No matter how well you get on with your family, finding fun things to do together can be difficult. We’re pretty sure that escape rooms are the best possible option for fun family bonding. What’s the alternative? Kicking off a family schism over the Monopoly board? Bickering about what movie to see and then sitting silently while one family member hogs the popcorn? (We’re not naming names. You know who we’re talking about.) Here’s why we think escape rooms are great to play with family.

You have to communicate

a family lying on grass smiling at the camera with their chins in their handsThere’s always something to talk about in an escape room, even if it’s just yelling about how confused you are! In order to complete the challenges and escape, you’re going to need to talk to each other. Share what you’ve found, bounce ideas off each other, and celebrate or commiserate as needed. Plus, everyone’s working towards the same goal, rather than being distracted or zoning out to check your phones. Quality time is important — and in an escape room, every second literally counts! 

…But you don’t have time to argue

Escape rooms are great for keeping busy! If that uncle you haven’t seen in forever starts asking pointed questions about what you’re doing after you graduate — distract him with puzzles. With time ticking, an escape room can get pretty tense, but getting caught up in arguments won’t help you escape (plus, hearing all about your family drama can be stressful for the games masters who are running your room!). Even if tempers start to rise, the euphoria of escaping tends to wipe away any animosity. 

Everyone can get involved

a red die surrounded by four ladybirdsEscape rooms are great for people of all ages, from kids to great-great-grandparents. With so many puzzles to solve, hidden objects to find, and locks to unlock, there’s a lot to keep everyone busy. Most escape rooms will have a bunch of different styles of puzzles, so everybody gets a chance to show off their solving skills. Kids in particular can be surprisingly good, since younger people tend not to overthink things or miss the obvious answers. Even if you feel like you won’t contribute much, or you’re just there for moral support, you’re bound to spot something that the others have missed.

Make a day of it

A visit to an escape room is a fun way to get out of the house. Most rooms will take an hour to complete, so it’s the perfect length of activity to fit into a day out and about (if you’re in the Cambridge area, we’ve got a whole host of other recommended things to do!) Whether your escape room mission is part of a day trip or a high-excitement way to work up an appetite before going for a meal, it’s a surefire way to make your family bonding day memorable. 

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