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Do you have what it takes to save the world? An asteroid is headed for Earth, all the scientists are missing, and the clock is ticking. You’re the new crack team of scientists! Can you fix the rocket and launch it in time to save humanity, or will you doom us forever?

Armageddon is our most sci-fi and ‘movie-like’ room – expect switches, gizmos, and gadgets galore! Perfect for larger groups.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

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armageddon room

Do you have what it takes to save the world? An asteroid is headed for Earth, all the scientists are missing, and the clock is ticking. You’re the new crack team of scientists! Can you fix the rocket and launch it in time to save humanity, or will you doom us forever?

Armageddon is our most sci-fi and ‘movie-like’ room – expect switches, gizmos, and gadgets galore! Perfect for larger groups.

You will have the option of adding more rooms in the checkout.

Children 12 and over may play in our rooms without adult supervision. Children younger than 12 require an adult chaperone in the room. We can allocate a free slot for maximum one adult per room to chaperone a group of children. Any playing adults will be charged at full rate.

429 reviews for Armageddon

  1. Jayne Lintorn (verified owner)

    Lots of fun. Clues varying in difficulty. Would definitely return.

  2. Serena (verified owner)

    Who knew the end of the world would be so fun?! We played this in mid-December for our anniversary, and the team made it a super special game for us (Thanks guys!) This was also our third room with Lockhouse, and so our loyalty was rewarded with a free EXIT game, which was a really nice touch!

    The puzzles were challenging and the room was fun and full of different types of mini games, many of which felt innovative. Really looking forward to the new rooms opening in 2021!

  3. Luke Fleming (verified owner)

    Was so much fun and was lovely to see the amount of effort gone into it! The puzzle was challenging but was so cleverly done that even if it is your first time, like ours, you’ll still have a blast!

  4. Alex Langler (verified owner)

    Yes very good, we enjoyed our 2nd trip to you. Glad you had reopened so I could treat my youngest daughter for her birthday . Will book again in the new year. I’m just waiting on a refund, guy that looked after us in the Cambridge store said he’d sort it out. He was honouring a 25% discount voucher , I’d already paid in full so he said he’d refund the 25% back onto my card

    Regards Alex Langler

  5. Ruby Dama (verified owner)

    We had such a good time on Wednesday night! The staff were so helpful when we needed a little clue here and there and the room was well planned – the perfect amount of challenging. A great evening out! We will return!

  6. Nicholas Wan (verified owner)

    A fun experience with friends. Staff was energetic, engaging and a whole lot of fun.

  7. James Keay (verified owner)

    It was a great evening out, enjoyed by all and was very satisfying!

  8. Emma Rose (verified owner)

    We completed the Spy Mission game. It was brilliant fun and perfect for a birthday celebration as a family of 4 (my daughters are ages 10 and 14). The staff were also great, friendly, welcoming and entertaining. Would love to go back to complete the other games. Highly recommended!

  9. Amelie Viljoen (verified owner)

    The room was great! The four of us had varying levels of experience and all found it enjoyable and challenging enough to keep us on our toes. Staff were very friendly and helpful, and the Lockhouse took all necessary COVID precautions.

  10. Pranay Singh (verified owner)

    The game was very fun, it was just the right level of challenging for us, and the staff were amazing and explained the game and rules really well!

  11. Lorna Bateson (verified owner)

    We loved it!! We’ll be back to tackle the other rooms soon. Thank you!

  12. Karina Shah (verified owner)

    It was so fun! We all enjoyed it as a ‘before uni’ activity.

  13. Rebecca White (verified owner)

    Lots of fun and really well organised. The puzzles weren’t too hard that we felt out of our depth, but challenging enough to make the most out of it.

  14. Matthew Whalley (verified owner)

    Well run and enjoyable!

  15. Nick Johnson (verified owner)

    loved it – want to do it all again!

  16. Dani Gresswell (verified owner)

    Great time spent for my daughters 13th birthday. Good covid protection in place , great game enjoyed from 12-49 perfect for this restricted numbers time !

  17. Jo Magliano (verified owner)

    Boys loved it so much thank you ❤️

  18. Ben Jakubowski (verified owner)

    Good mix of hard and easier clues.

  19. David Holliday (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable experience. Gutted we had to ask for help on one clue but having been stuck for 20 minutes we had to save the world!

  20. Elliot Doughty (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time, and will be returning very soon. Many thanks to Helen for being an excellent host.

  21. Joanne Eva (verified owner)

    Excellent fun, will definitely return.

  22. Lauren Hallewell (verified owner)

    Very friendly staff and great fun! When I went into store and filling in this form it says it costs £50 for two people however when I booked online it cost £60 for two people.
    Was great fun though.

  23. Philippa Wynne (verified owner)

    Fantastic room, very accessible for deaf group. The staff were so friendly and helpful, made our experience smooth from the moment we walked in.

  24. Anstice Neivens (verified owner)

    Really good fun! Thank you

  25. Charley Abbott (verified owner)

    Very good escape room and experience

  26. Annalise Peet (verified owner)

    Great day out with teen boys!

  27. Kate Stanley (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the experience. Service was good.

  28. Harriet Sim (verified owner)

    Amazingly done and safely organised for Covid

  29. Julie Myles (verified owner)

    We are so pleased to see LockHouse Games open again. We had a brilliant time in the Armageddon room. So much fun for with the whole family. Measures are in place for social distancing and keeping to set guidelines in line with Covid 19. Definitely time to swap LockDown for LockHouse Games. Thank you so much!!

  30. Laura McGonigle (verified owner)

    We had a great time! Really good puzzles. Our GM Fred was enthusiastic, encouraging, and really made the experience!

  31. Rachael Roberts (verified owner)

    Excellent fun with friends!!!

  32. lorenzo barba (verified owner)

    Helen was a great gamemaster both times we had her me and my mates loved the whole experience and I will be recommending it to all of my friends

  33. Karin Eklund (verified owner)

    Perfect my 12 olds birthday party. Very well organised and boys had a great time.

  34. Kathleen Johnson (verified owner)

    We were having a leaving party, all 6 of us had a great time in the room and the staff member leading the experience was very helpful and good at setting the scene.

  35. Olivera Catic (verified owner)

    The Armageddon room was quite tricky and our group needed lots of clues to finish, but it was really fun. The puzzles were clever and varied. The host is very friendly.

  36. Christof Douma (verified owner)

    Lots of enthusiasm from the guide and the beautifully themed room really set the scene. The storyline and well made puzzles were really great. A nice mixture of challenging and more simpler puzzles. Thanks for the great time!

  37. Kelly Baker (verified owner)

    The experience starts from the moment you arrive, great staff, excellent entertainment!

  38. Graham Johnston (verified owner)

    Great time, we all really enjoyed it and Helen was a fantastic host

  39. Lubos Michalic (verified owner)

    Awesome time!

  40. Josephine Costello (verified owner)

    Another brilliant set of puzzles, it really takes all kinds of brains to work this one out and teamwork is so important. Thoroughly enjoyed this room with my team, can’t wait to do the next one!

  41. Helen Walkey (verified owner)

    A really fun family experience!

  42. Heather Dance (verified owner)

    Great time – didn’t get out but had a fab time but been haunted by one of the clues that was so simple now I know the answer!

