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Work with your team to destroy a giant meteor hurtling towards the Earth! Find the secret laboratory hidden within a rather strange University department and figure out how to launch the meteor defense missile.


We have all imagined countless ways that the world could end: alien invasion, zombie outbreak, natural disasters… But no-one could have predicted the cosmic impossibility of a rogue meteor roughly the size of Belgium hurtling toward us on a direct collision course. Armageddon is upon us!

At our top-secret laboratory, we have been working tirelessly to develop a rocket capable of destroying this threat. Unfortunately, something has gone terribly wrong and we are in dire need of brave scientists who can work under pressure to save us all from total annihilation.

Please, if you think you have what it takes, help us. You are our last hope!

Of all our games, this is probably the best one for those who haven’t tried an escape game before. If you’re a seasoned gamer, and you’re looking for a game that will really test you, we suggest Secret Agent is the game for you.

6 reviews for Armageddon

  1. Great fun!
    We went here for a family birthday, ages 25-59! First time doing an escape room and it was great fun. Dan our host got right in the part and made the experience run smoothly and gave the odd helpful hint!
    We did ‘Armageddon’ and smashed it out in 42 mins, not far off the top! Look forward to trying the other rooms!

    Reviewed by Josh W on TripAdvisor 23/09/2017
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  2. Great fun!
    We had a great time and enjoyed the Armageddon room (getting out in 45 minutes). It was clever, but we appreciated that it was approachable even when it was the first time doing an escape room for 3 members in our group. We had a 14 year old who was worried about the potential for a scary experience but she had a great time in the end as the focus is on solving puzzles. There was a minor malfunction with one of the items in the room but the team handled it professionally and without breaking character. We are certainly looking forward to trying the Egyptian room in the future for a slightly more challenging experience.

    Reviewed by Aidan G on TripAdvisor 23/10/2017
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  3. Fantastic Fun
    A great fun thing to do for the family. We did Halloween Armageddon with Mary who was excellent in role. It was difficult enough and we got through in 50 minutes with plenty of pressure at the end. High recommended.

    Reviewed by Sophie S
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  4. Armageddon: lots of original, fun puzzles!
    Probably the best escape room I’ve been to so far! We visited this escape room as a group of three, knowing it was on the easy side. Armageddon takes the classic “science gone wrong” theme and uses the Cambridge setting to good advantage. There are plenty of problems to solve, some with original twists and unusual components. A major plus is that they parallelize well enough that there are always multiple things to consider, but it’s still easy to keep track of what the options are. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by Maya P on TripAdvisor 01/06/2017
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  5. More Than Just an Escape Room
    From the reception area to the escape itself, it was all really fun. Had a great game master who helped us just enough but still left it up to us. Even the Armageddon room is still a serious challenge and really nicely decorated. Wouldn’t just call this a game, better call it an experience!

    – Reviewed by Tjis N on TripAdvisor 06/10/2017
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  6. Five players (age range 70 to 15) all had a really great time. Maybe not the fastest time on record but we did pretty well for beginners. Right level of challenge (Armageddon mission) for us. Friendly, helpful staff create excellent experience.

    – Reviewed on TripAdvisor 13/10/2017
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