Egyptian Tomb

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The most popular game in Budapest in its original form – We’ve added several ramps and ante-chambers to this great game to make it even more of a challenge. Expect secret doors, big wooden puzzles, Egyptian art and a life-size sarcophagus!


Egyptian Tomb was most popular game in Budapest in its original form – We’ve added several ramps and ante-chambers to this great game to make it even more of a challenge. Expect secret doors, big wooden puzzles, Egyptian art and a life-size sarcophagus!

We found all sorts of oddities and curios when clearing out the LockHouse basement, but nothing quite prepared us for the fascinating (yet foreboding) discovery of an authentic Egyptian Tomb complex, only a few metres away from the surface.

We’ve hired archaeologists, explorers, even a priest, to venture deep into the tomb and discover its secrets. Some left the premises visibly shaken, terrified of what they experienced.

The last adventurer to enter never returned at all.

We need a team of brave explorers, with nerves of steel and a strong ability to think on their feet, who can uncover the mysteries and discover what exactly is the purpose of this tomb. Are you confident you have what it takes? We certainly hope so.

Egyptian Tomb is great fun for people of all ages and we rate it our second hardest game to play. The game includes sections with very low ceilings, so if you don’t fancy spending a minute or two on all fours, then maybe our Armageddon game is the one for you.

6 reviews for Egyptian Tomb

  1. Who knew there were Egyptian Tombs beneath Cambridge?
    Visited with colleagues from work for some team bonding, and had a great time. We’ve only recently started playing Escape Rooms but my team came close to the record for the Egyptian Tomb.
    We loved the atmosphere of this one, from the excellent scene setting, the dress-up opportunities and the way it felt like we were entombed for hours.

    Reviewed by posborn123 on TripAdvisor 02/08/2017
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  2. Egyptian Tomb
    Had a great time at Lockhouse Games! Our party of four tried out the Egyptian Tomb room, which was a one hour adventure with brilliant puzzles and a good variety of challenges. The room itself was decorated nicely with great attention to detail, with a fantastically atmospheric soundtrack to boot. Kudos to the design team and to Paul our gamemaster, who made the adventure a memorable one.
    All in all a lovely way to spend an hour. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by Matt T on TripAdvisor 26/07/2017
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  3. Egyptian Tomb!
    We visited the Lockhouse last week and tried our hand at the Egyptian Tomb.
    I have been to escape rooms in the past and really enjoyed them. I was really excited to have one start up in my city! I am pleased to say that is the best room i’ve been too!
    Our games master Paul was really great, creating an eerie atmosphere and setting the scene for what was an hours worth of great fun. It was hard and kept us thinking! We are definitely planning on returning to attempt the other rooms at some stage!
    Well done guys 10/10.

    – Reviewed by Matthew S on TripAdvisor 26/07/2017
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  4. Escaped from the Egyptian Tomb in the Nick of Time!
    I visited Lockhouse Escape Games tonight with a few friends and we had a blast! We descended into the Egyptian tomb searching for our friend, North Dakota Jack, and very nearly ended up being trapped ourselves! Some puzzles were fiendishly difficult while others were easier (a great boost to self-esteem during a stressful time) but all of them were very fun. Huge sense of accomplishment as the door opened with two seconds to spare.

    I highly recommend trying this out even if you don’t think you like puzzles! The decorations, music, and ambiance will bring out the best in your group and you will find yourselves fighting for your life against Anubis.

    – Reviewed by Justin Y on TripAdvisor 24/07/2017
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  5. Me and a few friends have done a few escape rooms before and thought we’d give Lockhouse a try as they looked the best in the area.
    We went for the Egyptian tomb room and we were not disappointed, there were so many different puzzles to solve and a lot of fun to work out. The staff were brilliant and helpful and we shall be returning in the future.

    Reviewed by Benjamin2460 on TripAdvisor 08/09/2017
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  6. So much fun!
    We had such a good time here last night! Loved solving the puzzles, the staff made it so entertaining for us and were also very helpful. The room itself was fantastic and I am definitely coming back to complete the Egyptian room with the family!

    – Reviewed by Alexandra M on TripAdvisor 12/10/2017
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