Egyptian Tomb

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Our beginner friendly room.

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient burial chamber guarded by Anubis, God of the Dead. Now one of their team has vanished, and they need your help to find him. Can you make your way through the tomb and come out the other side, or will you be buried alive?

One of our most popular and most atmospheric rooms, the Egyptian Tomb is perfect for families or escape room first-timers. Please note; The Egyptian Tomb has low ceilings.  It also features flickering lights and a section that involves crawling.  We have alternatives available if either of these features will pose a problem for your group.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

egyptian tomb

Our beginner friendly room.

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient burial chamber guarded by Anubis, God of the Dead. Now one of their team has vanished, and they need your help to find him. Can you make your way through the tomb and come out the other side, or will you be buried alive?

One of our most popular and most atmospheric rooms, the Egyptian Tomb is perfect for families or escape room first-timers. Please note; The Egyptian Tomb has low ceilings. It also features flickering lights and a section that involves crawling.  We have alternatives available if either of these features will pose a problem for your group.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

463 reviews for Egyptian Tomb

  1. Celina Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Super awesome and immersive!

  2. Fiona Gabrielczyk (verified owner)

    All of your games are brilliant. We are looking forward to the new ones!

  3. Shauna Bonnar-ford (verified owner)

    Absolutely great fun

  4. Sara Miller (verified owner)

    First timers (2 adults and 10yr old) Great experience, level about right. Only needed to ask for help a couple of times. Useful hints given and time updates. Looking forward to other rooms

  5. Mark Sirot-Smith (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable, with plenty of different challenges to solve in order to escape.

  6. Serena Wright (verified owner)

    We cannot recommend LockHouse highly enough!

    We’ve taken on escape rooms across the country, and the team here stand out among them all for their theming, variety of tactile puzzles, and – in particular – their Game Masters. We tackled the Egyptian Tomb and were lucky enough to get Fred, who was absolutely hysterical, and in character from start to finish (something a lot of other escape rooms seem to overlook).

    The second that lockdown 2.0 is over, we will be booking up for Armageddon to complete our Loyalty Card trio!

  7. Inga Kaulakane (verified owner)

    It was good fun, our host was great, she was funny and supportive when we were in need 😀 little sunshine during these worrying times.

  8. Graham Brown (verified owner)

    Really good fun and the guy who welcomed us was first class.

  9. Assunta Dear (verified owner)

    Amazing entertainment, challenging fun

  10. Giovanni Ortolani (verified owner)

    Very well done.

  11. Ian Smith (verified owner)

    We were a team of three, novices. We had a lot of fun finding our way through the tomb. Our host Harry was great, just a few pointers here and there…

  12. George Karibian (verified owner)

    We had the best time in the Escape Room – thank you for having us and making it so much fun – the dog loved it too!

  13. Susie Renshaw (verified owner)

    Great fun family activity!

  14. Karenza Nutley (verified owner)

    Booked a birthday party for 13 year olds who did the experience on their own. They completed it with just a few minutes to spare and a couple of hints. All had a great time and they want to go again. Helen, their instructor was really good and helped out when one child needed it. Will definitely go again.

  15. Sophie Holt (verified owner)

    Amazing day, staff made it very enjoyable!

  16. Jenny Plummer (verified owner)

    We had a great time and Fred really got into character and supported us as we needed. Very glad not to meet Anubis!

  17. Lucie Hartmann (verified owner)

    We loved it! It was the first time we did an escape room just being 2 of us in the room and thought we would fail miserably but Helen gave us clues and helped us getting unstuck! Would definitely recommend, thank you!

  18. andrew Lee (verified owner)

    Great fun and challenging enough for us thanks.

  19. Julie Hayton (verified owner)

    Needed a bit of help but good fun !

  20. Emily Swift-Jones (verified owner)

    it was the best bit of our stay in Cambridge. Our host was excellent, good humoured and a big part of what made the experience so enjoyable. We will definitely do it again

  21. Paul Baker (verified owner)

    Kids loved it

  22. Rebecca Jackson (verified owner)

    Fantastic session in the Egyptian tomb, great to get the grey matter working and to see everyone pulling together as a team to escape!

  23. Gillian Porter (verified owner)

    Very good – staff really friendly

  24. Keith Cooper (verified owner)

    Cracking set up, good multi-room setting.

  25. Kiara Hudson (verified owner)

    The escape room was great! The staff were really nice and safe and would defintely go again. This is the 2nd time we have been here and have booked another escape room for next year, as it is great!

  26. Adam Redha Laker Illoul (verified owner)

    Had a fantastic time, puzzles were really rewarding, we did need a little help – but when asked, help was given, which was a relief!

  27. Brian Molyneux (verified owner)

    Great fun for the whole family, kids loved it, we’ll be back to try the other rooms

  28. Jonathan Hobbs (verified owner)

    Excellent theming. A good variety of puzzles of moderate difficulty.

  29. Maica Rubio (verified owner)

    Lots of fun

  30. Josh Feast (verified owner)

    Really fun, definitely would recommend.

  31. Andrew Miller (verified owner)

    Excellent room! Fred was a great host. Even better that we got the best time!

  32. newman burdett (verified owner)

    Kids loved it and Helen the lady in the sky definitely recommend it as a family experience

  33. William Yost (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time. This was our first time in an escape room, and the host put us at ease. The kids particularly loved it. I would highly recommend giving it a go!

  34. Lea Fraser-Andrews (verified owner)

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptian Tomb as our first escape room. A great constructive family activity to celebrate my son’s 17th birthday after months of lockdown! Will definitely be back. Thank you Paul!

  35. Kirsty Foote (verified owner)

    Great fun, very helpful guide/clue master!

  36. helly look (verified owner)

    My daughter had a great time and today her friends said it was the best party ever!

  37. Lorenzo Barba (verified owner)

    Helen was a great gamemaster

  38. Angelos Klotsas (verified owner)

    Very entertaining experience.

  39. Jonathan Tay (verified owner)

    Staff were friendly and welcoming, room itself was fun.

  40. Carl Bradshaw (verified owner)

    We had such great fun even though we were doomed…

  41. Andreas Kontoleon (verified owner)

    Some of the instructions were not very clear, but it was a very fun experience. Staff were very nice and helpful. Would recommend it.

  42. P Diamond (verified owner)

    My son and his 13 year old friends were here for his birthday party. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. The backdrop looked great and the team were encouraging and very engaging. Didn’t get out in time but worth
    every penny

  43. Dan Talmages (verified owner)

    Really good game! Plenty of tricky clues, not too obvious. Like the heiroglyphs!

  44. Robert Dunn (verified owner)

    Very much enjoyed it

  45. Nasser Mendes (verified owner)

    So much fun, everything was intuitive but not too much, perfect for begginers like me!

  46. Lindsay Bartram (verified owner)

    Great staff. A lot of fun

  47. charlie hopwood (verified owner)

    It was very fun and we enjoyed the story line.

  48. Manu Pillai (verified owner)

    It was great fun! Puzzles were relatively easy to solve once you figure out where all the puzzles were, which is what takes most of the time in this room. Good fun though overall!

  49. Kelly Howard (verified owner)

    Brilliant fun! Our guide James was fantastic . Loved the fact they were in character before we entered the room and during our time in the escape room . Would highly recommend Lock house Escape Rooms 🙂

  50. Kelly Dale (verified owner)

    We did this as part of a birthday celebration it was such a giggle we all really enjoyed it, I will defiantly be doing this again

  51. Lucas Reali (verified owner)

    Emma & James were great!

  52. Julie Myles (verified owner)

    We had an excellent time in the Egyptian tomb. James our host was fabulous. He built up the suspense of the room before entered and guided when we needed a hint (or two!) We will definitely come back.

  53. Samuel Cook (verified owner)

    Best experienced having watched The Mummy beforehand. IM-HO-TEP.

  54. Diana Infanti (verified owner)

    They really enjoyed it. The kids did quite well too.

  55. Mpokiseng Mbedzi (verified owner)

    Our host was great, and we had a really good time. can’t wait to do it all again.

  56. Anna Simpson (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, we had a great time, couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks so much!

