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Meteor heading for Earth
Do you have what it takes to save the world? An asteroid is headed for Earth, all the scientists are missing, and the clock is ticking. You’re the new crack team of scientists! Can you fix the rocket and launch it in time to save humanity, or will you doom us forever?

NEW! Hot on the trail of lost explorer South Dakota Jones you find yourself trapped in a Mayan Temple! Can you find the explorer? Can you find your way out? Will your team survive?

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient burial chamber guarded by Anubis, God of the Dead. Now one of their team has vanished, and they need your help to find him. Can you make your way through the tomb and come out the other side, or will you be buried alive?
secret-agent small
An evil villain is trying to destroy the world. We sent our best agent into his lair, but he’s gone MIA. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the mission in his stead. Do you have what it takes to thwart the villain’s fiendish plans – before it’s too late? 
Self-guided City Adventures
The ultimate in outdoor escape room style experiences. Solve cryptic puzzles whilst seeing the cities top sites. The perfect alternative if you want to solve some puzzles and have fun, but are nervous about being inside right now. Or add it on after your escape room at LockHouse for a great way to see the beautiful city of Cambridge.
City Escape Games
Suitable for multiple households, the game works on your mobile phone and can be shared across multiple screens. See you friends, solve puzzles together and stay safe at the same time! Get the fastest time and end up on the leader board.
Plan your visit
LockHouse Escape Games is located in central Cambridge on Regent Street. We do not have parking on site.
Parking Options
Queen Anne Terrace: 5 minute walk to store.
Grand Arcade: 8 minute walk to store.
Public Transport
Cambridge Train Station: 14 minute walk or 6 minute taxi.
Bus Station: 3 minute walk to the store. Several buses also stop along Regent Street.
Map of LockHouse Escape Games
How much is it to play?
Monday to Thursday, Friday Before 5PM

2 players – £25 per person – £50 total

3 players – £20 per person – £60 total

4 players – £20 per person – £80 total

5 players – £20 per person – £100 total

6 players – £20 per person – £120 total

7 players – £20 per person – £140 total

Weekend & Friday After 5PM

2 players – £30 per person – £60 total

3 players – £24 per person – £72 total

4 players – £24 per person – £96 total

5 players – £24 per person – £120 total

6 players – £24 per person – £144 total

7 players – £24 per person – £168 total

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