Emily Martin explains all in today’s Cambridge News.

“Lockhouse Escape Games specialises in…well, escape games, Virtual Reality experiences, board games and puzzles. And it’s set to open up its doors (and then quickly lock them again) on Regent Street this May 25. So what do we know about this mysterious new place? Well, it claims to be able to give you the most exciting hour in Cambridge for a start.

What are Escape Games?

Escape Games are live-action adventures for teams of two to five. You begin trapped in a room and have to overcome a series of challenges to escape. There are puzzles, dexterity challenges and mystery. And new areas of the game are revealed as you go along. Towards the end of your one-hour time limit, the adrenaline will kick in as you frantically try to beat the clock!

What’s special about the Escape Games at Lockhouse?

The Egyptian Game is already the most popular game in Budapest in its original form – Lockhouse has added several ramps and ante-chambers to the original tunnel system within it. Expect secret doors, big wooden physical puzzles, Egyptian art and a life-size sarcophagus!”

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