  57. Lee Taylor (verified owner)

    Another great room (we’ve played all 3) but not as easy as you may expect!

  58. Lisa Critchlow (verified owner)

    Great fun and a good family activity.

  59. Sophie Miller (verified owner)

    It was a really fun game

  60. Mrs Josephine I M Costello (verified owner)

    Loads of fun. Puzzles were both fair and varied with something for every kind of puzzling skill so that everyone on the team could contribute. Setting was very atmospheric and not too hard on the knees. Our team of two second timers and four complete novices really enjoyed it.

  61. Kate Thompson (verified owner)

    Really good, over surprisingly fast!

  62. Claire Bulman (verified owner)

    Alexi our games host was fab! Really enjoyed our escape room!

  63. Alison Moore (verified owner)

    I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was so much fun! The puzzles were cleverly worked out and intriguing and the story line was fun with clues revealed along the way. The staff were lovely and really enhanced the experience. I’d definitely recommend and we’ll be coming back to try out one of the other rooms!

  64. Isabel Harrison-Ruiz (verified owner)

    It was a really fun experience, we both had a great time. Definitely would recommend to anyone

  65. Chloe Weston (verified owner)

    Very fun. Some atmospheric background music would of been a nice touch

  66. Andrew Hatfield (verified owner)

    Great fun with the kids
    Will definitely do another room next time

  67. Sharon Wright (verified owner)

    Challenging and fun

  68. STEPHEN WEST (verified owner)

    Good support and themes for the game, just a little cramped

  69. Jonathan Middleton (verified owner)

    Excellent, great fun and staff Amazing

  70. Linda Pomeroy (verified owner)


  71. Maria Mancuso (verified owner)

    Great room and great staff. Will look forward to trying the other rooms on our next visit to cambridge

  72. Chrissie Martin (verified owner)

    Great game, (did the Anubis room), interesting puzzles – a couple couldn’t work out how they linked up and thought they were red herrings.
    Our guide, Helen, was fab and kept in character throughout.
    Only quibble – less snakes next time please …

  73. Ciara Watkins (verified owner)

    Helen made the game really enjoyable – she stayed in character and helped us with some useful hints along the way!

  74. Christine Anderson (verified owner)

    The boys loved the Egyptian tomb room. You gave them just the perfect amount of support and encouragement. Thank you.

  75. Dave Leather (verified owner)

    Not only are the actual rooms fantastic, the reception area is amazing too – lots of games etc to keep you occupied while you wait! The staff are fabulously informed and helpful, and very smiley. Thank you so much for making our daughter’s birthday celebration an amazing one!

  76. Roger Ingle (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  77. Andrew Farrer (verified owner)

    Well built room with good puzzles. Friendly staff who really added to the atmosphere

  78. Alison Hynds (verified owner)

    Just fab and really well themed. Will do another room soon.

  79. Alison Joy (verified owner)

    Fantastic! 13 year old birthday treat – 6 children all loved it (and managed to escape!)
    Hosts were encouraging but not overbearing.
    Already asking to come back-high praise indeed!

  80. Vicki Verona (verified owner)

    Really fun, the staff were great and really added to the experience

  81. Sophie Doyle (verified owner)

    We had a really lovely first experience at LockHouse Games playing the Egyptian Tomb Escape. We were greeted warmly on arrival and then led to our escape room by a member of staff in character (which was a lovely touch).

    The room itself was very immersive and atmospheric. The puzzles/games were fun and challenging and the progressive movement kept it fresh and interesting. Ive done some escape rooms where they rely heavily on filling the room with useless red herrings that work at stifling your progression in the game… I appreciated that this room was full of clever and thoughtful puzzles you had to complete to take you through to the end.

    A lovely staff member named Nelly (?) was there to greet us upon completing our escape and take our photo and she also guided us through the game if we needed some assurance or help. She was always on hand when we needed and gave us assistance in just the right way (revealing just as much as we wanted).

    All in all, we had a fantastic time and first experience at LockHouse. We look forward to returning again soon. I only wish the price was a little more affordable for two people (£30 each for 1 hour)…

  82. kelly Baker (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this escape room. Setting and atmosphere all added to a great escape.

  83. Rachel Rose (verified owner)

    Great themed room with lots of variety of tasks, well decorated and enthusiastic staff who really made the experience

  84. jenny olleren shaw (verified owner)

    Good fun!

  85. Kam Sandhu (verified owner)

    Had a fabulous time! Chris was so lovely and enjoyed the challenge and the mystery

  86. Nancy Darroch (verified owner)

    Really good fun. Needed to be able to crawl around a bit

  87. Alison Gillingham (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time at Lockhouse Cambridge. This was a birthday treat for my 11 year old daughter and her friends. The team were brilliant and they all had an amazing time. The girls were super happy that they managed to get out – although they did need a few hints along the way! Also, on a side note, I managed to leave my handbag behind which they found and looked after until I was able to retrieve it the next day. Would thoroughly recommend.

  88. CATHERINE KEATING (verified owner)

    Fabulous and thanks go to Helen for making the experience all the more authentic.

  89. Richard Lee (verified owner)

    Amazing Loved every minute of it

  90. Joe Lindsay-Smith (verified owner)

    Great fun

  91. Elizabeth Rochester (verified owner)

    Interesting game, with nice element of surprise. Lots to discover! We liked the hard hats and they were very useful! Some of the props were looking a bit tired and could easily be replaced. I would have preferred to have a screen with clues.

  92. peter baxter (verified owner)

    Another great game, staff were always there should we need them.

  93. Sally Clayson (verified owner)

    Great fun. Will do another room sometime.

  94. Lorna Bo (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic time, although it was a little easy and a lot of the clues could do with being reprinted and relaminated (symbols half rubbed away, etc). Will definitely come back to try the other 2!

  95. Theresa Murphy (verified owner)

    Had a great time thanks, thought might not be suitable for 10 year old but he really enjoyed it

  96. Claire Marshall (verified owner)

    Brilliant Fun!

  97. Richard Biram (verified owner)

    We had a marvelous time with our kids doing this. The staff were lovely and very welcoming.

  98. Karl Miles (verified owner)

    Great atomsphere

  99. Sarah Roberts (verified owner)

    The staff are amazing, loved the puzzles, great use of the space

  100. Duncan Peacham (verified owner)

    thought it was a bit tired looking

  101. Jane Vandepeer (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it

  102. Justin Holt (verified owner)

    Really good

  103. francis atkinson (verified owner)

    Felt some of the puzzles didn’t quite work and Event was marred by very crude writing chalked large on main wall inside . 12 yr old son saw it and we weren’t happy about that ! Rooms are supposed to be checked and reset etc so to find vulgar filthy slogan on wall was v disappointing . Quite expensive too ! Staff were excellent in character etc and props and foyer area excellent too

  104. dijana cvejic (verified owner)

    Helen was a miracle worker with a group of five very excited and somewhat overwhelmed girls , she literally was the reason they all ended up having a great time!

  105. Anderson Allcock (verified owner)

    Friendly and engaging hosts with cryptic clues in a great themed room. Really enjoyed our experience. We will be back again.

  106. Susanna Valeriani (verified owner)

    So much fun! But we were sooo crap! Helen was the best. She introduced us to our room, help us all the way through and then rescued us, because we just couldn’t get these puzzles done.
    Amazing evening with my kids. We’ll definitely do it again

  107. Abigail Danks (verified owner)

    Brilliant time, out in 44mins. Challenging but not too hard so really fun. Helen was a great host. One of our favourite escape rooms.

  108. Mariia Levchenko (verified owner)

    Was a lot of fun

  109. Mark Schimpf (verified owner)

    Staff were extremely helpful and friendly

  110. Lorna Kemp (verified owner)

    Fabulous fun, taxing puzzles and well organised. Highly recommended.

  111. Michael Hall (verified owner)

    Whilst the room was rated at 3.5/5 difficulty, we weren’t expecting anything too complicated but we completed the room in 33 minutes. Having only done two previous rooms (in Norwich) we felt that the room rating didn’t reflect the actual difficulty. The set up was good though.

  112. Mrs Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Great fun – the staff were very helpful too. Perfect for my daughter’s 13th birthday party.