  43. Elise Hunter (verified owner)

    We had a wonderful time completeing the escape room. Some of the puzzles were really well done and impressed me, and I loved how intereactive some were. The staff were wonderful too and I love how much effort they put in to make the experience immersive.

  44. Karina Arrowsmith (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic (just shy) of an hour’s entertainment running around solving clues – what to come back and do the others

  45. Adam Ihm (verified owner)

    First time doing a room at LockHouse. Totally immersive experience! Our group had a blast! Definitely planning on trying the other two rooms in the future!

  46. Amanda Grover (verified owner)

    A very fun and enjoyable time. Very well planned

  47. Rebecca Saveall-Green (verified owner)

    The team had a great time in the Armageddon room, and really enjoyed themselves. The puzzles were just the right level of challenging, and they really appreciated the support from the staff member assisting them.

  48. Elaine Hallam (verified owner)

    Had a great time trying to get out before our other team in secret Agent. We didn’t do it!!!!!!

  49. Katie Wong (verified owner)

    Had a great time solving puzzles to escape the room! Brilliant fun for all ages, my daughter loved her first experience in an escape room, highly recommended! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  50. M Saramin (verified owner)

    Boys had brilliant fun, staff was welcoming and approachable. Having all the vintage games to play with before starting was an extra bonus!

  51. Susan Bedlow (verified owner)

    Great game

  52. Toby Proctor (verified owner)

    Great fun! The host was awesome aswell!

  53. Chloe Richardson (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic time playing the game Armageddon. We thought the puzzles were really fun, and the room itself was well thought out. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting a different night out. Our game master Alexi was also an excellent host, and we both loved the accent! Thanks again!

  54. Tiffany Harrison (verified owner)

    A great birthday treat, they all enjoyed.

  55. Amy Burtenshaw (verified owner)

    The Armageddon game is really good and so much fun! It tests your abilities but is great when you’ve worked it all out! It’s so much fun to do in a big group, but would work just aswell with smaller groups! The staff are lovely and so friendly! Would recommend to anyone!

  56. Laurence Timms (verified owner)

    Excellent fun, with a great mixture of puzzles and challenges. Loved the intro from the mad prof!

  57. Diana Infanti (verified owner)

    Difficult but Brilliant fun. We should have realised that all items were important. We’ll do better next time!!

  58. Douglas Kelly (verified owner)

    Great room for a larger group

  59. Julie Duncan (verified owner)

    We loved the Armageddon escape game, which was a real team effort (2 adults and 2 children) to complete. Harry was an excellent mad scientist and host.

    Pricier than a trip to the cinema or other similar activities, but definitely lots more fun. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes cracking codes, solving clues and running around panicking!

    We’re going to do the Egyptian tomb one next!

  60. Keith Black (verified owner)

    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
    If you get into the spirit of the game it’s funny how the hour soon ticks away and your competitive side comes out because you don’t want to lose.

  61. Colin smith (verified owner)

    First Escape game and it didnt disappoint, Fred was fantastic as our games master. Price: we paid £80 not the £66.67 shown above, however it didnt put us off. We had two children with us that paid as adults which we thought steep but nonetheless we had a fantastic time.

  62. Kate McCorquodale (verified owner)

    Enjoyable and there could have been a greater variety in clues.

  63. Karen Croft (verified owner)

    Had a really great game & got out with 2 mins 15 seconds spare!!
    Our game master Helen was very enthusiastic & helpful with the few clues we needed…
    Overall we would come back to try out the other rooms too!!

  64. Jamie Huckle (verified owner)

    I forget the guys name but he was amazing a credit to your company – we had a blast plus saved the world

  65. Jenny Stevens (verified owner)

    Had a really fun hour (well, 49 minutes!) saving the world. Was my first escape room and definitely made me want to do more. Hope I enjoy them all as much as this.

  66. Vernay Collings (verified owner)

    Total immersive fun! Fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

  67. ISABELLA HENMAN (verified owner)

    we actually found this one harder but maybe we were being daft. well designed and Dr Hoogenstrauber ? (part of the perenially out to lunch scientists) was great as we (shame of shames) needed a few hints.

  68. Naomi Matthews (verified owner)

    Great fun, will be returning to do the other rooms

  69. Kathryn Booth (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience. Fred was wonderful.

  70. Tom Jenkins (verified owner)

    We had a great time playing Armageddon on Saturday. It was quite a hard room! Really fun though and we will definitely be back to play the other games. It is very central in Cambridge which is great

  71. Tom Ringer (verified owner)

    6 x 12yr olds loved it.

  72. Julie Herron (verified owner)

    Great fun. Pleased because escaped but it was tense/exciting all the way through.

  73. Drake (verified owner)

    Great fun and really great and kind host, will definitely recommend and come again!

  74. Oliver (verified owner)

    Great fun, really enjoyed it

  75. Melania Barile (verified owner)

    Very fun but perhaps a bit easy

  76. Helen Snell (verified owner)

    We had a great time, the escape room was fun with lots of variety

  77. Alexander Berridge (verified owner)

    Nice little room, good puzzles.

  78. Alec Christie (verified owner)

    Had a great time – James the mad scientist was great and helped us out when we needed a hint at the end.

  79. Teresa Draper (verified owner)

    My sons friends enjoyed a fab time for his birthday. The hosts were brilliant

  80. Dan Jackson (verified owner)

    Loved it! James was great as well! We’ll be back

  81. Jo Mumford (verified owner)

    Very difficult

  82. Mollie Davies (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the escape room and the lobby area also provided lots of entertainment before/afterwards. A couple of the clues in our room were not reset which caused some confusion, but apart from that we had a great evening.

  83. Bruno Magalhaes (verified owner)

    The space was too confined (2 tiny rooms). The experience was good and the animations (specially the computer interaction) was well conceived. Negative point: the whole experience is about get a key to get a key to get a code to get a key etc etc… also the state of the infrastructure lacked a bit of care that ruined the whole experience (eg we’re in a futuristic spaceship but there is a crack on the wall, a regular air conditioning or ventilation, and a bunch of “do not open, not part of experience labels” etc).

  84. Sanchia Clinton (verified owner)

    Best experience!!! Defo recommend to anyone! Such a challenge!

  85. Andrew Davison (verified owner)

    My team and I had a great time doing the room. Our gamesmaster was excellent and we are looking forward to coming back soon.

  86. Rachael Wilson (verified owner)

    We all had a great time. Saff were super friendly and enthusiasti. Will definitely be coming back for the other rooms!

  87. Da Lin Li (verified owner)

    Excellent design idea for kids. Enjoyable.

  88. Alison Gillingham (verified owner)

    Totally brilliant from start to finish. This was a birthday treat for an 11 year old and his friends. The team were fabulous and they all had an amazing time. They did need some hints to help them succeed but they were super happy that they managed to get out!

  89. Lewis Smith (verified owner)

    Great crack

  90. Karen Chandler (verified owner)

    Fun time with my teenagers… a bit expensive when one person paying.

  91. Jonathan Cornwell (verified owner)

    Great fun, great staff, great for working your brain!

