Tabletop RPGs that Aren’t D&D 5E

Is your daily routine of murdering goblins starting to lose its thrill? Does the sight of your d20 fill you with ennui? Do you wish that you could play RPGs but don’t want to touch the D&D rulebook with a forty-foot pole? We’ve all been there. Even for ardent fans...

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Tabletop RPG Tips for First Time GMs

Maybe you’ve played tabletop roleplaying games before, but never run one; maybe you’re completely new to tabletop gaming, and have no idea what this dragon-y, dungeon-y business is all about. Either way, running a tabletop RPG for the first time can be scary — but...

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20 Fun New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year from LockHouse Escape Games! Instead of stressing yourself out with yet another boring resolution that you’ll abandon in a month, try making your 2020 resolution something you’ll actually want to stick to. The world is already grim enough without you...

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