  113. Nicola Smart (verified owner)

    We were a party of two female adults and two 12 year old boys. The Egyptian tomb escape room is suitable for those new to escape rooms and those with children. We had a great time, managed to escape with 2 mins to spare (with only a couple of hints!). Very well organised and Helen was excellent. She made it a fun experience and really played the part well. Definitely return to try another of their escape rooms.

  114. Madeline Brom (verified owner)

    It was amazing!! Definitely planning to go again the future

  115. Jill Bradley (verified owner)

    Fab time but £24 a head is rather pricey for an hour!

  116. Nuria Marco (verified owner)

    Helen made it perfect!

  117. David Kam (verified owner)

    Harry’s been a lovely host/guide, leaving timely prompts whenever we get stuck. Definitely coming back.

  118. Adrian Connolly (verified owner)

    Our first game ever, will be coming again. Aleki was great

  119. Alex Skempris (verified owner)

    Great fun. We were looked after by Helen who was lovely and helpful. Will be coming back for sure.

  120. Mikey (verified owner)

    Very funny room and very nice staff. But in a couple of occasions we were given clues without asking for them.

  121. Chloe Fish (verified owner)

    Good fun, not too difficult

  122. Sarah Richardson (verified owner)

    Great experience!

  123. Claire Taylor (verified owner)

    We had a great time! We loved how interactive this was and a great way to spend an evening. Helen was friendly, fun and engaging. We’d recommend and come back for more!

  124. Asanish Kalyanasundaram (verified owner)

    Great game. Some very interesting puzzles and not too challenging, so I’d say this room is suitable for pretty much everyone. Our game master Fred was very entertaining and helpful.

  125. Claire Rowley (verified owner)

    We had a great time playing as a family for our daughters 18th birthday. The puzzles weren’t too easy but manageable so that we dud succeed in escaping. Staff did a goid job of setting the scene and helping if needed. Looking firward to trying other rooms!

  126. Oliver Pulley (verified owner)

    Helen was great, give her a pay rise

  127. Glynis Betson (verified owner)

    Better then I expected and very good staff they were very helpful.

  128. Courtney Milner (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience, lots of fun! Staff were engaging and fun! Definitely will be back for future games and adventures!

  129. Mike Mallalieu (verified owner)

    Took part as family with children aged 21, 18 and 16. Was challenging enough whilst not too difficult. Really enjoyed it.

  130. Dr j r Ratnasothy (verified owner)

    Ideally you should have to figure out all the puzzles before you can go through not just guess a digit with all the others complete

  131. Eric Barbier (verified owner)

    Awesome; did the Egyptian Tomb. Game very well set up and super exciting. I have very much appreciated to get some hints to help us progress and keep the fun. First class game!

  132. Di Brown (verified owner)

    Great fun, just the right amount of help, well thought out. Would recommend.

  133. Nicholas Cameron (verified owner)

    Joshua was really helpful.

  134. Samantha East (verified owner)

    Very friendly and welcoming staff. The Egyptian Tomb escape room was really good for first timers, but challenging enough for people who have done escape rooms before. Great fun, would highly recommend it.

  135. MARION MERANGER-GALTIER (verified owner)

    Very nice room, the puzzles are varied and fun, we had a great time.

  136. Lindsay Farquhar (verified owner)

    Interesting theme, tricky but fun puzzles, great experience

  137. Ines Zurzica (verified owner)

    Good game! Good place and amazing decoration! However not very difficult! Good for beginners

  138. Matthew Cridland (verified owner)

    Good fun

  139. Barry Graham (verified owner)

    Could be a little more complex but great fun

  140. Hannah Horne (verified owner)

    Loved our experience, a great escape room, the staff were so friendly! Loved the fact the first room had air con, in a small confined room with people you definitely need this, however the last room did not have it which made it sweaty and less enjoyable towards the end

  141. Beth McGreer (verified owner)

    First escape room experience and it was fab! We were a mixed age group (12-60) and we all loved it. Challenging but achievable game. The staff (particularly Fred who was our host) were lovely!

  142. Becky Espin (verified owner)

    Good fun

  143. Alison Thurston (verified owner)

    We had an enjoyable time. We also broke the record so what more need we say. Definitely coming back at some point to do the other rooms

  144. Simon Gathercole (verified owner)


  145. Fiona Robinson (verified owner)

    Great experience and supporting staff

  146. Sally Moon (verified owner)

    Great atmosphere and challenging puzzles – thanks for releasing is from the Mummy’s tomb 🙂

  147. Matt Hassey (verified owner)

    I took 5 children for my boys 10th Birthday. They had a great time solving the puzzles and riddles. The staff were very helpful giving clues when prompted. I needed to be in with them as the session required one adult to be present and I really enjoyed it too. We will look to go back and try one of the other rooms.

  148. Alison Anscombe (verified owner)

    Great attention to detail with props and ambience. Very friendly staff.
    For 6 people I felt there weren’t enough puzzles to solve and as a result it only took 40 minutes for us to get through with 1 hint. 3 or 4 more puzzles would have been ideal.

  149. Jonathan Thackray (verified owner)

    We had great fun. I’m glad it was just 2 of us though, as there wasn’t much space! Puzzles were great. Glad neither of us had arachnophobia. Look forward to returning soon for another escape room.

  150. Sean Shaik (verified owner)

    Lower Price for Children would be good

  151. Noor Teulings (verified owner)

    Very enthusiastic staff and great game!

  152. sally barron (verified owner)

    good fun – limited space for all to participate

  153. Sarah Guichard (verified owner)

    Excellent fun!

  154. Nicola Swaverley (verified owner)

    SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  155. Owen Roberson (verified owner)

    great fun, we were too stubborn to ask for help so got munched, but only three minutes away!

  156. Rebecca Ellis (verified owner)

    Loved the theming and the birthday message touch was so lovely! Thank you!

  157. Elliot Sollis (verified owner)

    Great escape room! Clever but solvable puzzles and just the right amount of hammy acting from the clue-giver.

  158. lewis bower (verified owner)

    Super fun, not too tricky and a great introduction to getting locked in a room.! Harry the host was enthusiastic and made the event great ..

  159. Claudia Pittatore (verified owner)

    Amazing game, even as beginners, we enjoyed it very much!! Will definitely try the other rooms sometime!!

  160. Graham Foster (verified owner)

    Great fun for 10 years olds.

  161. Carole Gentry (verified owner)

    We loved it. Decor was very convincing and puzzles were not too difficult as in some we have done. Puzzles were relevant to the theme and we had so much fun as a family solving them. At times laughing too much. Our age range was 33 – 67 years and evryone had the same fun.

  162. trisna tungadi (verified owner)

    It was a great experience! would definitely come back 🙂

  163. Emma Garner (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the experience and the crawl spaces were quite cool too

  164. Judith Brett (verified owner)

    Really fun and enjoyable for our whole group!

  165. Keith Garrett (verified owner)

    Had a great time. Great staff. Fun game!

  166. Alison Newell (verified owner)

    Great challenge and a fun experience

  167. Niko Pedan (verified owner)

    Great staff, much fun, a group of 6 people, we really enjoyed it.

  168. Katrina Summerton (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent! Dan was a great aid, very professional and friendly. Will be back!

  169. Selene Reitano (verified owner)

    We had a wonderful time! We’ll do it again for sure

  170. Donnie Whyte (verified owner)

    All family loved it

  171. Ciara Bullock-Hillary (verified owner)

    The puzzles were really good but we would have liked a bit more scavenging.

  172. Mrinalini Chakrabarty (verified owner)

    Great experience! Went for my birthday

  173. Zoe Souber (verified owner)

    Brilliant! So much fun 🙂 and a great challenge, will def return to try the other rooms soon!

  174. Tina Yallop (verified owner)

    Loved this, brilliant

  175. Stephen Bloor (verified owner)

    really enjoyed it, would return to play other games

  176. Kathryn Gill (verified owner)

    Very fun

  177. Veronika Bubenickova (verified owner)

    The best escape rooms we have been to. Very authentic. Amazing staff

  178. Susanna Ingold (verified owner)

    Such a fun experience, the puzzles were the right level of challenging (especially as my brother was doing an escape room for the first time) and the attention to detail and the theme within the room made it that much more immersive.

