Halloween at LockHouse Games

A howl echoes into the night…

Ben Stevenson and John de Vine from BBC Cambridgeshire Radio came down and tested their bravery in our Egyptian Tomb room

Mist as thick as cobwebs descended upon Regent Street. For one horrifying Halloween week, LockHouse Games was a place of terror and despair…

The entire store underwent a terrible change, with each of our three Escape Rooms showing its darker side. Walls were splattered with blood as the undead attacked our missile lab. Reality and reason were lost as investigators followed the trail of a serial killer into a mysterious and surreal world. And the screams… the last words spoken by the unfortunate victims of a sadistic killer, trapped in our Egyptian Tomb.

There were many brave Escapists who dared venture into the rooms, including the ever charming Ben Stevenson and John de Vine from BBC Cambridgeshire Radio. They faced their fears and were able to successfully escape with seconds left.

Halloween 2017 Record Holders

Amongst those who were able to thwart the devious traps and challenges are the following three teams, who managed to beat each of our three rooms in record-setting time:

This brave 4-person team were able to beat the Halloween Armageddon room in 39 minutes

With great daring and the courage to work under pressure as the undead tried to break their way into the lab, Hayley, Adam, Alex and Vicky beat our room in only 39 minutes!


The last remaining picture of our Halloween Egyptian Tomb record breakers. Only a skeleton and gruesomely deformed jackal-headed being remain

Sadly this is the only image we have of our Egyptian Tomb record breakers. It seems that even their fantastic 33 minute time wasn’t enough to spare them from the wrath of Anubis…


The Quizzly Bear posing with their record time of 40 minutes for the Halloween Secret Agent room

The Quizzly Bears kept their cool and solved the murder mystery in our Halloween Secret Agent room in a record time of 40 minutes

A Light in the Darkness

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. In a first for the LockHouse, we would like to wish the newly engaged Leighton Ward and Amy Muddle congratulations! Leighton asked us before hand if he could arrange this extra special proposal and we were more than happy to help.

Our first engagement couple at LockHouse, he proposed as they opened the very last puzzle in Egyptian Tomb (and she said yes!)

                                                   Congratulations to the happy couple!

We’ve emailed you a special gift voucher, so that the two of you can come back to try any of our escape rooms again free of charge, as our little prenuptial present.

Thanks again to all of you who enjoyed our Halloween experience. We hope you will come see our more festive decorations this December. While we won’t spoil the surprise here, rest assured that those who come to the store will be in for a treat (and no tricks!)

Until next time Escapists!

Matthew Vernall

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