  92. Eleanor Absalom (verified owner)

    So much fun! Just the right difficulty for our group of six and very well set up. Joshua was particularly scary! We played the Halloween version of Armageddon.

  93. Louise Fairclough (verified owner)

    Really great game with clues that were just the right amount of difficulty and nice subtle touches.

    The host also added to the experience by being in character. Would recommend this room!

  94. Alex Crook (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable and James was a great host.

  95. Karolina Minczuk (verified owner)

    Great way to celebrate teen boy’s birthday! LockHouse staff was amazing! thank you!!!

  96. James Matthews-Jones (verified owner)

    It was very enjoyable.

  97. Adam Maisey (verified owner)

    Had the best experience compared to any other escape room I’ve been to. The actor was very entertaining and also helped us when we got a bit lost.

  98. Claire Rush (verified owner)

    Lots of fun, a real challenge

  99. Richard Nixon (verified owner)

    My daughter and her friends had a great time. Really took care of them and made it an hour to remember.

  100. Andrea Clarke (verified owner)

    Over too quickly

  101. Jane Vandepeer (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  102. Justin Holt (verified owner)

    My first experience of an escape room, others in the team had tried them elsewhere and were pleased this was more challenging (even for a group of budding PhD scientists)

  103. Anneka De ath (verified owner)

    First one I’ve done. Good challenges to complete

  104. Khadidja Hamze (verified owner)

    It was very fun, the room is really realistic and the staff is really nice

  105. Robert Spencer (verified owner)

    We could perhaps had one or two fewer hints from the GM, but the puzzles were good, the set well made and the experience creepy and fun.

  106. Victoria Stephenson (verified owner)

    Fantastic day! the team are brilliant and accommodating . Helen was great and made the game really enjoyable. Thanks

  107. Julius Schmidt (verified owner)

    It was great fun.

  108. Andreas Kontoleon (verified owner)

    Booked for a birthday party for seven 13 year old girls. They had a great time. Perhaps seven players was a bit too many but they still enjoyed it. Would recommend.

  109. Rebecca Rose (verified owner)

    The girls had a great birthday!

  110. June Wilson (verified owner)

    This was sooooo good. One of the best escape games I have played

  111. Helen Unwin (verified owner)

    Great fun and well organised. Five stars!

  112. Pam (verified owner)

    A 16th Birthday treat and the girls really had a lovely time.

  113. Matt Hicks (verified owner)

    Great time! Best Escape house been too.

  114. Samantha Moore (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Lockhouse

  115. Gaynor Webb (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic I took my son and his friends for his 13th birthday I cannot recommendation this enough. Staff were amazing very friendly and helpful. We had a brilliant time. Will definitely be back!

  116. Stephane Forey (verified owner)

    Excellent and challenging game. Highly recommended.

  117. Richard Southwell (verified owner)

    An excellent game for an 18th birthday present

  118. James Quartly (verified owner)

    Great fun, staff are really warm and really help make this a 5 star experience!

  119. Sophie Peng (verified owner)

    Lovely staff and a really fun escape room! Would highly recommend!

  120. Andrew Bird (verified owner)

    fantastic fun!

  121. Tim Davies (verified owner)

    Very good fun great for team building

  122. Christina Radisic (verified owner)

    Great fun and some nice puzzles with a great looking set. Started off in a panic due to the acting to get us set up and started, would be better to just ease us in as there is plenty of time to solve the puzzles and save the world without any panic.

    Also the end was little bit of a let down and anti-climax, great effects and feeling of something was happening but no real fireworks or final conclusion.

    Would recommend this room to anyone who loves puzzles and escape rooms as overall we loved it and will definitely be doing your other rooms soon.

  123. Julia Bradley (verified owner)

    My son and his friends had a great time. He will be back…

  124. Toria Farrell (verified owner)

    The Armageddon room was set up well with plenty of atmosphere and jeopody and some nice puzzle touches to keep a team of techies on their toes. Couldn’t give a 5 because unfortunately a technical fault at the end meant that although we had successfully completed the game a member of staff had to manually set off the rocket. At first we thought that finding a screwdriver to open the panel was part of the game but alas, alack it wasn’t. The game was a bit broken so it was an anticlimax. A bit of maintenance required fellas but other than that it was fun.

  125. Lisa Seymour (verified owner)

    Brilliant game, lots of fun. Only niggle would be the lack of explanation at the beginning. Other companies I’ve been to have sat us down at the beginning and explained a few rules and what to do if we need help etc there was none of that at lockhouse which made it a bit confusing at the start, especially for those in the group who hadn’t done them before. But on a whole I would recommend the experience, we had great fun.

  126. Simon Fraser (verified owner)

    A fun evening, and very friendly staff

  127. Katie Pryor (verified owner)

    Great fun, staff were funny and pleasant. Had never done an escape room before but I definitely want to come back and try the others. It was challenging but not too difficult!

  128. Stephanie Atkins (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time, absolutely loved it! Not horridly difficult but enough to challenge the mind. Thank you 😀

  129. Clare Copeland (verified owner)

    It was our first time trying an escape room and it was great fun. Would highly recommend as an activity to do as a family with young teenagers.

  130. Sam Bates (verified owner)

    Really good fun – and the staff were friendly and entertaining. Would recommend!

  131. Eric Taylor (verified owner)

    The challenges were very clever and well thought out! Had an amazing time!

  132. Kieran White (verified owner)


  133. Cat (verified owner)

    We had 2 novices and 3 people who had played escape rooms before and everyone had a great time, the staff are brilliant.

  134. Alison Child (verified owner)

    Very fun and challenging, had an absolute blast thanks to the incredible team! Will definitely be returning soon!!

  135. Stuart Umney (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  136. Julian Ray (verified owner)

    Great fun

  137. Tanya Love (verified owner)

    The whole family played a part and had lots of thinking to do. Everyone felt they’d contributed. A great birthday treat out.

  138. Quentin Peter (verified owner)

    Great game! But the ram puzzle didn’t have a good contact (I had to fiddle with it a while to get the red light to turn on).

  139. Virginie Uhlmann (verified owner)

    Very nice room setting and classic escape game tricks. We would have enjoyed some “debrief” with the game master at the end though. It felt a bit dry to exit the room on our own, have a funny photo taken, being told thanks and simply leave like that.

  140. Ben Foster (verified owner)

    It was fantastic, some of the puzzles were extremely challenging and when one of our team turned up late and another had to cancel due to train issues they started the game slightly late and refunded me for the person who didn’t arrive. Fantastic customer service and the “Mad professor” was an excellent games master

  141. Louise Modis (verified owner)

    Great fun for my girls (9-12). Perfect level of hints to enable a successful escape!

  142. Geeta Palmer (verified owner)

    Great fun, harder than we expected so we needed some help. Would recommend.

  143. Richard Carter (verified owner)

    Brilliant, lovely staff and great immersion!!

  144. Fenna Hasche (verified owner)

    Really fun! Got hints when requested, especially when we were really stuck. Would recommend!

  145. Emma Temple (verified owner)

    My sister and I had a fantastic time!!

  146. Toni Clarkstone (verified owner)

    Fantastic great hosts

  147. Mark Godfrey (verified owner)

    We had a great time!

