5 Family Board Games for Christmas

Panicking about what to give people for Christmas? Get them board games. Panicking about how you’re going to pass the time with a bunch of relatives or family friends you hardly ever speak to? Play board games with them. Panicking about what to cook for Christmas...

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LockHouse Recommends: Halloween Movies

As the spooky season draws ever closer, it’s the perfect time of year for movie nights. Grab a blanket (to snuggle up, or to hide under during the scary parts), and settle in. Don’t know what to watch? Here’s the full roundup of LockHouse’s favourite Halloween movies,...

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Horror Escape Rooms: LockHouse Halloween 2019

The weather is changing, skies are turning grey, and Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re already excited for Halloween⁠—so are we; if you’re grumbling about having to say goodbye to summer, we’re here with a treat to get you looking forward to the autumn....

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Cambridge Codebreakers: Alan Turing

If you’re interested in the history of codebreaking or computers, you’ve probably heard of Alan Turing! (You're also probably smarter than we are.) Born in 1912, Turing was a mathematician, computer scientist, and cryptanalyst, whose work with the Government Code and...

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