The city of Cambridge has a huge variety of different tourist attractions to take your fancy.  We’ve previously discussed some of the classical things to do in Cambridge. This time around we are going to let you know some of our favourite unusual or alternative activities to look out for.  

Enchanted Cinema

The Enchanted Cinema bring the magic of open air cinema to Cambridge.  They host weekly events that show a range of films, from classics like Top Gun to new favourites like La La Land or A Star is Born.  Their main venue is the picturesque Gonville Hotel right in the heart of Cambridge city centre. It’s perfectly located for a range of restaurants and bars afterwards too, meaning you can make a full night of the event.  

Interior of the first room of the Whipple Museum in CambridgeWhipple Museum & Computer Museum

We mentioned the museums of Cambridge in our last blog post, but there are so many different kinds that we could keep listing them forever!  For ‘quirky’ or ‘unusual’ museums there are two clear standouts for us. The Whipple Museum is in the center of town on the New Museum Site and is dedicated to the history of science.  You can see incredible collections of instruments of astronomy, navigation and early electrical apparatus, to name just a few. If you’re willing to take a bit of a trek out of town then you can also visit the Museum of Computing, which has a wonderful collection of vintage video game consoles and examples of some of the earliest computers.  

LockHouse Escape Games

Come on, you didn’t think we going to miss a chance to put ourselves on this list, did you? In all seriousness, an escape room is a great way to spend a merry hour during your trip to Cambridge.  We are conveniently located on Regent Street, right in the heart of Cambridge. An escape room is the perfect interlude to break up your tour of the city and will create some great memories to take away with you. Our games involve being ‘locked’ in a room with your team (whoever you’ve booked with; we don’t put you in with strangers!) and you’ll have a maximum of one hour to solve the puzzles and escape.   

The Corpus Christi Clock, a large metal cricket on a large golden circular clockCorpus Clock

The Corpus Clock is an iconic part of the King’s Parade landscape.  Creepy and glittering gold, its purpose mystifies locals and tourists alike.  The creature looks something akin to a Doctor Who monster, but is actually a fully functioning clock (well, sort of). We could tell you why it was built, but honestly the joy of the Corpus Clock is trying to work out why on earth it’s there.  If you are genuinely curious then you can give the Wikipedia page a quick read (though we don’t think it really explains much more). According to urban legend the clock answers to ‘Rosalind’ or ‘Hoppy’. Either way, it makes for some fantastic holiday photos and is a great conversation piece.  

Cambridge Gin Laboratory 

If gin is your tipple of choice then you have to check out The Gin Laboratory.  They offer a huge range of gins for tasting and buying including a gin made from the acid of ants.  Yes, you read that correctly, ants! If you have a bit more time and some cash to splash you can take part in a cocktail-making class or even design your own gin.  It’s a must visit for any gin lover out there.

Ghost Walk

A city with as rich a history as Cambridge is bound of have a few ghosts hanging around, and you can find them all on the ghost walk.  The tour will take you to some of the major Cambridge haunting spots, and then fill you in on their macabre history. Enjoy an hour of spine-tingling tales featuring all things gruesome and ghostly –  it’s not for the faint hearted!

Man in red hat reading a book by a sign for G. David Bookseller's in CambridgeDavid’s Bookshop

There are numerous book shops in Cambridge, but one of our favourites is G. David Booksellers.  Squirrelled away in a little court just off King’s Parade, it has a huge range of both new and vintage books.  You can find bestsellers for an absolute steal, or wander around their vintage book collection, where you’ll find first editions of some absolute classics.  It’s a haven for book lovers no matter your genre preference – plus it’s around the corner from Indigo Cafe, which is a lovely place to grab a coffee and coo over your purchases.

This list should give you a great pace to start looking for something a little more unusual to do whilst visiting Cambridge. You probably won’t be able to fit everything into one trip – but you can always come back for more!