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An escape game is an indoor group adventure activity designed for adults and older children. Teams of between two and seven members have one hour to make their way through and ‘escape’ from a series of themed games rooms. Discovering clues, solving puzzles and opening locks is the way to play. Teams can receive as much or little help as they’d like and this is provided through hints and clues offered by your Games Master during the game. As the timer runs down, adrenaline increases and this is usually when the most fun is had. Remember — ‘What happens in the game, stays in the game.’ Have fun! BBC Travel Show on Escape Games

If you've never played an escape game before, then this short BBC documentary provides an excellent introduction to what escape games are all about.

Most players report experiencing an adrenaline rush and a raised pulse rate! Teams tend to come out feeling energised and most people walk out on a bit of a high. Just about everyone spends the next hour or so talking about what they just did - the bits they solved, the bits they couldn't crack and what surprised them most. Some people find it a bit addictive and want to play another game almost immediately (but we recommend leaving at least a couple of hours between games).
For our Armageddon game we can accept up to 7 players. In Secret Agent and Egyptian Tomb, the maximum number of players is 6.
Our escape games are available from Monday to Sunday on nearly every day of the year. Games can usually be played from 9.30 am through to 10.30 pm on every day of the week except for Sunday, when we close at 8 pm.
It works out at about £18 to £25 per player. The more players you have in your team, the cheaper it is, per person, to play. Please also note that it costs slightly more to play our escape games at the weekend (including Friday evening). If you have a discount coupon or a gift voucher, you will be able to use it on the payment page. You can, if you wish, reserve your room by making a deposit, which will be equivalent to 20% of the total cost. The balance owing can then be paid on the day of your game by cash or credit card.
Booking online is the fastest way to ensure that an escape game is reserved for you and your team. However, if you have any questions (though we hope we’ve answered most of them in this FAQ ) or if you’d prefer to book in another way, then you can either call us on 01223 321 216 or pop in to our shop at 70 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP, where we’ll be happy to take your booking in person.
Yes. If you want to book a room for, let's say, five players but you all want to pay separately, then all you need to do is to reserve your room by making a deposit - which will only be 20% of the total cost. We can then take payments on the day of your game, from each player, by cash or credit card.
Yes. Once you book a room, even if there are only two of you playing, you get the room to yourselves.
Our escape rooms are located at 70 Regent St, Cambridge, CB2 1DP, United Kingdom (see map on our homepage). Public transport: We are a 15 minute walk from Cambridge Railway Station. The nearest bus stop to us is at Downing College, with bus routes travelling to and from Arbury, Whitehill, Cherry Hinton and Saffron Walden. All public transport information can be found at Parking: The Queen Anne’s Terrace car park is a 5 minute walk away and is open 24 hours a day. Full details can be found on their website at
Nope! All our games are designed to be played by people of all ages. However, we do require that children under 14 be accompanied by an adult in the escape rooms.
Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your booking time to allow for a short pre-game briefing. If you arrive late you may not receive the full 60 minutes to play as we have to keep a strict schedule to ensure that each team's room is ready at the appropriate time.
Just your wits and a desire to have a whole lot of fun! Everything you need to solve the puzzles will be inside the room. Comfortable clothing is recommended but the most activity you might be engaged in would be squatting down or getting on your knees to look underneath of things.
No, not really. It's fun to pretend though! You are free to leave at any time should the need arise.
Yes, we use cameras to monitor your progress and safety within the room and periodically dispense appropriate hints, should you want them, over an in-room sound system.
First off please don't worry because this basically never happens! People tend to be surprised at how naturally they settle into the puzzle solving rhythm. We'll be watching for any times when you do get stuck to provide hints and help you through the experience.
Sorry, but we ask that you refrain from taking any photos or video while playing our rooms. This is to maintain an element of mystery and ensure other customers are not given any clues before entering the room.
This is allowed but the room might be far less enjoyable for you since you'll already have solved most of the puzzles; we'd recommend trying one of our other games instead. Also any team that includes players repeating the room will be ineligible for the escape time leaderboards.
With the exception of bottled water no food or drink is allowed in any of our rooms.
Yes! Please don't worry, you aren't actually a prisoner and can leave the room at any time for any reason. We recommend that you use the bathroom before entering your mission to maximise puzzle-solving time.
You'll be given the opportunity to pose for a team photo which we would usually then showcase on our social media pages. This is entirely optional though. If for any reason you'd prefer not to have a picture taken or if you'd prefer to have it sent to you directly without being made public, this can be easily accommodated. Click on the buttons at the top of this page to see our profile on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Snapchat, Trip Advisor, Twitter, and Instagram.
Yes! Many customers will book an escape room for their birthday or hen party, for example. If you have any special requests for your party, please give us a call on 01223 321 216 to discuss.
You can pay using all major credit and debit cards, online and offline, and you can also pay in cash at our premises.
Yes. Students can receive a 10% discount with student ID (each party member needs to bring their student ID to get the discount). Arts Picturehouse members are also eligible for a 10% discount with membership card.
Yes, you can leave you bags, coats, hats and shopping with us. We will make sure that all your things are securely hidden away while you are playing your escape game.
Come as you are! No special clothing is needed, though we do recommend wearing comfortable clothes while playing one of our games. You can leave your hats, coats, bags, shopping etc with us while you're in an escape room. We provide various items of dressing-up clothing that we encourage you to wear while playing your game as this really helps with getting into character. You may also bring water bottles into the room, but we ask that no other forms of food or drink are consumed whilst inside the rooms.
Well, just a little bit 🙂 But we do ask you before you play if there are particular things or sounds that you definitely don't want to encounter in your game. If there are, then we will remove them if we can.
Yes. We have designed our escape rooms so that only a basic understanding of English is needed. Our Games Masters will adapt your game so that you have the best chance at escaping in record time.
Unfortunately not. Currently, all of our escape rooms require stair access and are not large enough for wheelchair access. However, we are not happy with this and we are in the process of enabling wheelchair access for Armageddon. Please call us on 01223 321216 for further information. Our in-house Curiosity Shop and VR machine are wheelchair accessible.