a christmas party table with hands holding glasses of champagne and sparklersEveryone’s looking forward to the company Christmas party — except the person who’s still got to plan it! Coming up with ideas for the festive event can be a challenge, but LockHouse is here to help you out with our suggestions for the best corporate Christmas parties in Cambridge this 2019. 

If there’s one event in the year that it’s worth getting right, it’s the Christmas party. It’s a chance to unwind from the year, celebrate your achievements, and socialise with your coworkers while everyone’s in the mood for peace on earth and goodwill to all. It also provides a great opportunity for a morale-boost that’ll carry over into the (happy) new year. 

Tips for party planners

Pick the right date

Nobody wants to go to work the day after the party. Nobody. Regardless of how many glasses of festive cheer you’ve indulged in, the next day is guaranteed to feel flat and anticlimactic after having got so thoroughly into the holiday spirit. Consider scheduling your party on a weekend, having a planned late start the following day, or planning for the last day of the working year. 

Commit to a theme

Put the ugly Christmas sweater back in the wardrobe! A surefire way to make your party memorable is to have a theme beyond just ‘Christmas’ — deck the halls with something a bit more adventurous than holly, and give everyone a chance to dress up. Common themes include the Roaring Twenties, masquerade balls, or The Nightmare Before Christmas (a LockHouse favourite). Or branch out and go with one of our staff suggestions:
‘Toga party.’ – Harry
‘Dinosaurs and cave men.’ – Alexi
‘Plague doctors.’ – James
‘The French Revolution.’ – Jo

Get out of the office

It doesn’t have to be awkward dancing and attempting to make small talk around a buffet. Hiring the right venue can elevate even a simple food-and-dancing event to something special. For a truly memorable Christmas party, however, we recommend making your party an experience. Going somewhere and trying a new activity is guaranteed to get your staff more excited and engaged with the event, and breaks through any potential awkwardness, since everyone’s too busy having a great time. 

Christmas Party Ideas in Cambridge 2019

Scudamores’ Punting Treasure Hunt

What’s more fun than a treasure hunt? A treasure punt! Bundle up and try your best not to fall in the river as you explore, armed with clues and treasure maps.

a view of a person in red mittens sitting on an ice rink tying the laces of ice skatesIce skating at the North Pole

There’s no need to go all the way to the real North Pole — Parker’s Piece is transformed into its annual winter wonderland from November 16th-January 5th. Whether you’re showing off your twirls or clinging to the edge, ice skating is a wintery thrill. If you’d prefer to steer clear of the skates, there are also fairground rides and plenty of food stalls to check out.

Play an escape room at LockHouse Escape Games 

Head inside and warm up by playing an escape room here at LockHouse! We’ve got three different rooms, so you can keep everyone happy with a choice of themes, whether they want to be an explorer, an astronaut, or a secret agent. As well as being a ton of fun, escape rooms are great for team building. Check out our FAQ for information on corporate bookings, or email admin@lockhouse.co.uk to find out how we can accommodate your corporate Christmas party!