As well as escape rooms, LockHouse Escape Games are huge fans of board games! Today, we just wanted to chat about some of our favourites that we have available in the foyer.

the front cover of the board game escape!Escape! The Curse of the Temple

Like so many things in life, time is often the biggest factor that gets in the way of playing games. It’s sometimes difficult to find an hour you can spend rolling dice or guessing who’s who. But what if I told you there was a game that can literally only go on for 10 minutes?
Escape! Is a fantastic quick thinking adventure game that captures all the tension of escaping a lost tomb with seconds to spare. Unlike most board games Escape! is co-operative, with every player working together to replace cursed gems onto their altars by rapidly rolling dice. Each dice face will help you with different challenges, apart from the dreaded “Black Mask,” which will freeze your die in place, stopping you from rolling it until a Gold Mask has been rolled by you or a fellow adventurer.
The game also comes with a CD-ROM soundtrack that doubles as your timer whilst exploring the tomb. Every time a gong sounds you have to frantically race to the safe room or lose one of your dice forever! When the gong sounds for a third time you have seconds left to escape or become trapped in the tomb forever! When you factor in set up and rules explanation (which also comes on the CD-ROM) the game takes no more than 20 minutes to complete, a lightning fast game that’s not only accessible but often hilarious, with daring rescues and desperate dice rolls.

7 wonders7 Wonders

The Pyramids of Giza. The Parthenon. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These great historical wonders have inspired people for thousands of years, the combined work of countless people that became landmarks of
their civilisations. This fantastic card game lets you try your hand at leading one of these great civilisations, building great monuments and raising large armies with a simple mechanic known as “drafting.”
In 7 Wonders, 2-7 players will each randomly select one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world and be dealt a hand of 7 cards (noticing a pattern here?) Each turn players will select one of the cards in their hand to play and pass the others to a player next to them. This means that each turn you will see a different, slowly shrinking hand of possibilities, giving you countless decisions to make each turn. Do you build aqueducts and statues to make decorate your empire? Do you invest in mines and craftsmen to uncover rare materials to build even grander structures?
What’s awesome about the drafting mechanic is that you can see everyone’s empires slowly grow, noticing where a neighbour might need something which you can sell them or when someone is gathering an army and you need to bolster your defences. The fact that this game is as engaging with a couple of players as it is with the full 7, shows how well designed and intriguing this puzzle is, with every new hand and new round offering different challenges that’s sure to test your problem solving skills.


Duelling games are the quintessential image of board games: two players staring down one another across a table, moving each game piece with precision. Everyone has played a game like this, but few people will have played the spellbinding Abalone.
abaloneThe game is simple: each player has a set of balls on a hexagonal board. On your turn you can move one or some of the balls, slowly pressing and pushing against your opponents pieces until they start to fall off the board. First player to knock 6 of their opponents balls off wins.
In playing the game takes simple rules and makes a sublime challenge. All of the strategic play of chess with none of the complications, all of the explosive moments of checkers without an inevitability. In a few careful moves players can find themselves winning the game when they were on the brink of defeat. It rewards planning and forward thinking, giving you a game you can not only play but truly learn, practice and continue to provide entertainment after countless games.
This is just a small preview of some of the board games available to try in our foyer.  We are also hosting our first Tabletop Games Night where you can give these board games and more a go!