  148. Marie McEntee (verified owner)

    Very well thought out escape room with pretty cool props, and very enthusiastic staff!!!! Hugely enjoyed!

  149. lewis bower (verified owner)

    Fun times ..!!! Would recommend and return ..

  150. Luke Crossman (verified owner)

    Was an awesome room. Looking forward to trying the others

  151. Lucy Brown (verified owner)

    Fun experience

  152. Caroline (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience really good fun for all ages !! We managed to get out with 7 minutes to spare

  153. Mandar Nigdikar (verified owner)

    Lovely staff and a great game

  154. Tamas Patrik Fene (verified owner)

    The overall setup and theme is really well presented, we had a great time.
    The only problem, that we got no help until we were in for 40 minutes, even though we waved for the camera and knocked on the door, but this did not ruin our experience as we got plenty of help afterwards. Can only recommend and definitely going to revisit with some friends later on!

  155. Danielle Phillimore (verified owner)

    The host was a lot of fun, really enjoyed the room and we beat the time record!

  156. Rocio Martinez Guillan (verified owner)

    We went to the escape room for a team-building experience. None of us had been to one before and it was a great choice, our game master was really fun and helped us to have a great time!

  157. Isabel Overton (verified owner)


  158. Angela Beaver (verified owner)

    Really good

  159. Chris Toffis (verified owner)

    If you like Escape Rooms, you’ll love this!

  160. stacey soffe (verified owner)

    This was our first escape room and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff are lovely and the game was great fun. Lockhouse games exudes fun as soon as you walk through the doors, even from the instructions and rules that are given. I would definitely go back.

  161. Alison Newell (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable experience

  162. June Gabriel (verified owner)

    Great game. Good puzzles

  163. Melanie Morton (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience!! Very friendly staff and good fun!

  164. Rachael Bennett (verified owner)

    The room was fun

  165. David Bell (verified owner)

    Hard for 1 st timers, but enjoyable & would play again

  166. Andrea Luppi (verified owner)

    A lot of fun, well balanced difficulty

  167. Tracey Clayton (verified owner)

    About £25 more expensive for 5 of us though than other escape rooms we have done.

  168. Rachel Rowe (verified owner)

    My husband and I had such a great time doing the Armaggedon room as our first experience of an escape room. We thought the story and the puzzles had been really well thought through, and we really got into it as it went on. I was sorry when it came to an end! We will definitely be coming again to try the other rooms.

  169. Kathryn Gill (verified owner)

    I did not play this game, but my friends really enjoyed it

  170. Laura Huggett (verified owner)

    I didn’t personally play this room but the second group I was with said the room was great fun!

  171. Matt Greene (verified owner)

    We had a great time thanks!

  172. Corina Oancea (verified owner)

    Great game, kept everyone busy

  173. Hannah Walker (verified owner)

    We had a great time, for most of us it was our first time in an escape room, and we loved the twists and puzzles. So much fun- would highly recommend and want to come back and do more!

  174. Josh Ison (verified owner)

    Great fun really interesting puzzles

  175. Samantha Driscoll (verified owner)

    Fab team work, brain puzzling escape room.

  176. Alex Button (verified owner)

    Staff were great fun, game was suitably tricky and rewarding

  177. Craig Atlas (verified owner)

    I didn’t take part in this room, the other half of my team did – but the feedback was very positive

  178. Alex Salter (verified owner)

    Excellent game and really liked how you could personalise it with it with quotes that were unique to our group

  179. Kerry Edwards

    One member of our party had already done Armageddon therefore we changed rooms and did the secret agent room instead. Initially the room was a little dark, until we found the light switch (which says a lot for our investigative skills)! However, we soon got into the swing of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. We even managed a very respectable time of 44 minutes which we were very pleased with. Our ‘guide’ was very enthusiastic which added to the experience to make it really good fun and enjoyable. We also liked the games available in the reception area. Would highly recommend LockHouse Games.

  180. Anne Bannell (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this – will come back to do another one!

  181. Claire Baxter (verified owner)

    Another great time at LockHouse Games. This time we did the Armageddon room and we really enjoyed it. Lots of codes/keys to find which would help you move through the room and save the world!

  182. Brooke Mara (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable

  183. Mary Quantrill (verified owner)

    Loved it!

  184. Jacquie Scoot (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable family activity, everyone had a great time – and we saved the world from destruction, hurrah!

  185. Steven Boddy (verified owner)


  186. james marchant (verified owner)

    Great birthday experience for twin 12 year old boys. We had a mixed age group of 6 of us from 7 to 77 doing the Armageddon experience and we all loved loved loved it.

  187. Kate Short (verified owner)

    Really good fun.

  188. Ella Ramsay (verified owner)

    Really fun except the safe didn’t open so someone had to come in to fix it

  189. Julia Lawrence (verified owner)


  190. Alan Witt (verified owner)

    Game was fun but dropped a point off you for slightly too pricey

  191. Naomi Rayner (verified owner)

    Excellent. Only suggestion would be that when we asked for help with 16 minutes to go, they should have perhaps prompted us to keep trying, since we hadn’t realised there was only one clue to go and if we’d just been given a nudge towards it, rather than a fairly enormous bump, we would have probably solved it on our own and felt a little more satisfied…but generally super fun – our ages ranged from 7 to nearly 50, and we all loved it.

  192. claire brackley (verified owner)

    Such a fun challenge. Throughly enjoyed. We will be back again 🙂

  193. Chloe Davies (verified owner)

    Had a great time. Staff fantastic

  194. Fiona Bulmer (verified owner)

    We played Armageddon as a family group – took the youngest members of the party a little while to settle into it (the room is less visually stimulating than some we’ve visited for younger visitors, but this is in keeping with the theme) nevertheless they impressed us with their ideas. We had a lot of help but we did get out! Great room with a good variety of puzzles. Brilliant quirky venue & fantastic staff. We’ll be back!

  195. Carl Manning (verified owner)

    First time doing an escape room and was very pleased with the set up and interaction. My kids really enjoyed it also and was able to participate.

  196. V Vinayagamoorthy (verified owner)

    Had great fun at LockHouse. Staff were friendly and helpful.

  197. Lauren Threadgold (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant!! We had the best time and Jo was great 🙂

  198. clair robins (verified owner)

    Great fun, never tried anything like this before. Found some of the tasks quite tricky, but in the future will be better informed of how to approach the challenges. Would certainly try a different scenario – we escaped but did have a lot of assistance !

  199. Glenn Myers (verified owner)

    Good fun

  200. Emma Young (verified owner)

    Great all round experiance. Harry the host (and mad scientist!!) was very good. 2 of us had never done a lock room before and explained everything really well. Great character when taking us into the room and thanks for the 2 hints!
    We did the Armageddon room, which was really good. Loads of tasks, with lots of different things to do and work out.
    The three of us really enjoyed it and will be back to do the other 2 rooms soon. Thanks Harry for being the perfect host!

  201. Yuewei Wei (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!!! Amazing setting, amazing staff, definitely recommended.

  202. Nikita Frampton (verified owner)

    Fun and perfectly pitched.

  203. Steph Burwitz (verified owner)

    Great experience. This was my second time at the Lockhouse. Mary set the scene with the game and got us all into character!

