at one time

  185. Cambridge Assessment (verified owner)

    It was tough but we all had fun

  186. Chris Walthew (verified owner)

    My favourite game personally of the three rooms you have, mainly because I love the theme

  187. Natalie Holmes (verified owner)

    It was so much fun! This was our first escape room, and it was a really good challenge. We made it out in the nick of time, and I feel like our host was very good at leaving us to it until he thought we were stuck, but he gave us plenty of opportunity to solve situations ourselves first. I personally wouldn’t have wanted more than 3 people in there – there were 2 of us and it worked perfectly!

  188. Joanne McIntyre (verified owner)

    Loved every minute of it, the detail of the room set was well thought out.

  189. Rebecca Carey (verified owner)

    It was great, the people at lock house did their very best to entertain and help us on our way. The youngest of the party was a little disturbed by the realism, which is a credit to their rooms and acting ability. Remains the best for all round experience in central Cambridge!

  190. Megan Bidecant (verified owner)

    Fantastic room! Lovely people. Catered well for our hen group!!! Will definitely be going back!

  191. Jo Roach (verified owner)

    Chris made it fun!

  192. Jack Lowe (verified owner)

    Really good fun and something different for me and my wife to do on an afternoon off. Surprised we didn’t kill each other but we managed to escape in what we think is a respectable time! Will be back to try the other rooms.

  193. Samuel Collins (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic experience – just the right level of seriousness and madness to make it a really fun afternoon. Great mix of puzzles that test various bits of your mind. Ben (#2) was an wonderful host!

  194. Tim Willet (verified owner)

    We had a really good time, everyone in the group got involved and we all came out buzzing!

  195. Harry Parfitt (verified owner)

    Great evening, staff were very friendly and gave us hints when we asked. Room was set out very well with lots of detail. Will definitely be returning

  196. Renee Campbell (verified owner)

    Very entertaining game, would go back.

  197. Lisa Fuller (verified owner)

    Good fun

  198. Lucas Warren (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic time, the escape room was creative and fun. Our gamemaster Mary was also fantastic. Thank you very much, we’ll definitely be coming back to do another!

  199. Beata Watson (verified owner)

    Great fun, fast paced and immersive excellent role playing and great attention to detail everything you want from this type of game. Will be returning soon

  200. Gemma Turner (verified owner)

    We had a great time! There were 5 of us and only 2 had tried an Escape Room before. We’re all keen to come back and do another one. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible and the staff definitely added to the experience. I’ve already recommended it to friends!

  201. Andy Curtis (verified owner)

    Pleased to have now competed all three rooms at Lockhouse! Secret Agent was very cool, lots of nice set pieces really well thought out and logical.

  202. Naomi Daglish (verified owner)

    The staff and venue at Cambridge lockhouse are by far the best we have been to. The staff are brilliant in character and very friendly. We did Secret Agent and on the whole we really enjoyed the experience however there were a few slight issues in the room which prevented the game being as slick as it perhaps could’ve been. It says on the website that it is for seasoned escape room players. I would definitely agree that you should have some experience but I wouldn’t say it was a great deal harder than others we have done. We are looking forward to returning to try the others.

  203. Carolyn Riches (verified owner)

    Well thought out and helpful staff. A couple of clues were very difficult but we had a great time.

  204. Jan Algie (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant!!! can definitely recommend

  205. Clare Morgan (verified owner)

    Fun and Mary our games master was great

  206. Nicolas Esselin (verified owner)

    It’s the normal price

  207. Mr Eccles (verified owner)

    My teenage daughter and freinds had a great time. Came out laughing and could not stop chatting about it in the car on the way home.

  208. Imran Sheraz (verified owner)

    Great atmosphere.staff were amazing and fun

  209. Seb Kripp (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this unique experience. My ten year old daughter wont forget this in a hurry. It was really well organised and our host was terrific.

