The weather is changing, skies are turning grey, and Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re already excited for Halloween⁠—so are we; if you’re grumbling about having to say goodbye to summer, we’re here with a treat to get you looking forward to the autumn. For the month of October, LockHouse is getting its annual Halloween makeover, offering two terrifying horror escape rooms!

Halloween Rooms

Armageddon becomes We Are Not AloneAn astronaut suit from the waist down, casting a long humanoid shadow over the surface of the moon

Earth has lost contact with Space Station Nerva. Their final transmission was a panicked mess of intereference, but amid the static it’s possible to make out their pleas for help, and four chilling words: we are not alone. Now it’s your turn to investigate. Explore the eerie darkness of the desolate space station, in an attempt to piece together what happened there⁠—and how to prevent it from happening to the planet below. You’re starting to hope that the abandoned station is truly as empty as it seems…

Watch the trailer for We Are Not Alone

Secret Agent becomes Cabin In The Woods

A night sky with the moon shining through orange clouds and black silhouetted tree branchesAre you brave enough to enter the lair of a serial killer? The infamous Tick-Tock Killer has struck again. Time is running out to save the latest victim, and the desperate police have turned to you for assistance. The murderer’s cabin has been located⁠—but it’s rigged to blow up, taking the evidence of their crimes with it. It’s down to you to make your way through the sinister cabin. Gather evidence, defuse the bomb, and save the victim⁠—and escape with your lives. You’d better hurry… the clock is ticking.

Watch the trailer for Cabin in the Woods

Read more about both rooms on our Halloween page!

Halloween FAQ

When can I play We Are Not Alone/Cabin In The Woods?

The rooms will be available throughout October 2019. Any bookings made for Armageddon/We Are Not Alone or Secret Agent/Cabin In The Woods from October 1st-31st will be for the Halloween version of the room.

I’ve already played Armageddon/Secret Agent; can I play the Halloween rooms?

No. While we update the set and change the storyline and theming, the majority of the puzzles in the rooms stay the same. This means that if you’ve already played Armageddon or Secret Agent, the Halloween version of the room won’t be different enough to provide a new challenge for you. Although you’re welcome to come back and replay the room to experience the scares, we don’t recommend it, since the solutions to puzzles won’t have changed.

How scary will it be?

LockHouse is committed to bringing the horror atmosphere to life, therefore the horror theming of the rooms is quite intense, however we aim to be atmospheric rather than traumatic. If you’re looking for a particularly scary experience, let us know when booking, and we may be able to adjust the level of live acting for your room to make it even more frightening.

Will there be jumpscares?

Jumpscares and live acting may be incorporated into the rooms at the discretion of your games master. We aim to tailor our rooms to your comfort level, so if you would prefer to not have any jumpscares, simply let your games master know before your game starts. Likewise, if you know that you definitely DO want jumpscares, make sure to let us know, and we’ll go all out.

I’ve got a phobia of/am uncomfortable with [x]⁠—can I avoid it?

We want our rooms to be enjoyably scary. If you have any concerns about the theming of our rooms, you can add a note to your booking, email admin@lockhouse.co.uk, or give us a call on 01223 321216 to discuss. Our games masters will always be happy to help.

Can I leave if I need to?

Yes. The door that you enter through will always be unlocked, and you can leave at any point should you need to.

Can I dress up?

Absolutely! We recommend something comfortable and that won’t distract you or get in the way of your puzzle-solving abilities, but dressing up is fully encouraged at LockHouse. We have a selection of wigs, hats, goggles, glasses, and masks in store to help you get into the spirit of the season (pun intended).

I don’t want to play a horror escape room⁠—do you have alternatives?

Yes! Our Egyptian Tomb room won’t be changing theme for Halloween, so if you’re looking to play an escape room without the horror, that’s the one to book.

Are the Halloween rooms suitable for children?

Our Halloween rooms are an intense experience, and as such we don’t recommend them for younger children. Children over 12 can play at the discretion of their parent/guardian, however for family bookings or children’s parties we recommend booking our Egyptian Tomb room, which is not horror-themed.

Feeling brave? To find out more about our horror escape rooms, and to book, click here⁠—if you dare!