  204. Katherine Hesketh (verified owner)

    We loved this escape room! We’ve only ever played as part of a larger team before so that aspect was challenging, but it made it even more thrilling when we escaped with a few minutes to spare!

  205. Darren Sharpe (verified owner)

    Great fun and also challenging. We’ll definitely come back to play the other games!

  206. Elizabeth Miller (verified owner)

    We had a great time – got puzzled by the puzzles and needed some hints, but enjoyed it thoroughly.

  207. Emily Glover (verified owner)

    Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

  208. Renee Campbell (verified owner)

    Great game!

  209. Sian Hammond (verified owner)

    Good features hard to figure out

  210. Tom Clarke (verified owner)

    Awesome Fun and a great escape room with new and different clues!

  211. Colin Braysher (verified owner)

    Great game and great fun. We were well looked after by Jo

  212. Chelsea Pountney (verified owner)

    The girls absolutely loved this game and had a great time! Thank you

  213. Leire Escudero (verified owner)


  214. Cambridge Assessment (verified owner)

    The team enjoyed it

  215. Clare Lawrence (verified owner)

    We all had a fantastic experience at the Lockhouse and the staff interaciton was a great addittion to the whole experience, great day :-).

  216. Megan Bidecant (verified owner)

    Fantastic room! Lovely people. Catered well for our hen group!!! Will definitely be going back!

  217. Jo Roach (verified owner)

    Harry created a good atmosphere.

  218. Hazel Church (verified owner)

    It was all great fun and we really enjoyed the experience – the only issue was that one circuit didn’t quite work due to a loose connection.

  219. Jacob Jackers (verified owner)

    Very good, slightly expensive

  220. Mark Shields (verified owner)

    A great room and Harry was excellent!

  221. Linda Kennard (verified owner)

    We saved the world!! Thanks in no small part to Prof Helga von Bungler, aka Mary, who fed us clues and encouragement when we needed them.
    The whole place has a fun atmosphere and we enjoyed our visit very much. Hoping to return to try the other games before too long.

  222. SUE COX (verified owner)

    Testing, excellently hosted we can’t wait to do again

  223. Diane Hunwick (verified owner)

    We had a great time. It’s was our first escape game and it definitely won’t be our last. Highly recommended

  224. Paula Eavis (verified owner)

    First time escape room and it was great!

  225. (verified owner)

    The game was greatly enjoyed by our teenage Spanish guests

  226. Andrew Fletcher (verified owner)

    Armageddon was good fun, we all enjoyed it. Our only 2 sticking points were the time zone code and the fan that needed turning off.

  227. Pamela Beale (verified owner)

    This was our first Escape Room experience. We had a great time and would certainly do another one.

  228. Royston Shufflebotham (verified owner)

    We went as a birthday party for a bunch of fairly excited teen girls. There was a slight technical hitch with the room 5 minutes before the end which caused a little bit of confusion, but it was handled it well and we had an *excellent* time overall!

  229. Alison Taylor (verified owner)

    We booked Lockhouse for a 13th birthday party and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, thank you, especially to Sian who helped us on the day

  230. Joanna Thurston (verified owner)

    Everyone had a great time and the staff were fab!

  231. Guadalupe (verified owner)

    Excellent game, just as the other two!! We totally love it!!

  232. Stuart Heath (verified owner)

    Staff were friendly, helpful and very enthusiastic which made the experience even better by their commitment. The room itself was exciting with various puzzles and different approaches to solve each one.

  233. Octavia Harwood (verified owner)

    Staff were wonderful dealing with children involved

  234. Ben Gibbs (verified owner)

    My daughter and her party loved the game, and I was really impressed with the organisation and Lockhouse team. Many thanks!

  235. Tim Scott (verified owner)

    My daughter and her friends had a fantastic time – thank you.

  236. CHRIS NEILD (verified owner)

    Great fun

  237. Jessica Stanbridge (verified owner)

    Amazing, we absolutely loved it and couldn’t have asked for nicer and funnier hosts.

  238. Aishaa Ahmed (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time. The game was fun and the puzzles were awesome. Cannot wait to come back and try the other rooms!

  239. Paul Weinling (verified owner)

    Excellent experience. Can’t wait to play another one.

  240. Madeleine Fiacco (verified owner)

    Great fun for us all (youngest age 13) and good support from the Lockhouse Team!

  241. Philip Rodgers (verified owner)

    More fun than I was expecting!

  242. Menna Easton (verified owner)

    Perfect birthday treat – they loved the whole experience

  243. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good experience

  244. Sarah Woodrow (verified owner)

    It was really fun! The best part was the gamesmaster Alexis who was hilarious , friendly and helpful. Was lots more theatrical than other games we’ve done. Definitely one of the best things you can do in Cambridge.

  245. Charles Cousins (verified owner)

    Fantastic! First time doing an escape room, we had a great time. I would recommend doing it and we will definitely be back to do the others!

  246. Elizabeth Dawson (verified owner)

    Fantastic game for the whole family! The team at LockHouse were so friendly and lovely and they really got into character. Was a brilliant afternoon activity

  247. Andrew Yates (verified owner)

    We felt that the game was well acted by Fred and the props used added to the look and feel of a missile base. We did find the game a little too easy and sometimes we were given clues not when we asked for them. We think we might have been able to do it in the time without these prompts.

    In truth the difficulty of the puzzles may have more to do with our prior experience with escape rooms and we intentionally went for the easy room because it was the first time we’d done this as a two person team.

    Overall we did enjoy the game and the hosting of Fred and how welcomed all the staff made us feel. We would really like to come back for the secret agent room

  248. Matt Newman (verified owner)

    Had done this before a few years ago, so lacked surprise for me. Staff interaction was great though 😀

  249. Amanda Coton (verified owner)

    Really good fun from start to finish. Guys that run it are kind and help you out when stuck. Enjoyed as a birthday night out and would definitely do again. Time went quickly.

  250. Annette miers (verified owner)

    Great fun made all the better by Alexi

  251. Chris Game (verified owner)

    Excellent family fun. We loved it.

  252. NORTH POLE ICE RINK (verified owner)

    Best escape room we have ever been too. Big thanks to Michael who was fantastic.

  253. Aisha Ashraf (verified owner)

    Family of ten in throughly enjoyed the experience of the Secret agent and Armageddon room. Lovely friendly atmosphere. Great time had by all.

  254. Richard Barber (verified owner)


  255. Miranda Smith (verified owner)

    It was a great family treat.

  256. Denise Marshall (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable family activity

  257. Natasha Armstrong (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant fun! Went with the family ranging from 14-76 and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

  258. Ian Parker (verified owner)

    Fantastic way to spend an hour! Whole family enjoyed it, very cleverly done and no arguments!

  259. Didier Letertre (verified owner)

    Had a very good time managing to Swave zi world…

  260. Sharon Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Fab fun for all the family!

  261. Kirsty Elvin (verified owner)

    The team really enjoyed it!

  262. wayne smith (verified owner)

    Excellent night out

  263. Sally Hope (verified owner)

    loved the mad professor!

  264. Katharine Barnes (verified owner)

    My daughter had a great time celebrating her 14th birthday with 5 friends. It was great to see them working together to solve all the puzzles.

