Looking for more escape game experiences in Cambridge? Combine sightseeing with puzzle solving with a new escape game challenge from City Escape Games: ‘Time Travel Teacher’.

Your college professor has gone missing, and a groundbreaking piece of new technology is under threat. Can you save the professor… and all of humanity?!

What is it?

Time Travel Teacher’ is a city escape game challenge. It’s like an escape room, but without the ‘room’. Instead of being locked in, you’re on a walking tour of some of Cambridge’s most exciting sights, solving puzzles as you explore the city. 

How does it work? 

City Escape Games are a self-guided experience, which means you can set your own pace. Purchasing the game will give you access to the game’s web app — all the directions, puzzles, and hints you need are right there on your smartphone. Grab up to six players, charge up your phone, and head to the starting point (the Corpus Clock) whenever you’re ready to begin the experience!

A person wearing a 'mad scientist' style wig and glasses. Text reads 'A brief mystery through time!', with icons indicating the duration is 90 minutes and the distance is 2 miles. The orange City Escape Games logo is in the corner.How long does it take?

On average, the game takes 90 minutes to complete, but the self-guided nature of the game means you can take as long as you want! Unlike in an escape room, where you’re under pressure to escape within the time limit or fail, with City Escape Games you can decide how competitive you want to be. Push yourselves to get on the leaderboards with a super-speedy time, or amble at your leisure, stopping for snacks if you get peckish along the way. The only limiting factor is how much daylight you’ve got left.

Who can play?

It’s an outdoor activity, and you can get the game directions live on up to six mobile devices at once, so City Escape Games are perfect for a socially distanced excursion. You’ll need a team of 2-6 players, up for walking a distance of around 2 miles, and with a good grasp of English to tackle the wordplay and puzzles.

Why play?

City Escape Games combine the fun of an escape room with a tour of some of the most iconic sights in Cambridge, which as we’re sure you’ll agree is probably one of the most scenic cities in the universe. Plus, the puzzles are often linked to the architecture or history of the buildings, so it’s a great way to pick up some fun facts about the city and the university.

Once you’ve booked you can play any time in the next 30 days, so you can pick the perfect day to soak up some late summer sunshine (or crunch around merrily in a pile of leaves as the seasons turn).

And if you’re looking for something to do after playing one of LockHouse’s three escape rooms, the ‘Time Travel Teacher’ is the ideal next step in your escape game-filled outing!

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Please notes this is a product offered by City Escape Games, for which LockHouse is a third party seller. Any queries or issues should be directed to City Escape Games via their website.

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