  179. Amanpreet Kaur (verified owner)

    Alexi was so funny and entertaining! We loved it!

  180. Sue McArdle (verified owner)

    Helpful staff; fun game; we needed lots of clues but it’s probably a good starter one – we need more practice. We went as a family – 2 kids of 11 and 15 years. They enjoyed it and it was difficult enough to be challenging but accessible for all to join in. one part requires you to crawl through a section. Not too dark and also helpfully there are torches to use. Staff were super helpful and friendly. The ‘waiting area’ is fun – full of games/interesting things to look at and do.

  181. Paul Shields (verified owner)

    Played as a team of 4, two adults and two children aged 9 and 7. All first time players, encouragingly everyone was able to get involved. Warm welcome on arrival and pleasant communication throughout. Would happily return to try the other games if ever in the area.

  182. Chris Gatheridge (verified owner)

    Very good, host was excellent

  183. Julie Willecomme (verified owner)

    It took a little while to get into ‘character’ but once we got going there was no stopping us!!! Nice set up, great staff. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles and adventure.

  184. Craig Atlas (verified owner)

    Great theme and puzzles, the whole group really enjoyed the experience.

  185. Sophie Jaggard (verified owner)

    Such a fun experience, would recommend to everyone!

  186. Max Delderfield (verified owner)

    The room was great fun with a wide variety of puzzles to solve. Make sure you bring a crew with a wide range of talents as some of the puzzles are quite challenging. If you don’t, you can get help from from your guide.

  187. Anne Bannell (verified owner)

    Great fun

  188. Eleanor Cook (verified owner)

    Great lunchtime activity

  189. des foster (verified owner)

    We had a lot of fun

  190. James Turner (verified owner)

    Atmospheric and entertaining room with a good mix of puzzles.

  191. Lee richards (verified owner)

    Great experience, friendly staff, kids had fun

  192. james marchant (verified owner)

    Great birthday experience for twin 12 year old boys. We had a mixed age group of 6 of us from 7 to 77 doing the Armageddon experience and we all loved loved loved it.

  193. Pamela Peters (verified owner)

    Fantastic array of puzzles, great theme. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

  194. STEVE MOORE (verified owner)

    Very different and enjoyable will be back to try the other rooms !

  195. Jake Andrews (verified owner)

    Superb game (one of my all time favourites)- loved the fact that there was only one padlock. Especially loved the sliding blocks puzzle and the tunnel that I completely didn’t expect.

    Our gamesmaster Sandra (Began with Sa anyway!) was superb. Was in character throughout and only gave us clues when we asked for them.

    Only one potential negative I would say is that the room is fairly linear so larger groups could have difficulty if they have experienced players.

    I look forward to any other rooms you make in the future as we have now completed all 3 at Lockhouse.

  196. Ruth Kemp (verified owner)

    Lots of fun!

  197. Alec Christie (verified owner)

    Great escape room – shame we did it so easily

  198. Hugh Jackson (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my 2nd visit to Lockhouse Cambridge! Great fun. Would recommend to anyone.

  199. Stephanie Powell Osborn (verified owner)

    Fabulous fun for a teenage birthday bash!

  200. Mary Gumley (verified owner)

    Fun afternoon, would have been a 5 just felt the hour allowed goes too quick!

  201. Ian Parker (verified owner)

    A great evenings entertainment for daughter’s birthday

  202. Hannah Carter (verified owner)

    We had a great session. A fantastic team building experience.

  203. Matt Smith (verified owner)

    Really fun and a good difficulty level for a team of 4 with limited experience of Escape games. Will be back to try another room soon!!!

  204. David Ogilvie (verified owner)

    We all enjoyed the Egyptian Tomb, a good range of puzzles for different members of the family.

  205. Alan Harfield (verified owner)

    Great fun, engaging for all. Would highly recommend for any family with younger kids

  206. Claire Sawford (verified owner)

    Great fun, mind testing but created great commerardary amongst our team! Special treatment for a 50th birthday celebration! Great hosts! Thank you Paul! Highly recommend.

  207. Felix Clarke (verified owner)

    I loved the design of the room – pure magic. Secret doors, cryptic inscriptions, dramatic moments and just the right amount of help and support. The puzzles were clearly set out and pitched at a good balance of effort/brainpower to reward. Staff were helpful and flexible and welcomed feedback after we’d finished the room. The only reason I haven’t given five stars is that wear and tear on some of the props and parts of the room inadvertently gave hints about solving the puzzles – I’m guessing this is why there’s a refurbishment coming!

  208. Claire Baxter (verified owner)

    We had a mixed group of people who have and haven’t done an escape room before. The Egyptian tomb room is the perfect introduction, but challenging enough for those who have done one before. We really enjoyed it and will definitely be going back to try a different room.

  209. Amelia Armour (verified owner)

    Great way to celebrate a 12th birthday

  210. Janene Buckley (verified owner)

    Great fun, some chancy clues

  211. Steve Murphy (verified owner)

    Great room, lots of hands on fun and puzzles.

  212. Isabelle Flexer (verified owner)

    Great fun. Good range of games testing different skills and view points. Totally engrossed in the task I’ve no idea where the time went!

  213. Sandra Suarez (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  214. Anne Potter (verified owner)

    Really fun! Feel like it would have been better if it was in a larger space

  215. Craig Grieves (verified owner)

    Great fun and Harry was excellent

  216. Jeff Barrett (verified owner)

    A fun activity with colleagues

  217. Matt Hayday (verified owner)

    Great puzzles and staff were highly entertaining. We had an awesome time.

  218. Corinne Goullee (verified owner)

    The escape room was challenging, immersive and had plenty of surprises in store. It was a lot of fun to complete and the difficulty was pitched just right, so it was close enough to feel tense but not so hard that it felt unachievable.

  219. Chelsea Pountney (verified owner)

    This was so much fun. Loved the fact you had to crawl into different rooms and it was in the dark. The team had an amazing time and we got out!

  220. Leire Escudero (verified owner)


  221. Cambridge Assessment (verified owner)

    The team enjoyed it

  222. Justin Hegedus (verified owner)

    Fantastic time out!

  223. Chris Walthew (verified owner)

    This is the best set up for your staff to act the part. My friends who did this loved it, as did I when I’ve done in the past.

  224. melanie lowe (verified owner)

    I took my 11 year old with his 5 friends for his birthday and they absolutely loved it! The children are still talking about it and telling all of their friends. The staff were really accommodating too. I was able to take a birthday cake for my son and have pizza delivered whilst the children enjoyed playing on the board games after escaping the room. I would highly recommend this place and will be returning. Thank you to the staff for being so friendly and welcoming!

  225. thomas Sizer (verified owner)

    £15.8? I paid just under £25. Anyway.. Had a great time and was impressed with all the secret rooms and variety of puzzles. Would deffo book again as location is great for me and I want to see the other tools

  226. Joanne McIntyre (verified owner)

    A fun and enjoyable game

  227. Stephen Trott (verified owner)

    We had a great time thanks guys definitely coming back.

  228. Clare Estes (verified owner)

    My son and his friends (aged 15-16) absolutely loved escape room! The staff were supportive and great fun! He can’t wait to do it again. Thank you so much.

  229. Kay Travers (verified owner)

    Host was very enthusiastic, was quite funny. My partner and I had a great time. We escaped at 42mins with a few clues. The rooms and decor were very good, great quality! We have been to a few dodgy escape rooms … this is by far one of the best ones.

  230. Sonja Dunbar (verified owner)

    Booked this room as a present for some puzzle-loving friends of ours having completed the room ourselves before! They had an awesome time and particularly enjoyed the theme and the ambience. Also big thanks to the team at Lockhouse for going the extra mile and being willing to remove one or two props before they ran it so the arachnophobe in the team had nothing to fear!

  231. Daniel Towse (verified owner)

    We did the Egyptian tomb as a pair (a married pair in our eay 30s) and we managed to escape without arguing! We had a lot of fun, the rooms were well thought out and it does get you thinking along the way. Would really recommend it. Also, the guide made me chuckle.