  210. (verified owner)

    The game was greatly enjoyed by our teenage Spanish guests

  211. Andrew Fletcher (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the way the room worked. Good variety of puzzles and some good “aha” moments. Best moment was the ping pong ball drop. Atmosphere was good but if I had to critique, the narrative in the first half of the room wasn’t particularly noticeable and some of the props were worn.

  212. Mo Tanweer (verified owner)

    It was great.
    The secret agent room was the right level of difficulty for us.
    And the Agent gave us the right amount of help.
    It was fab!

  213. Marissa Cole (verified owner)

    We were a group of 3 and came across this gem online in Cambridge, we had a fantastic time. Super fun from the get go, and the staff are super friendly and helpful. They help get you into character from the beginning. The lock room was in great condition and in chaos by the time we left our fun field hour. The room was field with puzzles, locks, hidden rooms and intricate escape routes. Had a great time and will defiantly be back for the other rooms.

  214. Laura Diediske (verified owner)

    Game was very interesting and we loved it.

  215. Keira Washtell (verified owner)

    Awesome fun! Questionable accents 😉

  216. Ruth Mantle (verified owner)

    The lockhouse team entered into the game and made it so much more fun. The folk running the centre are just great

  217. Danni Dykes (verified owner)

    Excellent experience, we will return to tackle the other rooms. From the moment you enter the building, you are submerged in puzzles, it’s really well thought out.

  218. Matt (verified owner)

    Excellent- really good fun. Alexi was amazing and the perfect Games Master

  219. Esther McLeish (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic time as a family. Great staff and great game! Would highly recommend.

  220. Louise Rogers (verified owner)

    Great atmosphere, helpful and kind staff and really enjoyable night.

  221. Alan Kidger (verified owner)

    Great fun will certainly return.

  222. Helen Lancaster (verified owner)

    Really excellent in every way. Welcoming, friendly staff, nice looking reception area, well designed and challenging enough to keep 5 teenage boys on their toes and interested. Very good.

  223. Priti Mills (verified owner)

    a lot of fun

  224. Matthew Sherwin (verified owner)

    Very fun and very clever, more games please!

  225. Sarah White (verified owner)

    We loved it! Great 10th birthday party.

  226. Moira Burrows (verified owner)

    Great staff and great game

  227. Jan Cooper (verified owner)

    Excellent entertainment

  228. Liz Shrimpton (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. My friends and I really enjoyed it, even the sceptics in the group! Would like to do it all over again.

  229. Richard Lee (verified owner)

    Brilliant experience! Secret Agent was harder challenge than we thought, but we managed to complete in 56 min…nearly got locked in! Whew… We will come back again for sure!

  230. Matt Newman (verified owner)

    Ingenious puzzles and surprises – great fun enhanced by excellent staff introduction and verbal assistance

  231. Sam Harris (verified owner)

    An excellent hour – money well spent. Entertaining and very funny!

  232. Adrienne Gristwood (verified owner)

    Great fun and a challenge too. Perfect for the whole family.

  233. Lia Matthews (verified owner)

    It was great fun! Harry was great at setting the scenario up. Loved it!

  234. Jo McDonald (verified owner)

    Excellent fun

  235. Lynn Dunn (verified owner)

    Had a really good time would recommend this experience. Thank you to James for his excellent hosting and clues!

  236. Aisha Ashraf (verified owner)

    Family of ten in throughly enjoyed the experience of the Secret agent and Armageddon room. Lovely friendly atmosphere. Great time had by all.

  237. Susan Hogan (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable, well constructed, good support when needed and good level of challenge

  238. Misty Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed ourselves.

  239. wayne smith (verified owner)

    Great start to our night out. Didn’t know what to expect but was excellent

  240. Mark Holland (verified owner)

    Secret Agent was a good game with some interesting puzzles. All the family enjoyed the game and we had some very funny moments.

  241. Roz Wright (verified owner)

    Perfect for our family with 2 teens. A great fun way to bond & work together. Thoroughly recommend x

  242. Maria Bottermann (verified owner)

    We had a great night as secret agents! Highly recommend it.

