You’re locked inside a room for one hour—and every minute counts! Here are 5 tips on how best to spend your time inside the room, in order to ensure that your escape room experience is as fun as possible. 

Choose your team wisely

Everyone has a different approach to escape rooms and different strengths—if you’re feeling super strategic, or enjoy alienating your friends by telling them they’re not the right kind of thinker to complement your team, you can plot to bring people who will work well together. (Curious to find out what type of escape room player you are? We’ve outlined the common types here.) That said, the most important factor in choosing your team is to bring people you like. Whether they’re friends or family, enthusiasm and willingness to try new things are the most important characteristics in making sure that everyone in your group is having a great time. 

Have a good look aroundan hourglass with white sand in the timer next to a bronze coloured clock

Before you can solve the puzzles, you’ve got to find them! Most escape rooms will have hints and parts of the puzzles concealed around the room. It can be frustrating to find that you’ve wasted fifteen minutes trying futilely to solve something, only to discover that you were missing a crucial piece the whole time. To make your escape room experience smoother, it’s worth taking the time to spread out and have a thorough look around the room. Collect everything you can find in one place, and make sure to keep track of all unused items, so you don’t forget about something you might need for later! 

Pace yourselves

Part of the fun of an escape room is the pressure of the ticking clock—but with so much to do, it can be easy to lose track of the time. Keeping an eye on the clock will help you to pace yourselves, keeping the game moving. One common pitfall that people fall into is refusing to ask for hints early in the game, spending a long time stuck on one puzzle, and then running out of time to solve everything else later on. We recommend listening to your games master—they know the timings of the rooms well, so if you’ve been stuck for a while and your games master is offering you a hint, it’s probably a sign that you should be moving on if you don’t want the rest of the room to be a panicked rush.

If you’re not sure, ask

a close up on a hand high fiving the paw of a tabby kitten

The escape room experience: as good as high fiving a kitten.

In general, an escape room is a great place to try things out. It’s almost always worth giving your idea a go, even if you’re not sure it’ll work—trying it won’t take too long, and you might get lucky. That said, there are certain things that you probably shouldn’t do, such as taking a screwdriver to an electrical socket. Most puzzles won’t require brute force to open—if you think you’ve got the right solution, but nothing’s happening, we recommend checking with your games master to see if it’s supposed to be doing anything before breaking out the axe. And that’s not the only thing you can check! If you want to know whether you’re focusing on the right thing, whether you’re missing something, or how far through the room you are, your games master will more than likely be happy to let you know. 

Remember—it’s about the experience!

Escape rooms are meant to be challenging, but don’t torture yourself. You might not escape every room that you play in time—and that’s okay! There’s no point in getting frustrated or trying to beat the record times on your first ever try. Above all, the important thing is that you’re enjoying yourselves in the room. Different escape rooms have different hints policies, but here at LockHouse you can have as many hints as you want, and there’s no penalty for having hints. If agonising over the same puzzle for half an hour is your idea of fun, then go for it — but if that sounds more like purgatory, then your games masters will always be around to help you out. 

For more advice, check out our 5 top tips for escape room beginners. Still got questions? Our FAQ has all the answers you need to help you plan your escape room experience!