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Playstation VR

Ever since video gaming burst into the cultural mainstream, there have been attempts to make Virtual Reality a reality. We have now finally reached the technological era where you can play virtual reality games and at LockHouse we have set up our own Playstation VR station for you to come in and enjoy. Here are a few of the titles we have for you to experience, with more games coming soon!

Playroom VR


Playroom VR is a charming little collection of minigames that comes bundled with the Playstation VR. It has been designed as a great way to try out the headset and see how capable it is.

The party tone of the games makes them instantly engaging, with easy to learn controls that base themselves on parlour games like “Grandmother’s Footsteps,” “Hide and Seek” and, the classic, “SMASH THE CITY WITH YOUR FOREHEAD.”

Who doesn’t love playing the ever popular game of “SMASH THE CITYWITH YOUR FOREHEAD” on a day out?

Easily my favourite title is “Monster Escape,” where the player with the VR headset is an ocean behemoth rising from the depths to destroy the little city that that players with controllers are running around in. The VR player gets all of the maniacal delight of wrecking a city, smashing helicopters and buildings and forcing the others to dodge the rubble, until they run out of city. At which point, the other players transform and now it is the monster who must duck and dodge to avoid being defeated by the heroes.

The hilarity as a squeaky voiced monster goes all Godzilla on a tiny robot toy town is only matched when the tables turn and the same player who was laughing at their destructive powers is now desperately yelping as they dodge missiles, oil tanks and pianos.

Eyeing out the culprit is hard when you've no idea who the bad guy is

See how well your friends can describe wanted criminal robots in “WANTED”

The other titles also offer a wide variety of playstyles that make the most of the TV/VR dual screens, such as the Ghost House game where the other players watching the television can see the ghosts and have to call them out for the VR player to catch, or the Wanted game that mixes up “Who’s Who” with a countdown timer

The accessible fun factor of these minigames makes it best suited for short bursts of play, ideal for people who’ve never played VR before and want to try something new.

Eagle Flight


Soar through the skies of Paris in this amazing game

Have you ever wanted to soar through the sky like a bird? Wind rushing against your face, the landscape stretching out beneath you as you soar downwards to explore the world as you wish. It’s an experience that short of taking up wingsuiting few will ever get to try. But what if you could feel like a bird? See the city of Paris from the skyline and fly through famous landmarks? Welcome to Eagle Flight.

If Playroom VR is a great introduction to the silly zany fun of VR, Eagle Flight shows you the sense of majesty and wonder that the technology can offer. You move the bird by tilting you head and using the controller to speed up or slow down, making it highly intuitive and after a few crashes as you test your speed and reflexes the game opens up to offer a wonderful spiraling ride.


Montmartre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower; all of them can be explored and flown through

There are several different challenges to test your flighting skills, from speeding across the Parisian landscape in a race to collecting feathers around Notre Dame or Montmartre. The amount of detail that goes into recreating a ruined Paris inhabited only by animals is at times breathtaking.

If you want to see what VR can offer as a single player experience, this is the game that best shows the imaginative possibilities that are now available.

But what if you want to experience something a little more… cinematic?

Star Wars Battlefront VR

The preview image of Battlefront VR

Time to lock S-Foils in Attack Position

In Star Wars Battlefront VR, you fly an X-Wing through a climatic space battle. This is probably one of the easiest sells in gaming ever. Because you know immediately if you want to fly in a spaceship, soaring through asteroid belts and jumping into hyperspace. You know if the idea of dog-fighting tie fighters and taking down star destroyers is something you really want to experience.

What was designed as exclusive Playstation VR for Star Wars Battlefront, this VR space mission captures everything you want to have for a space battle game. The controls are probably the most complicated of the games in our collection but are still easy to access, with a tutorial giving you a crash course in flying before you attempt to avoid crashing as your course your way through a pitched battle, with hundreds of spaceships flying around capturing that perfect cinematic moment in a high adrenaline quarter hour that feels like a theme park ride you can access whenever you want.

Best of luck surviving this pitched space battle on your first attempt

“They’re all over me!” “They came from behind” “More references!”

I do not know what else I can say about this game as it quite literally sells itself. You know already if you want to play this. I know I did when we set up the console and wondered which game to play first.

Matthew Vernall

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