  243. Sarah Alderton (verified owner)

    Very well organized, staff very helpful and friendly, the girls had a great party! Thank you

  244. Orla Crowley (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  245. Danny Driver (verified owner)

    Very clever, fun and intriguing

  246. Gavin Bell (verified owner)

    amazing experience and puts your skills to the test

  247. Luisa Albone (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience, will be back to try some of the other games, thanks Fred for all your efforts 🙂

  248. Ann Kidd (verified owner)

    Great fun, loved all the hidden rooms and made a great birthday gift

  249. Andrew Sidell (verified owner)

    Team thought it was good but can’t comment further at this stage as didn’t play this game.

  250. Lucy Crosby (verified owner)

    Very entertaining and thought provoking!

  251. Christopher Till (verified owner)

    Good room, nice puzzles

  252. Luci Titchmarsh (verified owner)

    So much fun!

  253. Jane O’Hagan (verified owner)

    Fantastic game

  254. Helen Collier (verified owner)

    Excellent escape room and excellent host – Fred – will definitely be back!

  255. Mikaela Argyriadou (verified owner)

    Would like the level of difficulty to be a little bit higher. But it was fun overall

  256. Simon Fraser (verified owner)

    We had a great time with the two of us in the Secret Agent room. Nelly was great in- and out- of character, and helped us at all the right times when we were stuck. We’ll definitely be back.

  257. Ruth Tuckwell (verified owner)

    The boys had a great time – both in the room and playing with the puzzles and games in the waiting area. The staff were really helpful.

  258. Kevin Klimowicz (verified owner)

    Great fun. Fantastically organised & Very challenging.

  259. Michael French (verified owner)

    Extremely good fun and an intricate, clever room. Run by enthusiastic people. Our team of six had a great time!

  260. John Lambourne (verified owner)

    Really fun evening out

  261. Emma Richardson

    Such good fun!a good level of difficulty and Fred was a great host!

  262. Natalie Ellis (verified owner)

    We visited LockHouse: Cambridge Escape Games as a leaving do activity for a colleague and had the best time! Totally gripping, and everyone was fully immersed – thank you!

  263. Rebecca Gammage (verified owner)

    We had a great time doing the Secret Agent room. The staff gave encouragement when we were doing well and stepped in at the right moments when we got stuck. Hopefully we will go back to do the other rooms soon. Strongly recommended!

  264. Ziwen Li (verified owner)

    Excellent design and fantastic experience!

  265. Jason Kaye

    I did not play this game myself but having talked to the team that did, they really enjoyed it and I think managed to escape within the time limit after a little bit of help. This team found it great fun, felt that it helped in team-building and would definitely do this again. They also found it good value for money for a large number of people like we had. It doesn’t seem to matter whether people have done ‘escape rooms’ in the past or not – it remains enjoyable and challenging for people of all levels of experience!!!

  266. Puneet Patel (verified owner)

    Great fun overall. The hosts were entertaining and the games really challenging but good fun. Highly recommended

  267. Matt Van Den Bos (verified owner)

    Great fun.

  268. Sat Vinder (verified owner)

    I have no direct feedback other than the frustration that the room was too hard.

  269. Gary Frear (verified owner)

    Everyone enjoyed

  270. Sue Hill (verified owner)

    Great fun to do with a group of friends! Great value for money and all went very smoothly. Thanks

  271. Abigail Evans (verified owner)

    Great fun as a work night out, nice Halloween twist too! Enjoyed by all!

  272. louise ward (verified owner)

    Kids had a fantastic time…..well organised

  273. Monica Trivedi (verified owner)

    Daughter’s birthday party- easy to book, well organised, really friendly and supportive staff. Challenge level was about right. Good value for money too. Kids and I would all highly recommend.

  274. wendy walters (verified owner)

    Great fun, Mary was a great host

  275. Marcia butte (verified owner)

    Our team has not stopped talking about how amazing our day of play with you guys and the experience in this room! We had a great time and everyone is planning their next trip!

