black umbrella covered in rain waterCambridge, what a beautiful city with its tranquil rivers to punt along, scenic parks to unpack picnics in and historic streets to wander… but what’s this? Rain you say?! Blast, your plans of wondering the sunlit streets are ruined. While it’s tempting to curl up in a blanket with a good book or binge watch a Netflix series…or two, there’s so great rainy day activities to do in the city instead! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do, fear not Lockhouse is here to divulge the clues to rainy Cambridge!

Learn something new at the many museums

Cambridge has such a phenomenal range of museums, they make the perfect rainy day activity. With so much history, art and culture crammed into one place, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’ve talked about a few of the museums in this tourist mini series before, but here are two more you may not have seen yet. 

Museum of Zoology

With thousands of specimens on display, the Museum of Zoology is a great place to visit if you fancy discovering the vast array of animals from all over the world and learning about the evolution of different species. Spectacular displays of internationally important specimens, including mammal skeletons, fossils, birds, beautiful shells and much more, offers fascinating insight into the wonders of animal life and their stories of extinction, survival, evolution and exploration. 

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Originally founded in 1884 and housed at its present location on Downing Street since 1913, the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge University is one of the most important collections of its kind in the UK. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of worldwide histories and cultures or just checking out some awesome artefacts that you may have never seen before, the museum is the perfect place to spend the day sheltered from the rain. With a collection of objects ranging from stone tools and pots to sculptures and paintings, which span nearly two million years of human history from all over the world, the MAA has so much to see.

Test your strength and resolve at Clip ‘n Climb

clip and climb cambridge logoIf you fancy breaking a sweat or facing your fear of heights in a fun and playful environment, Clip ‘n Climb is one of the best rainy day activities that will keep everyone from experienced climbers to the little ones engaged. The centre offers an ideal activity for you to enjoy with friends and family if you fancy keeping active and out of the rain. Once you’ve climbed until you can’t feel your arms anymore, check out the Base Camp Café, serving freshly made stone baked pizza, paninis and sandwiches, as well as barista coffees, slushies and sweet treats.

Fill your ears with Choral Evensong

Experience the extraordinary sound of choral music within the stone-walled acoustics of churches and chapels situated around Cambridge. Established around 1549, this 470-year-old music tradition is performed live and often of world-class standard. Every evening during term-time several Cambridge college chapel choirs sing beautiful music in Choral Evensong- a 45 minute service which is free-of-charge and open to all. If you fancy taking a moment to relax and get away from the rain, attending Evensong is a great way to experience the life of different Cambridge colleges, while taking in the beauty of the buildings and taking a moment to pause in our busy lives.

Discover your detective skills in an escape room

Last but certainly not the least- our home Lockhouse Escape Games. I know we keep banging on about this, but if you want a mad fun-filled hour during your day out in Cambridge then look no further! Step into a real-life experience and work as a team to find clues, solve puzzles and make your escape- our games are not just a test of intelligence and common sense, but also of agility and teamwork. Whether you’re a board game fanatic, playing card connoisseur or just dabble in a bit of Super Mario Kart, Lockhouse has something for everyone with a vast array of board games, puzzles and PlayStation VR in our lounge area and D&D, RPG and board game nights.

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