  265. Esther Momcilovic (verified owner)

    Brilliant fun.

  266. Sonja Dunbar (verified owner)

    We booked this room for friends of ours who are also keen on puzzle solving – delighted to say that just as we had, they had an excellent time!

  267. Gavin Bell (verified owner)

    Chris was amazing, he made the experience even better

  268. Mikaela Behm (verified owner)

    Great room!!

  269. Shelley Brown (verified owner)

    Game was good but expensive compared to other escapes I have done.

  270. Victor Gil Lopez (verified owner)

    Good experience. We had good fun.

  271. Lucy Crosby (verified owner)

    Fun but probably not as challenging as we’d hoped!

  272. Luci Titchmarsh (verified owner)


  273. Jane O’Hagan (verified owner)

    Great game

  274. Mikaela Argyriadou (verified owner)

    Would like the level of difficulty to be a little bit higher. But it was fun overall

  275. Mark Parish (verified owner)

    We finished in 30 minutes. Was over quickly.

  276. David Johnstone (verified owner)

    We got it as a gift for our parents they found the experience really good, and recommended it highly

  277. David Seely (verified owner)

    A very enjoyable afternoon and it was great fun. The staff were great and we all had a fantastic time

  278. Natalie Ellis (verified owner)

    We visited LockHouse: Cambridge Escape Games as a leaving do activity for a colleague and had the best time! Totally gripping, and everyone was fully immersed – thank you!

  279. Gillian Manser (verified owner)

    First time doing this type of entertainment so unsure what to expect. All family thoroughly enjoyed Armageddon and looking forward to experiencing other scenarios in the future. Will recommend.

  280. Jason Kaye

    Great experience. A mixture of excitement and frustration as our team did not ultimately manage to escape despite being given several clues. However, the thought process going into the parts we did solve was exhausting and at the same time very satisfying. We would definitley play again. Great value for money and a superb team-building excercise.

  281. Jules Langlois (verified owner)

    Had an amazing time, challenging puzzles and very warm and friendly staff. 10/10.

  282. Adam Walmsley (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed game. Staff added value to the experience.

  283. Jill Hyde (verified owner)

    Great fun. Only just made it out in time!

  284. Sat Vinder (verified owner)

    I heard good feedback and the team generally seemed to enjoy it. That is good as the team were generally new to the Escape Room concept. However, no direct feedback.

  285. Gary Frear (verified owner)

    Everyone enjoyed the experience

  286. Katherine Burton (verified owner)

    Good fun. Thank you.

  287. Sue Hill (verified owner)

    Great fun to do with a group of friends! Great value for money and all went very smoothly. Thanks

  288. David Ball (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed by all the party. All the puzzles were great fun to work out

  289. Kate Scoffings (verified owner)

    A great time! We particularly loved the helpful scientists who kept getting picked off as we failed to get rid of the zombies. But we managed in the end!

  290. Abigail Evans (verified owner)

    Great way to prove that we are a great team! Would recommend to all as a fun way to spend an hour!

  291. Marcia butte (verified owner)

    Our team has not stopped talking about how amazing our day of play with you guys and the experience in this room! We had a great time and everyone is planning their next trip!

  292. Rebecca Lyon (verified owner)

    Brilliant game – not easy and we needed a few hints but we managed to get out of the room. The design was very immersive. Our games master Fred was fantastic and really added to the atmosphere.

  293. Graeme Bridges (verified owner)

    Boys enjoyed it. Liked the banter with Fred the facilitator

  294. Andrew Harrison (verified owner)

    Loved the challenge of the game. Having done a few escape rooms, it was good to see a couple of new puzzles of a type I hadn’t seen before.
    Alexi was also great fun and really added to the experience. The amateur dramatics and his sense of humour were fab… Nice one Alexi !

  295. Scott Lowe (verified owner)

    A great game and it was thoroughly enjoyed by our whole team. Alexi was especially great as our zombie!

  296. Jacob Gorman (verified owner)

    Me and my sisters had a really good time. Harry, the guy taking care of us was really enthusiastic and made it fun even when we got a bit stuck. Will go again soon!

  297. Lousia Bellis (verified owner)


  298. Emma Chitty (verified owner)

    Really fun, trickier than ones we have done before so was a good challenge. The gamesmaster Harry was fab and really kept up the mood of the game

  299. Heidi Preston (verified owner)

    Great game and Mary was so enthusiastic. I would have preferred it not be Halloween themed (wasn’t told at time of booking).

  300. Simon Kemp (verified owner)

    Brilliant for newbies with just the right level of difficulty and support at exactly the right time. Well worth an attempt.

  301. Keena McKillen (verified owner)

    Kids loved it

  302. Mick Edwards (verified owner)

    The team had an enjoyable and nail biting time in the Armageddon room.

  303. Tracy Cook (verified owner)

    Great fun!

  304. Callum Williams (verified owner)

    Had a brilliant time me and my friends loved it hard but fun will deffently be returning.

  305. Raj Gandhi (verified owner)

    Lots of fun, well set up and thought through, very entertaining staff in character. Great experience!

  306. Hollie Abbott (verified owner)

    We had a great game and loved Armageddon. A great mix of puzzles and variety of difficulty too. We’d all definitely come again!

  307. Nicola Thomas (verified owner)

    Fabulous fun!

  308. Stephanie Snell (verified owner)

    Excellent, a real challenge and so fun!

  309. Robyn Gribble (verified owner)

    Brilliant escape room – difficult with 2 people but we managed to escape in the end!

  310. Lynn Dunn (verified owner)

    Booked ‘Armageddon’ as a 16th Birthday treat for my daughter. She and her friends had a fabulous time and ……….. they escaped!!

  311. Ian Simpson (verified owner)

    Excellent game & we escaped in 53 minutes.

  312. Lisa Clark

    Thought provoking challenge, and fun

  313. Bishara Marzook (verified owner)

    Fred was great! Had a fun time.

  314. Kathryn Barnes (verified owner)

    Got us thinking outside the box! Ben was brilliant to get us excited for the challenge ahead! Would definitely recommend!

  315. Molly Prior (verified owner)


  316. Diane Johnson (verified owner)

    First time doing this. Really enjoyed the experience. Thought the mad scientist was very funny.

  317. Chris Cant (verified owner)

    Awesome host. Had a great time!

  318. Emma Cotton (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant hour! Well worth it.

  319. Samuel Pickard (verified owner)

    Really atmospheric game with some props and components. Holds together well as an experience, but little indication of how far through the escape you are.

  320. Keren Mallinson (verified owner)

    Will come again

  321. Kalem Postell (verified owner)

    Fred was the best

  322. Danny Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent, thank you all very much. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

  323. Nathanael Fijalkow (verified owner)

    Great experience!

  324. Michelle Ecclestone (verified owner)

    Great fun

  325. Adam Marsh (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the game, great for beginners to escape rooms!

  326. Ellen Taylor (verified owner)

    Entire family, aged 11,13 and parents, had a marvellous time. Fred was on hand (and very entertains) if we needed any hints. Loved it, and we will return to do the other rooms.

  327. Jackie Phelps (verified owner)

    Great activity for school friends

  328. Guy Sims (verified owner)

    Fred was great.