  276. Tessa Garrud (verified owner)

    Great theme and the puzzles were a good level of difficulty. Alex was a great gamesmaster and really helped make the experience really atmospheric

  277. Kelly Dixon (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable, would definitely recommend. Host Fred was excellent

  278. Emily Marshall (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, so cool looking, awesome attention to little details, super immersive and I just couldn’t fault it, will definitely be coming back again soon! Thank you for an amazing evening

  279. Evan Watkins (verified owner)

    Great time, good puzzles and Harry was an excellent host.

  280. Lousia Bellis (verified owner)


  281. NIKOLA PANAYOTOV (verified owner)

    Loved it, I believe Harry was warching over us and was really into his character!

  282. Janet Wheeler (verified owner)

    Great fun for a surprise birthday celebration. More challenging than we imagined and kept the grey matter whirring for an hour – we just made it out in time! We all said we’d love to do another one. Staff very good at helping to create an atmosphere and they were very helpful. Thank you.

  283. Arran Hope (verified owner)

    Loads of fun, definitely up for coming back!

  284. molly james (verified owner)

    Very hard, we did not escape but one of the best one we have done!

  285. Tracey Woodfield (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the room, although thought the end was an anticlimax

  286. Dawn Avis (verified owner)

    Our team enjoyed the Secret Agent escape room, there were five in our group which we felt was one too many as we seemed to get in each others way, but overall a good hour’s fun.

  287. Mick Edwards (verified owner)

    Had a fab time in the Secret Agent room. Our guide Mary was fantastic, and really added to the whole feel of the experience/room.

  288. Penelope Catherall (verified owner)

    Liked the escape room. The guy stayed in character the whole time. Hints were very good, nice that they had a rhyme for everything. I also thought that the cell was a nice touch. An amazing escape room.

  289. James Haughton (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed ourselves to the point we booked in for a second room on the same day. Fred was a really good host loved his accent.

  290. Rob Gwilliam (verified owner)

    Great fun experience, all got involved and managed to contribute. Staff were superb and assisted only when asked.

  291. Emily Fletcher (verified owner)

    Great team building exercise for newly formed team! Challenging and loads of fun:)

  292. Emma Wood (verified owner)

    Fantastic evening and quite a challenge! Highly recommend!

  293. Sonja Dunbar (verified owner)

    Had a great time and only just escaped in the nick of time! Our gamesmaster Chris made sure we had a lot of fun and the puzzles were really varied and interesting.

  294. Wendy Halls (verified owner)

    My son and his friends had a brilliant time. They are hoping to book up again . The staff were friendly and helpful, an excellent experience.

  295. Charlie Thomas (verified owner)

    Good fun

  296. Lisa Clark

    We liked the amount and varied nature of the tasks, and the hidden surprises. Very well planned

  297. Sarah Clark (verified owner)

    Exhilarating fun

  298. John Aitken (verified owner)

    Brilliant especially alexi

  299. Heather Bhasin (verified owner)

    Awesome! We’d done the Egyptian tomb previously and enjoyed it – this time we went for the Secret Agent storyline and enjoyed it even more. Probably that was partly because it was our second Escape and we had a bit more of a clue as to what to expect, but also in this one the puzzles seemed a bit more logical. We asked for help a couple of times, but didn’t flounder like we had initially in the Egyptian tomb. As before, the staff were lovely and friendly, there to help if needed, but leaving us to it if not. I’d thoroughly recommend this as a different kind of adventure to do with family or friends. As a bonus, it’s practically right in the middle of Cambridge so you can easily combine it with a day out or have a meal out after 🙂

  300. Nicola Havers (verified owner)

    Really excellent game. We loved our superb host with her excellent accent and helpful (but not too helpful!) clues so that we were given a nudge in the right direction if we asked but with still enough not so revealed so that we had to work out the answers for ourselves. It was a really excellent experience which we would highly recommend. We hope to book again for another room soon!

