The year is turning! If you’re hungering for the fresh air of the outside world, now’s your best chance! Luckily, Cambridge is a beautiful city to explore. Soak up the last of the sunshine or get in some autumnal leaf-crunching with these outdoor things to do around Cambridge!

University Botanic Garden

Nothing says ‘I’m outside’ like being surrounded by a whole bunch of plants. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to get away from the downtown bustle and explore a wide range of botanical brilliance from all around the world. Read more about the Botanic Garden’s safety measures and book ahead for your visit here!

the view from a punt on the river cam in cambridgePunting

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader of blog articles about outdoor things to do around Cambridge must be in want of a punting trip. ‘Outdoor’ plus ‘Cambridge’ equals punting. That’s just maths. You can book guided punting trips, where someone who knows what they’re doing does the whole making-the-boat-go bit, but for a more exciting experience why not rent a punt and do your best not to crash into any ducks as you pole majestically down the Cam. 

Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey

The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey, near Waterbeach just outside of Cambridge, is a treasure trove of history spanning centuries. From mid-20th century village interiors to the medieval Abbey and Refectory, there’s a lot to discover. Plus, entry is free throughout the remainder of 2020!

a bicycle chained to a railing outdoors in cambridgeCycle hire

If you’d prefer a drier method of transportation, hire a bicycle and join the myriad throngs of cyclists that zoom carefree through the historic streets. Stick to the city centre, or venture further afield into a further field and explore the surrounding countryside. Wherever you cycle to, you’re sure to have a wheel-y good time. 

City Escape Games

Get outside, see Cambridge, and solve puzzles, all with one experience! City Escape Games take you around some of the most historic and scenic bits of this historic and scenic city, in the form of a trail of escape game-style puzzles. Just open the game on your phone and you’re good to go! Plus, it’s a self-guided experience, meaning if you need a break from all the healthy fresh air you’ve been getting, you can always stop off along the way for a cup of tea. Find out more about City Escape Games here!

Need more options for outings? Check out all our recommendations for things to do in Cambridge! And if it starts raining, or you’ve suddenly remembered that you hate being outside, or you’re a vampire who can’t be exposed to sunlight, you can always stop by LockHouse and play one of our escape rooms. We’re centrally located on Regent Street, so it’s the perfect place to stop off for an hour while you’re exploring the city. Don’t know which escape room to play? Find out here! 

LockHouse Escape Games is reopening! Find out more and book your game on our website. Plus keep an eye on our Facebook for everything from updates to brainteasers!