  329. Caroline Fox (verified owner)

    Excellent fun!

  330. James Middleton (verified owner)

    Such a fun experience, the team was really dedicated to making my daughter and her friends have a good time. The team knew just the right amount of hints to give so you still solve it in time but you still are enjoying yourself!!! Thank you so much Lockhouse!!!

  331. Tracy Aggett (verified owner)

    It was really good fun, we did this as a family and it was great to see everyone using their own skills and interact together

  332. Ross Armorgie (verified owner)


  333. Amy Ali (verified owner)

    We had a great time and will definitely return soon to take on another room! Alexi was a great part of the experience. Highly recommended for a fun experience!

  334. glynn evans (verified owner)


  335. Steve Revill (verified owner)

    Great fun. A couple more puzzles and a couple less padlocks would make this a 5. 🙂

  336. Egle Siauciliene (verified owner)

    It was more difficult than we thought, but great fun anyway. Staff really nice and helpfull. I will highly recommend!

  337. Trudy Hill (verified owner)

    Our first time doing an escape room and it was great fun, Fred (our mad scientist) made it fun and interesting and was a great help when we just weren’t getting things!!! Would definitely do another room.

  338. Paul Fitzharris (verified owner)

    Excellent fun, really good mix of challenges. Made it out with 3 mins left. Great plot. Thanks

  339. Keith Shorten (verified owner)

    Great fun and the right level for us novices!

  340. Rachel Bennett (verified owner)


  341. Ali Browne (verified owner)

    A great experience – where everyone could be involved. Helpful ‘games master ‘ who managed to guide us through without making us feel stupid!

  342. David Ogilvie (verified owner)

    We — a family of five, with children aged 15, 10 and 10 — thoroughly enjoyed this escape room. It was quite challenging, but we managed to solve it within the hour with a few hints along the way.

  343. Ann Snaith (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant time in Armageddon. It was our first time in an escape room so were not really sure what to expect. Our games master was excellent. We will definitely return!

  344. Holly Jacklin (verified owner)

    We had such a fun time, it was a brilliant experience. It was much more challenging than we expected but Harry was able to give us enough small clues to keep the game moving without ruining it. Loved his role playing too! Will definitely return soon to try another room!

  345. Richard Colledge (verified owner)

    fun fun fun

  346. Joy Moseley (verified owner)

    Wedid it! Only just, but enjoyed it very much.

  347. William Riddle (verified owner)

    Armageddon was an amazing room with great puzzles! While this was marketed as the “easiest” room, it was still challenging enough to keep us interested! Once again, Harry was a great game master and kept us moving along at a great pace! We were only about 1 minute off the record time…next time for sure…

  348. Neil Gibbs (verified owner)

    Great game and a fantastic host, who had the patience of a saint to put up with our numptiness. Puzzles were pitched well, with the ones we didn’t solve being at the ‘why didn’t we think of that’ level. The story was good and the setting great. A really good intro into the world of escape rooms.

  349. Alysha Hamilton (verified owner)

    Brillant time. Harry was fantastic and really got us into the game. Would definately go back

  350. Mary Brooke (verified owner)

    Stimulating and different

  351. Alexandra Hughes (verified owner)


  352. Alexander Johnston (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it very much, despite our relatively poor performance. Staff were friendly, and provided just the right level of support- would heartily recommend

  353. Dan Bird (verified owner)

    Tough but really good. Loved the character showing us around.

  354. Meredyth Rodgers (verified owner)

    Well run and we had a great time. We will be back to try secret agent!

  355. Alastair Douglass (verified owner)

    Had a great time, really well run and a good laugh!

  356. Catherine Bool (verified owner)

    Had a really great time even though we didn’t manage to save the world. Found the clues really hard to solve but we all had a good laugh. Can’t wait to book our next experience with something a bit easier

  357. Edith Harrison (verified owner)

    First escape room experience. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommend. Would come again to try another scenario.

  358. (verified owner)

    Amazing fun – the right level of difficulty and harry was a great host and help

  359. Deborah Pope (verified owner)

    The people in our group didn’t all know each other, and it was a brilliant way to gel and just lots of fun.

  360. Emma Marron

    Great challenges and a wonderful team building session!

  361. Dan Hancy

    The kids in the other 1/2 of the party enjoyed themselves immensely and saved the day with 75 seconds to spare! They want to return and try the other rooms too. Big thank you to all the staff.

  362. Pascaline hurel (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! thank you so much, boys really enjoyed and had fun!

  363. Mohamad Fatha (verified owner)

    A great experience that I recommend, we all loved it. Thank you LockHouse Escape Games !

  364. Jessica Di Gesso (verified owner)

    We had so much fun – thanks!

  365. Carl Plane (verified owner)


  366. Aiyesha Husain (verified owner)

    Good fun for everyone

  367. Megan Paterson (verified owner)

    The team enjoyed this thoroughly, and we had some good laughs on the way. We would be looking at doing Escape rooms again.

  368. Julie Ball (verified owner)

    We were really caught up in solving the clues and had a thoroughly good time.

  369. Adrian Pevley (verified owner)

    Fantastic staff, even after falling over Fred still managed to stay in character. Was a fair amount of hints given without being asked that made it a tad bit easy.

  370. Grace Lucas (verified owner)

    So much fun!

  371. Alex Farmer (verified owner)

    So much fun, will definitely be going again

  372. Tony Pyle (verified owner)

    Great game, great experience, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Very impressed with the way the game master handled the game. He gave just the right level of gentle prods for us – we escaped with almost no clues!!

  373. Danielle Parmenter (verified owner)

    The 4 of us had a brilliant time! And are already planning to go back. The staff were friendly and enthusiastic and the room was challenging enough to keep us entertained without being too difficult.

  374. Blake Ratliff (verified owner)

    My friends and I played the Armageddon room as a final mates’ day out before we all part ways and move to different countries. We had a fantastic time – more fun than we thought we would – and would like to thank the friendly and enthusiastic staff at Lockhouse for making sure we had a great day!

  375. Fran Rolfe (verified owner)

    Loads of fun and the kids loved it. Had a bit of help so there were no tears!

  376. Karen Phillips (verified owner)

    Great fun. Really friendly and helpful staff.

  377. James Gard (verified owner)


  378. TINA JACOBS (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience for our group of 5 (aged 22 to 71). Engaging, thought provoking and encouraged team work. Some of it was harder and yet should have been obvious at times and it was satisfying when we solved the room to save the world!
    Would definitely recommend this activity – we can’t wait to go back to try another room 🙂

  379. Donna Stacey (verified owner)

    Brilliant game Alexi our host was awesome

  380. Pamela Kite (verified owner)

    Our first time at something like this and we all enjoyed it. We were very thankful for the hints and help and I’m not sure we could have saved the world without them!

  381. Kim Green (verified owner)

    We all enjoyed it!

  382. Shree Patel (verified owner)

    We held a birthday Escape Room for our daughter and 5 friends, they loved it!!! They loved the Escape Room, the games and the overall experience. The team there were generous with their time, their humour and their space. Thank you for making it an unforgettable experience for first time ‘escapees’. We will be returning, again and again! Highly recommended.