  301. Daniel Symons (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Extremely clever and highly recommended. Thanks for a great time.

  302. Tooshan Srivastava (verified owner)

    I found the experience very well designed and enjoyed the entire game.

  303. Helen Holmes (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time in the Secret Agent room, would highly recommend!

  304. Helen Bettinson (verified owner)

    First time we’d ever done one of these – a bit disconcerting at first, but we all really enjoyed it. Will definitely be back for the other games.

  305. Henne Lasri (verified owner)

    A great escape room with great puzzles. Staff were very friendly and we really enjoyed our experience.

  306. Michelle Bainbridge (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the experience!

  307. Amanda Wallis (verified owner)


  308. Ross Armorgie (verified owner)


  309. Will Fordham (verified owner)

    Great fun, perfect level of challenge for some who have previously done escape rooms and for those that haven’t and enough for all to do, with six in the room. Very proud to have completed with two seconds to spare; it set us up for a great day in Cambridge!

  310. Diana McCollum (verified owner)

    Children and husband all thought it was really good and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We plan to go again and experience the other two themes. Highly recommended activity and we booked it at the last minute, as the outdoor option was not appropriate because of the weather.

  311. Francesca Trnka (verified owner)

    Had a great time! Thank you to Fred for making our escape room experience amazing!! Can’t wait to try the other rooms!

  312. Natalie Meredith (verified owner)

    Was a lot of fun

  313. Jean Romanowski (verified owner)

    My first escape room with 5 of my friends. Had a great time! The game guide Fred was excellent, and knew exactly what hints to give without giving away too much. Also props for the Russian accent!

  314. Lisa Woods (verified owner)

    We had such a great time! The staff were brilliant in staying in character and the game itself was really fun, will definitely be returning

  315. Richard Colledge (verified owner)

    fun fun fun

  316. Rosie Lewis (verified owner)

    My daughters and their friends had a whale of a time!

  317. Karol Jaworski (verified owner)

    First ever time playing a ‘real life’ escape room (rather than a Flash game). Really great fun – the game is really well paced, a great range of puzzles and the staff suitably theatrical. Will definitely be coming back!

  318. A Mistry (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed it, really got into the game. Friendly staff, very Fun!

  319. Stacey Steeles (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant afternoon. So much fun doing the Secret Agent room and we escaped! Very highly recommended:)

  320. Jinyuan Liang (verified owner)

    Very kind staffs and well-designed puzzles. Glad that we escaped in the last minute. Will recommend it to my friends!

  321. Deepika Tailor (verified owner)

    My team and I had a fantastic time at the Lockhouse. Ben did a great job creating a fun athmosphere before and during the game. Loved it!! Can’t wait to try the next one!

  322. Katie Hammond (verified owner)

    It was very fun

  323. Tom Ziolo hitch (verified owner)

    Enjoyable time, staff were fun and welcoming. Puzzle room and puzzles were good

  324. Alexandra Hughes (verified owner)


  325. Clare Lumsden (verified owner)

    Tons of interest and Fred did a fantastic job at keeping us on track

  326. sylvie gonera (verified owner)

    Utter treat for the mind and exhilarating time for the heart 🙂

  327. Julie Payne (verified owner)

    Great place and great fun

  328. Hannah Davis (verified owner)

    Amazing experience! Lovely staff too.

  329. William Riddle (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time with Secret Agent! Three of us defeated it in just under 50 minutes! The puzzles were definitely challenging, but manageable. And our game master Harry was also amazing!

  330. Dan Bird (verified owner)

    Lots of surprises and Harry kept a careful eye o us with a superb accent

  331. Helen Bouldin (verified owner)

    This was our first escape room, we had so much fun. The secret agent room was really well ran by Mary, she gave great hints and helped us get out in time.

  332. (verified owner)

    This was really good fun! The right level of difficulty and fred was amazing as maxwell! We all really enjoyed it!

