Meet the Team

Our Management Team


Raised by wild dogs on the Cavendish site, Dr Chapman soon broke from his pack to specialise in Advanced Long Division and Crumpetology. Other than a slight preference for poodle milk he is believed to be largely unscathed by his feral upbringing.

Paul is the founder of LockHouse and the point of contact for new partner relationships, please contact and address it for the attention of Paul

Operations Manager

Just because he is afraid of spiders, snakes, mummies, ghosts, scorpions, skeletons, blood, heights and the dark doesn’t mean he isn’t the greatest archaeologist/explorer to ever live. The fact he isn’t a good archaeologist/explorer does. But he will try his best to guide you through the tomb.

Harry is in charge of all things organisational in LockHouse. Please contact him for bookings or enquiries at and address it for the attention of Harry

Creative Manager & Recruitment

Here at our lab, Ben is constantly coming up with radical, amazing new inventions. He just recently invented a tantalising toaster time machine! The Time travel part of it is not working yet, and the toast keeps burning, but other than that it is a complete success!

Ben deals with theatrics, theming and continuous improvement of our games.  Ben is also in charge of recruitment. To get in contact please email and address to the attention of Ben

Marketing Officer

Born on the road, Emma spent her formative years touring with a travelling circus.  Sadly her beard never came in quite as strong as her mothers, so they cast her out. She wandered the world juggling for scraps until she found a home at Lockhouse.

Emma now spends her days organising Lockhouse’s marketing and promotional campaigns. If you wish to discuss any potential joint ventures or business opportunities you can contact her at

Technical Manager

Often operating under the aliases “Venomous Fang,” “El Generalissimo,” and “Teddy Bear,” while not on the run for violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Chris manages the technical side of things at LockHouse, including website and e-commerce support. Contact him at

Social Media Manager

Still in shock that he’s technically paid to post memes, Lewis was welcomed to Lockhouse all the way back May 2017, probably because they felt sorry for him. He may or may not ‘borrow’ a couple of the free pens every time he goes to Metro Bank and his favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla. He won 7 euro in a German quiz once too.

Lewis is in charge of the LockHouse social media and responding to player feedback. If you want to talk to us about a booking, share extra feedback about your visit or for any other reason, his digital door is always open. is the email address you need.

Our Games Masters