  232. Katie Ackermann (verified owner)

    Briliant game. Host (Harry) was brilliant and very friendly

  233. Jacob Jackers (verified owner)

    Very good, slightly expensive

  234. Lisa Fuller (verified owner)

    Good fun

  235. Sue Fowler (verified owner)

    Great escape room for all the family

  236. Lawrence Tan (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time, loved every minute of it!

  237. Mark Walsh (verified owner)

    Was fun really enjoyed the experience

  238. Nicolas Esselin (verified owner)

    Excellent !!!

  239. Tony & Remi (verified owner)

    Great fun, would definitely do this again, makes your brain work thinking how to get out!!!

  240. Imran Sheraz (verified owner)


  241. Anonymous (verified owner)


  242. Andrew Fletcher (verified owner)

    Fun room decoration and crawling section. A touch on the short side (we completed it in under half an hour) but then we knew it was intended to be a slightly easier room.

  243. Nathalie Balzano (verified owner)

    The girls had a really fab time – thanks to the team behind the mics too!

  244. laura phillips (verified owner)

    Amazing great way to start the night, nelly our guide was great. Will be back

  245. Heidi Farnell (verified owner)

    Brilliant experience with kids. Loved it! Mary was great at introducing & guiding when needed!

  246. Mark Holland (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the Egyptian Tomb a lot. Having reached the last room fairly quickly we managed to get utterly stumped there and only just escape in time. Having done all three games now we will be back when there is a new room to play.

  247. Matt (verified owner)

    Good fun. Will be back!

  248. CHRIS NEILD (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it

  249. Julian Dodman (verified owner)

    Brilliant game!

  250. Harry Prudden (verified owner)


  251. Garvin Taylor (verified owner)

    We both enjoyed the adventure and had lots of fun trying the puzzles which ranged from simple to more tricky. I would definitely recommend it and want to go back again soon

  252. Jan Bremner (verified owner)

    Brilliant – I’ve done a couple of different escape rooms now and always thoroughly enjoy although without hints we would never get out

  253. Samuel Gilberto (verified owner)

    Great setting, both of us had a lot of fun. I like that it was more based on logical games rather than trying to find hidden objects. The LockHouse team was fantastic!

  254. Tom Heddle (verified owner)

    Great escape room, the shop is also very cool. Had a lot of fun and Alexi was brilliant and very amusing . Would strongly recommend

  255. Ryan Harvey (verified owner)

    We had a great time in the mummy’s tomb, really good fun and Alexi really brought the characters to life, thank you.

  256. Victoria Bays (verified owner)

    We booked the Egyptian Tomb experience for my Mum’s birthday. From the moment we arrived the staff made us feel really welcome, the games area to wait in on arrival is a brilliant touch. Our guide Mary was fantastic, and really helped to set the mood and get us all excited to begin our experience. The room itself was brilliant (I won’t give any spoilers!) and a perfect activity to do as a family.

    We will definitely be back to give the other rooms a try. Thanks for a great experience!

  257. Fiona Buck (verified owner)

    Great fun – our second visit just Secret Agent to go .

  258. Harry Pearce (verified owner)

    The room was very emmersive, the soundtrack really helped add to the feel, plus the live interaction tried to give a level of reality I haven’t seen from other escape rooms. Fred was our guide, and he did a great job making sure we completed everything and moved on correctly, without actually giving us any hints.

  259. Caroline Stevenson (verified owner)

    A brilliant escape room, very well led by our tomb leader, Fred. Perhaps slightly on the expensive side as we were out in 41 minutes!

  260. Lucy Roberts (verified owner)

    Great fun had by all. Staff were very helpful. We like that you went from room to room and there was a good range of puzzle to solve.

  261. Janet Hart (verified owner)

    Great fun.

  262. Julie-Anne Malcolm (verified owner)

    It was not as challenging as we expected, but the tunnels were great, Harry was a fab host – and very forgiving when we were over enthusiastic with a puzzle…

  263. Heather Fell (verified owner)

    Brilliant time

  264. Andrew Rankine (verified owner)

    Good fun & different to a previous escape room we’d done.

  265. Catherine Wijman (verified owner)

    Fabulous fun. Definitely coming back. Please do a 2 hour one.

  266. Brenda Kimber (verified owner)

    Excellent. Thanks Harry for being brilliant.

  267. Jeannette Ward (verified owner)

    Staff were really fun, very helpful and tried very hard to make sure everyone was happy!! The escape room itself was also super fun, and challenging without being annoyingly tough. Would recommend.

  268. Claire Clarke (verified owner)

    really great fun

  269. Michael Hunt (verified owner)

    Really good fun for our first experience (although we did have a little extra help at times) and will now consider coming back for more challenges. A great time had by all of us and friendly helpful staff on site too. Thanks

  270. Hanneke Okkenhaug (verified owner)

    Fantastic fun for all. Never knew there was an Egyptian tomb in Cambridge!!

  271. Albany Greatrex (verified owner)

    It was a lot of fun. The rooms were well linked.

  272. Gary Chamberlain (verified owner)

    Liked the rooms shame it wasn’t longer

  273. Kirsty Elvin (verified owner)

    Very clever and always kept you guessing. Our team worked great together and really enjoyed it!

  274. Sarah Jennings (verified owner)

    Was really well done, staff were great loved it

  275. Stephen Wood (verified owner)

    We came here for our work Christmas do, and not only is this a brilliant team building exercise, it’s also a whole bunch of fun. 100% recommend coming and giving it a go!

  276. Paul Bridge (verified owner)

    Very fun, loved the puzzles and had great fun crawling through the tunnel

  277. Fiona Clark (verified owner)

    Very friendly staff and easy to book on line. Arrived early and they all enjoyed playing games. They really loved it but were able to guess and not do all the clues yet still got through. Clues not changed based on age.They really enjoyed it and want to do another but obviously a treat given the price ( price on this review does not include VAT )

  278. Charlotte Ferru (verified owner)

    It was really good and different! Really need to put your thinking hat on!

  279. Esther Momcilovic (verified owner)

    It was a bit too dark.

  280. JULIE WIXEY (verified owner)

    Fantastic first Escape Room experience. Booked for a friend’s birthday weekend and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we needed hints to crack the majority of the clues. My only criticisms would be the bookings online payment system which seemed to fail a number of times before I managed to get the booking paid and confirmed, and the fact that I was asked to provide additional info (i.e. that it was one of the participant’s birthday) but the info was never used during the game, nor referred to during our visit. However, overall a great escape room and we all agreed we want to repeat the experience in the future.

  281. Isabel Fish (verified owner)

    Really good fun – we loved it

  282. Nick Burrows (verified owner)

    We had a lot of fun

  283. Helen Womersley (verified owner)

    So much fun! Really well organised and such a different night out. Great for friends or as team building or a weird and cool date night. Thanks so much!

  284. Reinhard Eschbach (verified owner)

    Great rooms with fab interior. Great quizzes. Fabulous staff. Kids where exited. Great Birthday Party

  285. Emma Hunter (verified owner)

    We had a great time and the staff made it so much more enjoyable. We will be back!

  286. Andrew Sidell (verified owner)

    An enjoyable game but probably would have been better with less than 6 people in a team. Also we were able to guess some of the games rather than work them out which meant we got out in just over 30 mins.

  287. Evan Watkins (verified owner)

    Alexi was good, got right into it. Overall was a good challenge, liked the atmosphere – was expensive but a good evening.

  288. Luci Titchmarsh (verified owner)


  289. Shini Kebla (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it well

  290. Lucy Ballard (verified owner)

    Ideal for a work team building outing, great fun and brilliant service. Thank you!

  291. Andrea Butler (verified owner)

    Great fun! Really enjoyed doing something different. The staff were really friendly and added to the experience

  292. Neil Younger (verified owner)

    Loved it, perfect balance of puzzles and little prompts from our guide when we needed them.

  293. Clelia Gwynne-Evans (verified owner)

    5 x 13 year old girls and their big sister had a fantastic experience! Kind accommodating staff who went out their way to ensure everyone had fun and even gave us a little space to sing happy birthday round the cake!

  294. CHRISTOPHER BAUER (verified owner)

    Another great escape room with differing puzzles and not just a load of padlocks! A great part is that it’s as much of an experience before the room with the bad story and dressing up after for your group picture.

