Choosing a game

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to play, it’s time to pick your game! Things to bear in mind: 

a space station with space and the edge of earth in the backgroundDifficulty. Are you experienced escapers, or complete newbies? Some rooms are tricky, while others are downright fiendish. Check the difficulty ratings for an idea of what to expect. Of course, playing an escape room is about the experience — if you think you’ll have more fun in a harder room, even if you fail, then go for it!

LockHouse’s three rooms provide a range of difficulty to challenge every player. Egyptian Tomb is our most beginner-friendly experience, while Secret Agent is considered our hardest challenge. (But don’t just take our word for it — come and test it yourself!)

Group. Think about who you’re playing with! Different rooms can have different player capacities, so make sure you’re booking a room that’ll fit your group. If you’re playing with kids, check which rooms are best suited for younger players and have a look at the requirements for certain ages in our “your questions answered” section.

Theme. One of the most important things to consider when deciding which escape room to play is the theme! Part of what makes escape rooms so exciting is the immersive setting and story that provide a context for the puzzles. Have you always wanted to be a heroic explorer or carry out an undercover spy mission? Has this year got you wishing desperately to be launched into space? Escape rooms have got you covered. 

Which escape room should you play?

Still don’t know which escape room to play? We’ve put together an extremely serious and comprehensive questionnaire to help you decide which of LockHouse’s three rooms to play first! 

How many people are you bringing?
A) I don’t know, a few?
B) The perfect strategic number
C) As many as physically possible

Have you played an escape room before?
A) No, never
B) Yes, lots
C) Yes, a couple

How do you feel about giant ticking countdowns?
A) They stress me out
B) A bit of pressure is fun
C) I crave them in order to feel alive

How physical do you want this to get?
A) Crawling through tunnels sounds perfect
B) My spy training covered how to handle a few steps
C) Are you kidding? I’m playing an escape room in order to avoid physical activity

What is your dream outfit?
A) A dashing khaki ensemble
B) If I told you I’d have to kill you
C) Lab coat? More like fab coat!

Pick a franchise
A) Indiana Jones
B) James Bond
C) Doctor Who

Pick a fate to befall you if you don’t escape*
A) Entombed forever by a vengeful god
B) Blown up by a dastardly bomb
C) Flattened by an apocalyptic asteroid

*Disclaimer: we promise none of these things will actually happen.

Finally, pick a colour!
A) Ancient Pyramid Yellow
B) Top Secret Red
C) Cool Space Blue

Mostly A: Come adventuring in our Egyptian Tomb
Mostly B: Start your mission with Secret Agent
Mostly C: Save the world in Armageddon

And if, after all that, you still can’t decide… don’t worry! Once you’ve played one escape room, you’ll probably find yourself hooked. The best answer to the question ‘Which escape room should I play?’ is All of them!