  383. Anna Hollander (verified owner)

    It was so much fun! First time we did an escape room and Harry was such a great host. He really got into his role which made the experience even more real. 🙂

  384. Stephanie Williams (verified owner)

    Such a great experience and will definitely be back. Alexi, our games master, was brilliant 🙂

  385. CHRISTOPHER Bauer (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience. Enthusiastic staff.

  386. Luke Watts

    Really enjoyed the game that we played, the enthusiasm from the staff was really well thought out and really added to the atmosphere. It was definitely harder than i thought it was going to be!

  387. Cecile Freby (verified owner)

    Amazing experience!!

  388. Katherine Knowles (verified owner)

    We loved it!! We came for a hen party and had so much fun. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  389. Dave Frost (verified owner)

    We had a great time. The staff were helpful when we got stuck but just enough to make us think about the clues in alternative ways. We would definitely recommend to friends and family. We may even come back to try another game.

  390. Elaine Lamdin (verified owner)

    Game was well thought out and even though our group had 6 people we still needed several hints to escape in time. Great fun !

  391. Sam (verified owner)

    Great fun with a little help when needed! Highly recommend Lockhouse.

  392. (verified owner)

    Excellent. First time any of us had done an escape room – great fun, great puzzles, great games master (Alexi), great experience. Thoroughly recommended.

  393. Julie Gale (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it

  394. Sarah Harper (verified owner)

    Escaped with just a minute to spare. All of the group enjoyed it!

  395. Lorna Seymour (verified owner)

    Family Day and we had a great time. Just managed to save the world in the nick of time!
    We will definitely be back to try the other experiences.

  396. Rachel Goodman (verified owner)

    Harry was an excellent host and we had a great time.

  397. Mohit Dalwadi (verified owner)

  398. Aaron Long (verified owner)

    This was amazing and a really enjoyable experience

  399. Dennis Mckenzie (verified owner)

    We all had a fantastic time, and our guide Harry was excellent and made the experience for us all, As for the game itself,once the pressure is on, all logical thought goes out the window and panic mode sets in as the clock ticks!!! would highly recommend to everyone

  400. Jason Carter (verified owner)

    Had a great time, staff played the characters well and made us feel at ease (first time players). Will definitely be back to try the other rooms.

  401. James Murphy (verified owner)

    The whole set up and story line was great fun! The escape room puzzles were well thought out and really fun to work through. We all had a great time saving the world!

  402. Judith Roberts (verified owner)

    Massive thanks for a fantastic birthday party for our girls yesterday. They thoroughly enjoyed it… Now all the girls want their parties there!!

  403. (verified owner)

    Great venue lots of fun. Perfect for a team building event! Look out for Professor Von bungler’s evil brother Ben. He is really evil.

  404. Hannah (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable, staff were friendly. I would recommend this.

  405. Dina Nayee

    My colleagues had a great time.

  406. Claire Dennis (verified owner)

    This was a brilliant game and we loved solving it together as a team!

  407. Guus Steeg (verified owner)

    The room was challenging and fun, and I like how the staff is always in costume before and during the game!

  408. (verified owner)

    Great fun, thank you!

  409. Zoe Willimott (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

  410. (verified owner)

    Brilliant! We had such a fantastic time! Will be coming again!

  411. (verified owner)

    Had an excellent time. well thought out. Would definitely recommend and will return to have a go at another room

  412. Maria Levchenko (verified owner)


  413. Nikki Simpson (verified owner)

    We had a great time solving Armageddon, the staff were very involving and supportive. thank you!

  414. Binns (verified owner)

    Brilliant experience- thoroughly enjoyed it and whole heartedly recommend it to anyone whose new at Escape Rooms!

  415. Jenny Smith (verified owner)

    12 year old son’s birthday party – absolutely perfect – great time had by all!

  416. Jon Waters (verified owner)

  417. Danny Pattern (verified owner)

    Host was in character throughout, made even better by him ! Great fun !

  418. Holly Munson (verified owner)

    Really great fun – will go back again 😀

  419. Tracey Wakefield (verified owner)

    Good fun, Very clever

  420. (verified owner)

    It was very exciting and original.

  421. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    Really good fun, and Mike was a great host. The puzzles are really complex and it’s all the more difficult as there didn’t seem to be a linear sequence to complete them in, meaning codes and information were flying around without an obvious destination. My wife and I did this with little people, but I have to be honest and say that even if I could hand pick my best team of friends and family, we’d have struggled to escape on time. However, Mike did a great job of giving us some hints so that we did get out in the end, and we’ll be back to play one of the other games I’m sure.

  422. David Barr (verified owner)

    Harder than we expected but great!

  423. Roy Lavendomme (verified owner)

    Spent some good time with friends, both in the escape room and with the games available in the main room.

  424. Josh W

    Great fun!
    We went here for a family birthday, ages 25-59! First time doing an escape room and it was great fun. Dan our host got right in the part and made the experience run smoothly and gave the odd helpful hint!
    We did ‘Armageddon’ and smashed it out in 42 mins, not far off the top! Look forward to trying the other rooms!

    Reviewed by Josh W on TripAdvisor 23/09/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r526751351-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  425. Aidan G

    Great fun!
    We had a great time and enjoyed the Armageddon room (getting out in 45 minutes). It was clever, but we appreciated that it was approachable even when it was the first time doing an escape room for 3 members in our group. We had a 14 year old who was worried about the potential for a scary experience but she had a great time in the end as the focus is on solving puzzles. There was a minor malfunction with one of the items in the room but the team handled it professionally and without breaking character. We are certainly looking forward to trying the Egyptian room in the future for a slightly more challenging experience.

    Reviewed by Aidan G on TripAdvisor 23/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r534944703-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  426. Sophie S

    Fantastic Fun
    A great fun thing to do for the family. We did Halloween Armageddon with Mary who was excellent in role. It was difficult enough and we got through in 50 minutes with plenty of pressure at the end. High recommended.

    Reviewed by Sophie S
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r536661688-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  427. Maya P

    Armageddon: lots of original, fun puzzles!
    Probably the best escape room I’ve been to so far! We visited this escape room as a group of three, knowing it was on the easy side. Armageddon takes the classic “science gone wrong” theme and uses the Cambridge setting to good advantage. There are plenty of problems to solve, some with original twists and unusual components. A major plus is that they parallelize well enough that there are always multiple things to consider, but it’s still easy to keep track of what the options are. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by Maya P on TripAdvisor 01/06/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186225-d12398826-r489543882-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS

  428. Tjis N

    More Than Just an Escape Room
    From the reception area to the escape itself, it was all really fun. Had a great game master who helped us just enough but still left it up to us. Even the Armageddon room is still a serious challenge and really nicely decorated. Wouldn’t just call this a game, better call it an experience!

    – Reviewed by Tjis N on TripAdvisor 06/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186225-d12398826-Reviews-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html

  429. FlutterandFlutter

    Five players (age range 70 to 15) all had a really great time. Maybe not the fastest time on record but we did pretty well for beginners. Right level of challenge (Armageddon mission) for us. Friendly, helpful staff create excellent experience.

    – Reviewed on TripAdvisor 13/10/2017
    Find this review at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186225-d12398826-Reviews-LockHouse_Escape_Games-Cambridge_Cambridgeshire_England.html

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