    Have done all the rooms here and am looking forward to new ones when they get them.

  295. Daniel Aspel (verified owner)

    We enjoyed it very much. However, the props and set weren’t nearly as impressive as the Spy Room.

  296. Julie Southall (verified owner)

    We all had a great time in the Egyptian Tomb, not too difficult but still a challenge! Enjoyed the layout, the hats and breaking the room record!! The Lockhouse team were very enthusiastic and made the experience lots of fun.

  297. Alexander Whiteside (verified owner)

    Great fun, difficulty was well pitched and there was plenty for everyone in our team to be busy at the same time. Will do another one of these in the future.

  298. Jason Kaye

    I did not play this game myself but having talked to the team that did, they really enjoyed it and I think managed to escape within the time limit after a little bit of help. This team found it great fun, felt that it helped in team-building and would definitely do this again. They also found it good value for money for a large number of people like we had. It doesn’t seem to matter whether people have done ‘escape rooms’ in the past or not – it remains enjoyable and challenging for people of all levels of experience!!!

  299. Ali Cleveland (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable and loads of fun. We had a great time – thank you.

  300. Giselle Turner (verified owner)

    My boyfriend wanted super scary, I wanted to leave without a heart condition. I think, aside from deafening everyone with my constant screaming, everyone left very satisfied. The puzzles were unique and exciting, and had I been less of a wuss, I’m sure we would’ve completed the room!

  301. Sam Saunders (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  302. Sarah Welsh (verified owner)

    Was so much fun! Would 100% recommend for anyone. Also thansj to fred for veing a good host

  303. Gary Frear (verified owner)

    Everyone enjoyed

  304. Marios Constantinides (verified owner)

    Great experience. We’d definitely come back!!

  305. Marah Webb (verified owner)

    This was great fun! We will definitely be going again!

  306. Sophie Mason (verified owner)

    Very good never been before great todo with the kids

  307. David Ball (verified owner)

    The game was great fun to play.puzzles were great to work out. Very exciting to discover and move along the hidden passages and rooms

  308. sarah mallinson (verified owner)

    Great evening staff were fab!

  309. Susan Whitehouse (verified owner)

    Really good fun

  310. Jessica di Gesso (verified owner)

    Brilliant! So much fun – already planning our next visit.

  311. Oliver Wong Ten Yuen (verified owner)

    Absolutely banging time!!

  312. Marcia butte (verified owner)

    Our team has not stopped talking about how amazing our day of play with you guys and the experience in this room! We had a great time and everyone is planning their next trip!

  313. andrew keener (verified owner)

    What s great experience and lots of fun

  314. Joe Hilton (verified owner)

    Was a good laugh

  315. Isabel Nicolson (verified owner)

    Great fun

  316. mary whiteside (verified owner)

    Booked for a party for my 11 year old and friends. They all loved it and had a great time. I’d definitely recommend it !

  317. Dawn Avis (verified owner)

    We had five people in our group and we escaped from the tomb with only two minutes to spare, it certainly was fun and a good team building experience, the only negative comment I would give is that the tomb was extremely warm. It would also be useful to advise future teams to continue through the rooms in the same direction as there is no need to go back on themselves.

  318. Keena McKillen (verified owner)

    Great fun, even if some of the team had done it before!

  319. Nicola Chillingworth (verified owner)

    Booked the Egyptian Tomb Escape room for my daughter and 3 of her friends for her birthday treat. They had a fantastic experience and will definitely be recommending Lockhouse to all my friends.

  320. Mick Edwards (verified owner)

    The guys had a great time in the Tomb.

  321. Rachael Bennett (verified owner)

    The game was great, and our Guide, Harry, was helpful and amusing

  322. Stephen Dobbs (verified owner)

    Great design and experience

  323. James Haughton (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed ourselves. Ben was really fun and we want to thank him for putting up with us, thank you.

  324. Clare Edwards (verified owner)

    Brilliant game great fun

  325. Paul Facer (verified owner)

    Clever puzzles. Good fun

  326. Jessica Brading (verified owner)

    Great time, created a great atmosphere

  327. June Brennan (verified owner)

    Great fun, kept us all busy

  328. Amy Baynton (verified owner)

    Great fun. Loved the interaction with the staff. Well organised. Definitely coming back to do another one

  329. Stacia Greenaway (verified owner)

    The whole family loved it, one of the best escape rooms we have done so far. Will definitely be back to give the others ago. Staff really friendly too. Great way to spend an hour !!

  330. Stephanie Snell (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the game and space it was in! Our bride loved it!

  331. Lisa Clark

    I felt like Indiana Jones!

  332. Kathryn Barnes (verified owner)

    Just escaped on time! Really exciting and atmospheric room that really challenged us! Thanks to Fred and his brilliant accent for helping us escape in the nick of time.

  333. catriona walker (verified owner)

    Four ten year olds had a great party

  334. Allison Kaye (verified owner)

    enjoyed the experience – thank you – would recommend

  335. Linda Fisher (verified owner)

    Brilliant experience from booking to completing!

  336. Brian Setchfield (verified owner)

    Well designed and challenging with a variety of different logical puzzles

  337. Frances Surmon-Bohr (verified owner)

    Great room! Very immersive

  338. Myles Morgan (verified owner)

    Great fun, probably best escape rooms I’ve done! Our guide, Mary, was excellent, she gave us exactly the right amount of clues that we needed, but the clues didn’t make puzzles too easy either so the difficulty was perfect. I also like the fact there were hardly any padlocks, and the puzzles were a lot more imaginative that just finding loads of 3/4 digit codes and trying every padlock like some of the other rooms I’ve tried. Each puzzle was imaginative and fun to complete and we all had an excellent time. We just finished in time with about 2 minutes remaining, and will definitely be coming back to give the other two rooms a try!

  339. Andrew Bennette (verified owner)

    Most excellent customer service and enthusiasm from staff

  340. Gina Vicencio (verified owner)

    Such a fun fun time. My anxiety levels peaked! The staff were great and very welcoming. Looking forward to booking another quest.

  341. Jacqueline Turner (verified owner)

    Brilliant time our guide was Fred he was brilliant had such a laugh recommended it to work mates

  342. Mary Hobbs (verified owner)

    Great game with puzzles that are sequential to move you through the many chambers. Great hosting by Mary who gave us just enough clues.

  343. Ross Armorgie (verified owner)

    I only did this one but and excellent challenge with an excellent host who really added value tonight experience. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone when inset the host was excellent and a rooms were excellent.

  344. Sophie Prior (verified owner)

    Amazing experience! Loved every minute.. could not recommend doing it enough!

  345. Steve Revill (verified owner)

    Good Egyptian fun. 🙂

  346. Lucie Chapman (verified owner)

    Really good fun

  347. Rachel Baxter (verified owner)

    Excellent time, fantastic staff.

  348. amit main (verified owner)

    Great family fun and fantastic service from Fred.

  349. Matthew Jenkins (verified owner)

    Awesome time, and surprisingly large and complex room!! Like a real adventure!

  350. Helen Jones (verified owner)

    The game was set out really well, we did the Egyptian tomb. The puzzles were well thought out and a good level of difficulty, the host giving us clues and providing voice acting was really excellent (I think it was Alexi) overall really enjoyable and would definitely go again!

  351. Claire Charlton (verified owner)

    Excellent escape room experience! Very different from other rooms I have done before and a good challenge.
    Staff very helpful and friendly. Our host, Harry, was fun and did a great job of getting us involved in the game!

  352. Natalie Meredith (verified owner)

    Was booked for a birthday present and everyone had a great time

  353. Rachel Bennett (verified owner)


  354. Jacques Meyburgh (verified owner)

    Great fun, good for a short sharp team building activity

  355. Richard Noble (verified owner)

    2nd visit to Lockhouse Cambridge. Every bit as much fun as the first time. Did the Egytian Tomb this time. Needed a few prompts from our host Harry to keep us on track but completed it within the hour. Great Fun!

  356. Karen Precious (verified owner)

    Egyptian Tomb was great fun from start to finish!