  333. Rhiannon Butterfield (verified owner)

    A great evening out. Challenging but fun. Harry was a great host!

  334. Alice Cuttriss (verified owner)

    Great Fun!

  335. Janet Birchmore (verified owner)

    enjoyed every minute!

  336. Marselene Welsh (verified owner)

    Took my daughter, (and five friends) there for her fifteenth birthday celebration and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They did the Secret Agent room and the game host Dan was fantastic! They escaped with only seconds to spare!! Will definitely be returning for the other two rooms. Thank you 🙂

  337. Carolyn Marvell (verified owner)

    First time we’ve done an escape room so wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fab. There’s loads in the room to try and solve. Staff were lovely too.

  338. Natasha Wilson (verified owner)

    great stuff. Hosts Harry and Alexi were fab. Definitely doing one again

  339. Julian Huppert (verified owner)

    Excellent – fun, challenging, and creative. Harry did a great job!

  340. Emma Marron

    Excellently challenging game with a great mood setting from the spy! Some great red herrings thrown in as well to confuse us.

  341. Mareva Cresson (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic experience. The secret agent room although quite difficult was done brilliantly well. Mike was our game master and he was very friendly and quite funny when giving us the clues. He even took the time to show us the last tricks. I will definitely come back for the other 2 rooms. I would definitely recommend.

  342. Charlotte Staffer

    Amazingly inventive for the small space and lots of fun! The whole team felt involved in solving the puzzles and every discovery was met with excitement.

  343. Chrisopher Monk (verified owner)

    Great Fun – Would try 1 of the others for sure!

  344. Laurence Robinson (verified owner)

    A group of 9 of us did two rooms, had a smashing time, staff were great aiming to make sure everyone had a great time and the little extras details really made the difference!

  345. richard noble (verified owner)

    The Secret Agent game was great fun. The rooms were well laid out and had a good variety of props and puzzles. The difficulty was pitched just right for us, challenging enough to be interesting without being too hard. The acting by the host was fun and added to the immersive feel of the game. We needed a few hints along the way and these were also pitched well, nudging us in the right direction without giving too much away. I’d thoroughly recommend this game to anyone and will be returning soon to try my hand at a different room.

  346. Carl Plane (verified owner)

    Terrific – Atari (member of staff) was excellent.

  347. Emma Farrell (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience!

  348. Lisa Nelson (verified owner)

    We had a fab time at lock house for my sisters hen! Lots of clues to solve!! Ben and Harry were great…and also extremely helpful when we got a bit stuck!! Highly recommend!

  349. Kathryn Mason (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed our first game!

  350. Dave Hartley (verified owner)

    Great job, many thanks

  351. First time in an Escape Room, surprised how much and how many elements you can fit into a room, great, will definitely tell others about this.

  352. Gemma Stubbs (verified owner)

    The staff are amazing. Really made the experience that much better. We’ve played a few different escape rooms and this was one of our favourites.

  353. Rael Roberts (verified owner)

    Very clever puzzles. Lots of fun

  354. Elena poillucci (verified owner)

    Evening was great. Staff was extremely helpful and fun

  355. Mick Dobson (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly recommend it, will go again.

  356. MANUELA BERSELLINI (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time! The staff was very dedicated and the room (secret agent) a true masterpiece!! We will be back!

  357. Fiona Lennoxsmith (verified owner)

    Second time I’ve been in LockHouse games, and first escape room I’ve done there. Struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone is – this was for my son’s 10th birthday – room was challenging, but not impossible. Everyone had a great time. Looking forward to some new rooms (older son has now done them all).

  358. lena vanderzon (verified owner)

    It was great!!

  359. Anessa Liew (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it! All the clues and little gizmos had us on our toes and it was hard enough but doable enough to keep us stressed but excited! Only thing I’d say is that some areas were a bit sticky/ dirty! Not sure if it was the intended effect or not but yes…that could be the clean freak inside me talking! Also air con would make it more comfortable!

