EDIT: LockHouse has decided to cancel this event due to the recent health crisis. We are still open through Easter but we wanted to limit unnecessary contact with items in our rooms, especially for smaller children who may not remember to not touch their faces whilst playing. Our rooms are cleaned between each game and more information about the steps we are taking in light of the corona virus can be found on our Corona Virus FAQ page. Stay safe and enjoy Jo’s egg-based puns in this article, even if the event itself isn’t going ahead.

LockHouse is eggstremely eggcited to announce our 2020 Easter Egg Hunt! Throughout the month of April, LockHouse is turning our three escape rooms into eggscape rooms, with Easter egg hunts throughout the games. Here’s everything you need to know about our cracking event. (We’d also like to issue a formal apology for the amount of egg puns in this post.)

What to eggspect

We’re incorporating an Easter egg hunt into each of our rooms! There’ll be ten plastic Easter eggs hidden around each room — during your game, collect as many as you can find, and hand them over to your games master afterwards for a prize! 

Are the eggs a part of the game?

Nope. There aren’t any clues or puzzles hidden in or on any of the eggs. They’re a supplemental addition to the room, and you don’t need to find them all in order to complete the room. So if finding them all has got you beat, there’s no need to panic — you can still escape!

a tan coloured rabbit on green grassWhat do I get for participating?

Hand in the eggs you’ve found after your game for a free Easter-y prize of sweets and chocolate! You don’t have to find all of them in order to get a prize. We give out rewards as a team rather than individually, so feel free to hunt competitively if you want to, but prizes are given out collaboratively.

When are egg hunts happening?

Our egg hunts will be taking place throughout the entire month of April, from April 1st-30th. You don’t need to do anything special in order to participate — any bookings made for April will automatically include the egg hunt. Just show up for your booking as normal and get hunting!

Who can participate?

Anyone, of any age, is welcome to participate! It’s a great way to have fun as a family or with the kids, and it’s the perfect way to get younger children engaged and looking around the room. But it’s not eggsclusive to adults — whether you’re a group of students on the lookout for free chocolate, or a party of adults here to shell-ebrate a special occasion, you’re welcome to join in on the fun.

What if we don’t want to participate?

The Easter egg hunt is a completely optional addition to the room, and it’s not necessary to play in order to escape. If you’d rather the padlocks are the only things being scrambled, then all of our rooms are playable as normal without any egg-related shenanigans. Simply ignore any eggs that you happen to find in the room, and play as normal! 

Got more questions about our rooms? Check out our FAQ for all the answers you need.

We’ll also be running some fun Easter-related competitions on our social media in and around April, so keep an eye on our Facebook for all the latest updates!

Can you eggscape, or will you crack under the pressure? Book now to find out!