  357. Kim Lewis (verified owner)

    It was a laugh! We had a good time even though we were useless. The staff were very into their roles trying to make sure you have the best experience and were alot of help with clues lol. Even though I don’t feel escapes rooms are for me, this was still a great experience! They had things to do while waiting. They were very accommodating too. Thank you all so much.

  358. Sonia Weston (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable and challenging

  359. Tim Newton (verified owner)

    Great fun and well laid out. Fab experience as always!

  360. Kasia Kaluza-gilbert (verified owner)

    Harry was really good with us. Made the whole experience really fun and challenging.

  361. Cindy Penney (verified owner)

    Amazing game

  362. Kate Newham (verified owner)

    We did the tomb as a group of 3 and had a wonderful time! We’re quite an experienced team, so we did find it quite simple. It would be an excellent introduction for beginners though – the style of the room was brilliant, with lots of secrets and surprises! Loads of fun and easy to immerse yourself. Some aspects need a little tidying (a few slightly stuck mechanics) but overall, we had a great time – can’t wait to try their other rooms!

  363. Fiona Hunt (verified owner)

    This was my second escape room and my favourite so far! We were just a team of 2 but with a Great set of clues (really fun but got your brain working) and brilliant help from the game master we just about managed it in the 60 mins! Will definitely be back and would thoroughly recommend.

  364. Alexandra Hughes (verified owner)


  365. Dan Bird (verified owner)

    Brilliant intro and hard puzzles.

  366. Deborah Pope (verified owner)

    The people in our group didn’t all know each other, and it was a brilliant way to gel and just lots of fun.

  367. Ruth Potton (verified owner)

    All round good fun

  368. Peter Wilson (verified owner)

    fun, varied puzzles certainly took some thought. The hour flew by. Bit of a shame we seemed to move through the tomb without completing every puzzle. The guys there were excellent and managed the whole thing really well.

  369. Karl Hopkinson (verified owner)

    Great game and fantastic staff. Would definately recommend

  370. Emma Marron

    Great team event and very creative

  371. Charlotte Staffer

    Really enjoyed the theme and felt that all the puzzles flowed together nicely and were appropriate for the narrative.

  372. Mindy Alfvegren (verified owner)

    Escape rooms are always fun regardless of where or when you do them, but what set this company apart from the rest was the super friendly and enthusiastic staff who stayed in role the whole time and made it a proper experience. I loved it and appreciated it so much! 🙂 Specially as it was the first time my friend did ti and she got a great first impression. Set the bar very high, Thank you 🙂

  373. Dan Hancy

    A fantastic time was had by all. The kids had an amazing time and want to try out the other rooms now. A big shout out to all the team behind the scene.

  374. Hiu Yeung Au (verified owner)

    Excellent game

  375. Greg Tustain (verified owner)

    Great fun and definitely a challenge. Our guide (Fred) was entertaining and spot on with his judgement of how much / how little help to give us and we made it out – just.

  376. Marie Orwin (verified owner)

    Went to Lockhouse Games with a small group of Spanish students. We did the Egyptian Tombs. It was so much fun. We all enjoyed it very much. Paul, our game master, was so good and extremely helpful. I was looking for something unusual to do with teenagers and it was perfect. Will definitely recommend and come back to do the other rooms. Thanks.

  377. Carl Plane (verified owner)

    Students loved it.

  378. Ella Ramsay (verified owner)

    Really good and challenging! Loved all the props. Would be nice to have some guidance on what to do/ look for at the beginning of arriving in each room

  379. Jorsen Kjems (verified owner)

    Exciting and well supported with help from the staff (Alexa)

  380. Karen french (verified owner)

    daughters birthday treat, she had an amazing time and wants to do another one as soon as she can. thanks very much

  381. Megan Paterson (verified owner)

    The team enjoyed this thoroughly, and we had some good laughs on the way. We would be looking at doing Escape rooms again.

  382. Hayden Armes (verified owner)

    Excellent from start to finish.

  383. Samantha Stevens (verified owner)

    Awesome time in the tomb!

  384. Heather Bhasin (verified owner)

    We all had a great time and the staff were lovely and friendly and definitely added to the fun. We’d never done an escape game before so didn’t know quite what to expect – we did the Egyptian tomb and floundered initially, wasting precious minutes while we all faffed around, but after the first ten mins, the games master can give you tips if you want – and did so without giving too much away, and off we went. Most of the puzzles were fab – a couple I’m not entirely sure we ‘got’ but we hit on the solution anyway! Unfortunately one puzzle didn’t quite work properly, which left us enable to complete the final task, though we were nearly out of time anyway – but a last couple of tips from the games master helped and we got out literally with seconds to go. Brilliant fun – would definitely go again and try a different adventure, hopefully a bit more successfully now we sort of know what we’re doing!!!

  385. Chloe Cooper-Brown (verified owner)

    Really good fun, our guide Mary made it very enjoyable.

  386. Andrew Smith (verified owner)

    great fun and a great way to spend an hour!

  387. Polly Lankester (verified owner)

    Great fun – our hour flew by!

  388. Nichola Fionda (verified owner)

    This is second game we did here great fun . And quite difficult. Would highly recommend

  389. Donelda Bridson (verified owner)

    Excellent, best Escape Room I’ve ever done! We had such fun.

  390. Natasha Witt (verified owner)

    Great puzzles, hard but not impossible, staff friendly too!

  391. Will Barrit (verified owner)

    A lot of fun, the puzzles were difficult yet not impossible. Once we worked them out, it seemed so obvious. It was very rewarding and satisfying to win the game and I would definitely return. Thanks to Paul and Mike for the opportunity to play.

  392. Rebecca Shackell (verified owner)

    Very good!

  393. Duncan Cawthorne (verified owner)

    Great fun, family all enjoyed it

  394. Andrew Lingham (verified owner)

    An entertaining game with a good host

  395. Mark Buxton (verified owner)

    WE loved the concept! We worked as a team to solve the mystery of the missing brother in an Egyptian tomb. We were wondering if it could be aimed at a harder level if we came back another time. Would thoroughly recommend getting into the game! Super concept. Next time we will try the Spy one in 2nd WW. Good fun for my son’s birthday.

  396. Kim Green (verified owner)

    So much fun! Different from any other escape room I’ve done.

  397. RD Andrew Stark (verified owner)

    Excellent time!! Wonderful game master; will be back to try the other two 🙂

  398. Lizzy Ellis (verified owner)

    We had great fun in this escape room – thanks!

  399. Tracey Storr (verified owner)

    Great fun! Enough challenge but mixed in with hints when you need a bit of help.

  400. Vicki Partridge (verified owner)

    Our family had an amazing time, it was so much fun and the staff were brilliant. Definitely a day to remember!

  401. Andrea Clamp (verified owner)

    Great fun. We’ll definitely be back soon. Thanks very much for a very entertaining evening.

  402. Luke Watts

    The team that played this game said they found it very enjoyable and was certainly a challenge! They would definitely recommend to family and friends!

  403. Sonja Dunbar (verified owner)

    A nice variety of puzzles meaning different people had different chances to shine in the room. Best venue for Escape Rooms we’ve been to yet 🙂

  404. Caroline Archer (verified owner)

    Very fun team building event!

  405. (verified owner)

    Excellent. First time any of us had done an escape room – great fun, great puzzles, great games master (Ben), great experience. Thoroughly recommended.

  406. Paige Evenden (verified owner)

    Was amazing, me and my boyfriend loved it and we had so much fun working together, harry did an amazing job with the role of explorer, and helped us when we needed it!

  407. Laura Baldwin (verified owner)

    Was a great room and Dan was a great puzzle master, really getting into character. Perhaps a bit of a squeeze with 6 of us and it meant that we couldn’t all be involved with some of the puzzles, but we had a great time. Thanks!

  408. H M Chen (verified owner)

    As a family group with 10 and 13 year olds the experience was very good and enjoyed by all. Harry was great and on hand throughout the Egyptian Tomb! Next will be the more challenging one..

  409. Tatiana Bouzdine (verified owner)

    Excellent expérience. Everyone is happy!

  410. A Orton (verified owner)


  411. Victoria Grant (verified owner)

    Lots of fun and throughly enjoyed our time there.

