Valentine’s Day is coming up this week — which means, more importantly, that soon it will be time for post-Valentine’s Day on-sale chocolate. Whether you’re planning the world’s best date, organising an outing with friends, or telling Cupid where he can stick his arrows and swanning off to do something independent by yourself, Cambridge is full of options for spending your Valentine’s Day doing something you love. Here are LockHouse’s suggestions for Valentine’s things to do in Cambridge. 

Explore a museum

A pineapple on a soft white background with faint fairy lights surrounding it

The epitome of romance

For those of us interested in history, why not follow in the footsteps of the original Saint Valentine and be beaten with clubs and beheaded on the orders of a Roman emperor? Maybe not. It sounded more fun before we said it out loud. If being martyred isn’t your cup of tea, have a more pleasant historical time visiting one of Cambridge’s many museums! The Fitzwilliam Museum is free to enter, big enough to get lost in, and currently has a massive gold pineapple out the front (advertising its Feast and Fast exhibit, which is certainly a sweet treat)

Go to the theatre

Dazzling, fabulous cult classic musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is running at the Corn Exchange this week from February 10th-15th. It’s a celebration of friendship and being true to yourself, which are both things we think Valentine’s Day could do with a dose of. Or if you’d rather have your heart chilled than warmed, celebrate late with The Woman in Black at the Cambridge Arts Theatre from February 24th

Anti-Valentine’s comedy night

If the lasers in your eyes automatically activate to incinerate anything red and heart-shaped, you probably shouldn’t become a doctor. You should go to Coton Village Hall on the 14th February for their Anti-Valentine’s Day comedy night. Promising lots of waffles and no romance at all, it’s the perfect evening for anyone looking to avoid the dreaded hearts-and-flowers.

Alternative Valentine’s Night at the Centre for Computing History

A Valentine’s event for nerds! Something tells us this will be relevant to our readers. For some reason. Head over to the Centre for Computing History on February 14th and get in some gaming!

an 18th century illustration of cupid from a book of valentines poemsCambridge Queer Valentine’s at the Junction

If you’re feeling drained by how straight-centric capitalist Valentine’s Day is, head over to the Junction on February 13th for an evening of LGBT+ entertainment, including comedy, music, and dance. Plus, February is LGBT+ History Month!

Play an escape room at LockHouse

Here at LockHouse our escape rooms see everything from first dates to proposals. We might be biased, but we think escape rooms are a great date activity — you don’t have to stress about awkward small talk, since you’re too busy escaping. Plus, if your date goes badly, failing to escape will probably mean the world gets hit by an asteroid anyhow, so, you know. Perspective. LockHouse is centrally located on Regent Street, in the heart (haha) of Cambridge, so there are a bunch of wonderful places to eat just seconds away! Escape rooms are also a great group activity, if you’re looking for a way to spend the day having a laugh with friends. 

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If going out on Valentine’s Day seems like too much work, and you’d rather stay at home under your duvet eating ice cream and watching movies, good news! LockHouse has got your back with our film recommendations