  360. Liam Duffin (verified owner)

    Fab time thanks

  361. Ainur Begalinova (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it!

  362. Juri Kazakevych (verified owner)

    Full of surprises!

  363. Adam Reynolds (verified owner)

    Alexi was great. Completed in 54 mins with a few clues

  364. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We came with school kids divided into groups. They loved the interactive intro with the staff, and the game as well. When back in Cambridge we will certainly revisit!

  365. Laura Mengot

    As always, a great puzzle and a fantastic experience! Harry, our game master, was very good every step of the way… and we almost broke the record! I’ve come three times now with different groups of friends and colleagues, and will definitely return!

  366. Manda Jackson (verified owner)

    Fantastic group experience can’t wait to do it again!!!

  367. Kim Green (verified owner)

    Lots of fun. The staff were excellent!

  368. Andy Parkinson (verified owner)

  369. John Bryce (verified owner)

    Another great game (2 down one to go). Only reason this didn’t get 5 stars as we solved a puzzle early on but it was faulty and didn’t release. We spent ages thinking we got the answers wrong and had to ask for a clue to be told we were right all along. Afterwards we were told that puzzle is a bit temperamental….? Maybe fix it? luckily we still got out however we had to rush and ask for clues as we didn’t have the time.

  370. Lizzy Ellis (verified owner)

    Good fun. Thanks!

  371. Aaron Long (verified owner)

    Amazing night, all the staff was amazing keeping everything a surprise for my proposal.

  372. Andrea Clamp (verified owner)

    We only just escaped in time! Thanks very much to all the lovely staff who made it such great fun.

  373. Chloe Harries (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it and the staff were really friendly.

  374. Cecile Freby (verified owner)

    Amazing experience!!

  375. Hilary Williamson (verified owner)


  376. Sarah Harper (verified owner)

    Didn’t manage to escape but had great time for our first ever escape room!

  377. (verified owner)

    Easy booking experience, warm welcome. Amazing setting and puzzle solving!

  378. Steven Emery (verified owner)

    What a fantastic experience! Some very tricky puzzles, little bit of thinking outside the box, but nothing impossible to work out (sometimes a little nudge in the right direction was required, but you’re never given an outright answer, just enough to get your mind pointed in the right direction).
    The staff are friendly and play their parts brilliantly, really helping to get you into the mood and set the scene for the scenario.
    All in all, excellently done and definitely cannot wait to have a crack at one of the other rooms.

  379. (verified owner)

    An excellent experience. My friends and I had much more fun than we expected, and were shouting with glee with every clue solved. Well done!

  380. Jennifer Whibley (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this escape the room. It was the first time doing and escape the room…it appears that we chose the hardest one!! Let’s say we didn’t escape, but would recommend it and am definitely going to try another one!

  381. Rebecca Monk (verified owner)

    We had a great time and Harry was fantastic! Will definitely be trying out the other rooms!

  382. SARAH-ANNE IRELAND (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the game, well put together

  383. (verified owner)


  384. (verified owner)

    Both teams enjoyed the fact you all kept in character.

  385. Dina Nayee

    My colleagues had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

  386. Dennis Stansbury (verified owner)

    Harry was a great host and we had a wonderful time. Thanks!

  387. Alice Sims (verified owner)

    We had a great time, getting through this escape room with only 4 minutes to spare.

  388. Emma Holman (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it – will definitely come again

  389. Chris Gissing (verified owner)

    Excellent staff, enjoyed the game. Very kind and allowed us to play safely with a smaller secret agent!

  390. (verified owner)

    Great fun, thank you!

  391. Zoe Willimott (verified owner)

    20 of us had an awesome time

  392. (verified owner)


  393. Secret Agent was fiendishly difficult but we had an amazing time. Escaped by the skin of our teeth!

  394. Lisa Christie (verified owner)

    Excellent and great fun , thank you

  395. (verified owner)

    Brilliant! We had such a fantastic time! Will be coming again!