  412. Brendan Schrama (verified owner)

    Really great fun and staff made the event enjoyable. Thanks guys

  413. Rosemary Pittman (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience, puzzles great/inventive. Felt linear at times but didn’t detract from the overall experience.

  414. Karen Watson (verified owner)

    Loved it! It was great that the member of staff was in character and also that when clues were given they were still ambiguous rather than telling us exactly what to do.

  415. Roi Granot

    It was a great experience and the kids loved it!

  416. Rachel Davies (verified owner)

    Excellent fun!

  417. Joshua Clegg (verified owner)

    Brilliant escape room, one of the best we have done. Harry who looked after us was amazing and really helped the game to be immersive!! Highly recommend Lockhouse!!!

  418. Stephen Wintersgill (verified owner)

    Really good fun, staff were wonderful and went out their way for us.

  419. Judith Roberts (verified owner)

    Really great game, thoroughly enjoyed by all

  420. (verified owner)


  421. Lizell Heather (verified owner)

    Had a great time, it was a nice challenge. Going into to different rooms helped keep it exciting.

  422. Darren Green (verified owner)

    This was one of the best escape room experiences we have had so far. The host made a great themed room even better and would highly recommend anyone to give the Egyptian Tomb a try.

  423. (verified owner)


  424. Jamie Sanderson (verified owner)

    fantastic experience, my girlfriend and i did it as a couple which was quite a challenge but no less enjoyable. we would recommend it to anyone as we would like to go back and try the other rooms.

  425. Laura Jones (verified owner)

    It was great fun, thanks!

  426. Hannah (verified owner)

    Challenging but a great team building exercises.

  427. Rasalne Romanie (verified owner)

    Amazing experience. The hour went by so quickly. So much fun and will recommend 100%

  428. Bo Patkai (verified owner)

    Loved the whole experience and the staff were so friendly & fun!

  429. Dina Nayee

    We all had a great time and a lot of fun. We won as well so we were very pleased.

  430. Amy Dowler (verified owner)

    Went to the Escape Rooms as a first meeting with someone – get locked in a room with a stranger, sounds great right? It was great fun, varied puzzles, fit perfectly into the time, and when asked for help the host only gave us just enough information – so it didn’t feel like it was being given to us. It was actually a great way to get to know someone without the standard boring questions – we got to find out how the other thought through problems etc. We completed the escape room with 2 people, I think the best number would be 3 or 4 – any more might leave people standing around whilst other people are solving puzzles – there’s also not much space in the tomb. But it’s certainly possible to have a great time with just 2 people! The hosts all seemed to be having a great time with their characters too, which is great to see.

  431. Anine Cockwell (verified owner)

    Had a great time. Perfect activity with 3 young teenagers on a cold Sunday afternoon.

  432. Jade Rolph (verified owner)

    We loved the game. Really fun! Harry was a great host.

  433. Emma Holman (verified owner)

    Really good fun – definitely coming again!

  434. Claire Dennis (verified owner)

    We had so much fun doing this – it’s brilliant

  435. Hayley Stevenson (verified owner)

    We travelled from Peterborough and it was worth the journey. A warm greeting when we arrived. A really authentic escape room. With puzzles we had not experienced before. Alexi looked after us throughout the experience. He is exuberant and adds to the whole feel of the game. I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Thank you for a great day

  436. James Southey (verified owner)

    Great escape room, we loved every minute.

  437. Nicola Dias (verified owner)

    Very good fun for an 8 year old’s birthday party, the children (and supervising adults!) really enjoyed doing something a bit different. Staff were enthusiastic and helpful.

  438. Cinzia Malangone (verified owner)

    Awesome, it was really funny.

  439. (verified owner)

    Great fun, thank you!

  440. Zoe Willimott (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the experience

  441. (verified owner)

    all good! Despite the need for no hints

  442. Saida Gzoum (verified owner)

    Great experience. Had a lot of fun! Would recommend 🙂

  443. (verified owner)

    Brilliant! We had such a fantastic time! Will be coming again!

  444. Rugile Maruskiene (verified owner)

    My kids enjoyed it!

  445. Vero Pepperrell (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time as a group of 4 adults. We really enjoyed the difference in atmosphere compared to Armageddon. We’ll definitely be back to do the Secret Agent room! 🙂

  446. Alex Barrelet (verified owner)

    Great fun!! Definitely recommend

  447. Matias Hernandez Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Excellent, recommended!

  448. Tom Carter (verified owner)

    First time I’ve done this. The game was very much fun. Would definitely recommend this to friends.

  449. Matt Lindon (verified owner)

    Great fun for my daughter’s birthday!

  450. Luke Askinazy (verified owner)

    Very fun.

  451. Jon Waters (verified owner)

  452. Lisa Lane (verified owner)

    we had a lovely exiting experience time the stuff the are very nice and friendly the make you very Welkom

  453. Elizabeth Wombwell (verified owner)

    Great fun

  454. Jennifer Brown (verified owner)

    We had a very enjoyable time. We will definitely try a different room. Games master was brilliant.

  455. Lloyd Skivington (verified owner)

    We did the secret agent room and it was amazing! Really good puzzles and the staff were excellent too.
    Can’t wait to try the other rooms next time.

  456. David Barr (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  457. Nicola Hazleton (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable.

  458. posborn123

    Who knew there were Egyptian Tombs beneath Cambridge?
    Visited with colleagues from work for some team bonding, and had a great time. We’ve only recently started playing Escape Rooms but my team came close to the record for the Egyptian Tomb.
    We loved the atmosphere of this one, from the excellent scene setting, the dress-up opportunities and the way it felt like we were entombed for hours.

    Reviewed by posborn123 on TripAdvisor 02/08/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r508067615-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#

  459. Matt T

    Egyptian Tomb
    Had a great time at Lockhouse Games! Our party of four tried out the Egyptian Tomb room, which was a one hour adventure with brilliant puzzles and a good variety of challenges. The room itself was decorated nicely with great attention to detail, with a fantastically atmospheric soundtrack to boot. Kudos to the design team and to Paul our gamemaster, who made the adventure a memorable one.
    All in all a lovely way to spend an hour. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by Matt T on TripAdvisor 26/07/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r505861699-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#

  460. Matthew S

    Egyptian Tomb!
    We visited the Lockhouse last week and tried our hand at the Egyptian Tomb.
    I have been to escape rooms in the past and really enjoyed them. I was really excited to have one start up in my city! I am pleased to say that is the best room i’ve been too!
    Our games master Paul was really great, creating an eerie atmosphere and setting the scene for what was an hours worth of great fun. It was hard and kept us thinking! We are definitely planning on returning to attempt the other rooms at some stage!
    Well done guys 10/10.

    – Reviewed by Matthew S on TripAdvisor 26/07/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r505820936-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#

  461. Justin Y

    Escaped from the Egyptian Tomb in the Nick of Time!
    I visited Lockhouse Escape Games tonight with a few friends and we had a blast! We descended into the Egyptian tomb searching for our friend, North Dakota Jack, and very nearly ended up being trapped ourselves! Some puzzles were fiendishly difficult while others were easier (a great boost to self-esteem during a stressful time) but all of them were very fun. Huge sense of accomplishment as the door opened with two seconds to spare.

    I highly recommend trying this out even if you don’t think you like puzzles! The decorations, music, and ambiance will bring out the best in your group and you will find yourselves fighting for your life against Anubis.

    – Reviewed by Justin Y on TripAdvisor 24/07/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r505261350-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  462. Benjamin2460

    Me and a few friends have done a few escape rooms before and thought we’d give Lockhouse a try as they looked the best in the area.
    We went for the Egyptian tomb room and we were not disappointed, there were so many different puzzles to solve and a lot of fun to work out. The staff were brilliant and helpful and we shall be returning in the future.

    Reviewed by Benjamin2460 on TripAdvisor 08/09/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186225-d12398826-Reviews-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html

  463. Alexandra M

    So much fun!
    We had such a good time here last night! Loved solving the puzzles, the staff made it so entertaining for us and were also very helpful. The room itself was fantastic and I am definitely coming back to complete the Egyptian room with the family!

    – Reviewed by Alexandra M on TripAdvisor 12/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186225-d12398826-Reviews-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html

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