Cambridge Codebreakers: Alan Turing

If you’re interested in the history of codebreaking or computers, you’ve probably heard of Alan Turing! (You're also probably smarter than we are.) Born in 1912, Turing was a mathematician, computer scientist, and cryptanalyst, whose work with the Government Code and...

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Favourite Spy Movies for Escape Room Lovers

Ever wanted to see how you’d fare as a secret agent? The tense time pressure of a ticking clock (or bomb!), cool gadgets and hidden doors, the fate of the world resting on your shoulders: it’s no wonder that spy-themed escape rooms are so popular! We’ve gathered a...

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Free Things To Do In Cambridge

Looking for things to do in Cambridge? We’ve already covered some suggestions, from Cambridge classics to places to eat and drink, but there are plenty more options to explore — and some of the best things to do in the city are also completely free! We’ve gathered...

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5 Tips for Escape Room Beginners

Never tried an escape room before? Not sure what you are letting yourself in for? We put together some helpful tips for first time escape room players so you can get out as fast as possible (and have the most fun as possible) whilst in our rooms.  Work together Escape...

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