Happy New Year from LockHouse Escape Games! Instead of stressing yourself out with yet another boring resolution that you’ll abandon in a month, try making your 2020 resolution something you’ll actually want to stick to. The world is already grim enough without you adding to the stress by forcing yourself to do things you hate, like abandoning chocolate, or embarking on a futile, harrowing revenge quest against the dragon that burned your home. Here are LockHouse’s recommendations for fun New Year’s resolutions!

a blue water bottle pouring water into a glass1 – Drink more water

Gotcha — this one’s actually a boring resolution! But it’s the only boring one on here, and it’s good for you. You should probably drink more water. The fun component to this resolution comes in trying to solve the puzzle of how something so easy and simple-sounding can be so boring and hard to keep up. If you’re really determined not to dehydrate, we recommend getting a fun reusable bottle, and putting something in there that’ll make it more interesting to drink, like ice cubes, or mint leaves, or vodka. (We’re kidding about one of these.)

2 – Make ‘bad’ art

Even if you’re completely lacking in creative skills, doodling is good for your brain. This year, instead of getting caught up worrying about having to be ‘good’ at drawing, we recommend chucking all those worries out the window and making something just because it’s fun. Spend thirty seconds with a marker and a shred of paper, and stick your Frankensteinian creation up on the fridge to be proud of forever.

3 – Learn to code

There are a bunch of courses and resources online that’ll help you learn to code! This one’s not only a fun resolution, but a useful one too, since coding is an increasingly useful skill to have. Plus, it’ll make you feel like a tech genius.

4 – Learn a language

We recommend Duolingo for beginners — it’s free, and the quiz learning format makes studying a language feel like a game. (Plus, if you’re not feeling a real-world language, you can learn Klingon instead.)

5 – Escape this reality with VR

It’s 2020! We ought to be living in the sci-fi future by now! VR gaming is immersive, exciting, and super fun. If you’re curious about VR, you can check out our intro post about it, or come try out some games on the VR setup in our foyer!

6 – Knittingknitting needles with some multicoloured knitting on top of colorful blue and red yarn

Yarn plus pointy sticks plus time equals, somehow, scarves. Or hats. Or sweaters, if you’re getting complicated. Being able to knit is a great way to keep your hands busy, and also ensures that you’ve got every single one of your acquaintances’ Christmas presents for next year sorted.

7 – Get out and about

Whether you’re going on an ambitious hike or just deciding to walk to the shop instead of drive, walking around is a good way to get in some casual exercise with physical and mental health benefits, without having to commit to going to the gym. Gamify your walks by playing Pokémon Go as you wander. (It’s 2020, it’s time to bring Pokémon Go back.)

8 – Eat something plant-based

We recommend an edible, non-toxic fruit or vegetable. Deciding to eat healthier or go vegetarian/vegan can be a big step, but incorporating a few plant-based recipes into your diet helps you discover new things to cook, as well as all that stuff about being good for your health and the environment.

9 – Glassblowing

Nobody at LockHouse can do this, but it sounds so cool, we all wish we could.

10 – Get into D&D

If embarking on a futile, harrowing revenge quest against the dragon that burned your home actually sounds like a fun New Year’s resolution to you, we recommend Dungeons & Dragons! Tabletop roleplay games have been having a resurgence over the past few years, so now is a great time to finally take the plunge. Read our intro to D&D for a beginner’s guide to the game, or come along to one of LockHouse’s RPG nights, held at the Grain and Hop Store every Monday evening!

11 – Movie nights

Make some progress on that list of films you’ve been meaning to get through! Don’t know where to start? Check out our film recommendations for some movie night suggestions!

12 – Spa day

Treat yourself. Immerse yourself in mud in a controlled environment. You deserve it.

13 – Photography

Whether you’re creating an art installation or snapping away for your Instagram feed, photography is a fun skill to develop in 2020. (See what we did there?)

14 – Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor sport that’s sort of like exploring for geeks, crossed with a treasure hunt. It’s cheap, and a great way to get outside and feel adventurous.

15 – Play more board games

Hang out with friends more by having board game nights. There’s a vast range of board games out there to explore, from new and creative releases to the old classics, so you’re not likely to run out of games to try any time this year! Don’t know where to start? Check out our board game recommendations.

16 – Listen to some new musicblack headphones attached to a phone on a background of white boards

Put on a different radio station, get recommendations from your friends, or browse around until you find something new and different! Broadening your music horizons can be a lot of fun. 

17 – Use more Victorian slang

If you’ve got the morbs, some truly ridiculous historical slang will make sure your vocabulary is bang up to the elephant. (We’re not running out of ideas for this list. What makes you say that?)

18 – Go to a show

Plays, musicals, concerts, whatever floats your boat. If you don’t want to travel too far or spend too much money, check out local theatre productions!

19 – Podcasts

Podcasting is a fast-growing area of entertainment, with podcasts delivering every kind of audio content imaginable, from comedy to horror, gaming to audio dramas to non-fiction. Listening to podcasts guarantees you hours and hours of audio content, often for completely free. Make your commute less boring, or listen while you’re working on one of the other resolutions on this list, like knitting, or going for walks. Or, if you’ve got a great idea, why not start your own podcast!

20 – Play more escape rooms 

Get your adrenaline fix and your puzzle-solving practice all in one and challenge yourself to complete more escape rooms in 2020! Try to beat your record times, or just come along for the fun of it. LockHouse has three escape rooms, each with their own challenges. Read our tips for improving your escape room experience to help you get the most out of it!