  396. Kyle Chapman (verified owner)

    Great puzzles, exciting set pieces. Last moment of escape maybe a slight anti-climax? Not sure how to make the revelation of “we’ve escaped” more cool.

  397. Pippa Johnson (verified owner)

    Really fun!

  398. Marlous Kamp (verified owner)

    We came back completely happy. It’s a very exciting game! The host is also fantastic, really kind and very good at estimating how much the players wish to be helped. Don’t change a thing 🙂

    Pricewise I think it’s fair; for us a bit on the high side of what we can afford for an evening out, but since it’s so much fun I think I would try and come back.

  399. NICOLA BOSELEY (verified owner)


  400. Sam Richards (verified owner)

    Great experience, great rooms, very challenging. definitely recommend!

  401. Jon Waters (verified owner)

  402. Louis Harwood (verified owner)

    Very fun and great staff

  403. Juliet Stuttard (verified owner)

    TRakly good fun

  404. dbut4204

    Secret Agent
    Took part in the secret agent escape room which was brilliant. Have done a couple of these in the USA but friends with us have never done this before and they loved it as much as we did. Venue is great with lots of games to mess around with before you try out the rooms. Staff are brilliant and very interactive with customers and really get you into the spirit of the game. Room was really hard but we managed to get out with 4 minutes to spare. Will be back soon with the kids to try out another room.

    Reviewed by dbut4204 on TripAdvisor 20/08/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r515453075-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  405. Toby G

    Secret Agent Room was Great
    Had a great time with a group of 6 – we did the Secret Agent room which is apparently the hardest. It was a good challenge, and we had some experienced people in the group. I recommend this room for those who have done a few escape rooms before.

    Reviewed by Toby G on TripAdvisor 23/08/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r516835928-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  406. Kurdaitcha

    Lots of Good Puzzles In the Secret Agent Room!
    We did the secret agent room with a group of five friends, and had a great time. This room is meant to be the hardest of the three, and as a group of adults we were able to clear it with plenty of time to spare, but the puzzles are well designed with lots of details and red herrings to throw you off, and they managed to stump us in a few places. The whole soviet safe-house KGB initiation gimmick is a lot of fun too. I’d definitely recommend it.

    Reviewed by Kurdaitcha on TripAdvisor 24/08/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r517084886-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  407. Dan A

    So Much Fun! Book It Now.
    We took on the “spy room” as a couple, and had an absolutely fantastic time. I absolutely don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the puzzles were imaginative, brilliantly themed and full of high quality props and unexpected surprises. The guy running our event (I think he must be Paul that we’d exchanged emails with?) was super friendly and passionate about the room… and I suspect he generously gave us an extra minute or two to finish near the end as we were so close to solving the final challenge.

    In short: we’ll be returning to tackle the other two rooms with a group of friends, and will be recommending LockHouse to everyone we know.

    – Reviewed by Dan A on TripAdvisor 25/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r535282251-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  408. Jonny K

    Secret Agent Was So Fun!
    The hosts welcomed us and they were straight forward with the instructions and super friendly and fun! We did Secret Agent and the rooms were clever and entertaining! Atmosphere was perfect and I would definitely recommend this!

    – Reviewed by Jonny K on TripAdvisor 24/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r535508794-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  409. Miss A

    The Teenagers Loved It
    I sent my teen daughter and three of her friends on the Secret Agent mission for a birthday treat, not really knowing what to expect. They LOVED it. The puzzles were challenging but not ridiculously so – it definitely required all four brains to solve them as the girls seemed to have different knacks for different types of puzzle. Apparently the person giving the clues put on a fake Hungarian accent, which they found hilarious. They were quite pleased with themselves for having solved all the clues with only 24 seconds remaining. On the basis that my teen is discerning in her tastes (i.e. very difficult to please) I would say that she has given LockHouse high praise. I can’t wait to go myself!

    – Reviewed by Miss A on TripAdvisor 14/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r532776980-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

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