LockHouse Escape Games gets a terrifying make over!

October is around the corner and the creepy season is upon us.  Once again, LockHouse has given it’s rooms their annual spooktacular Halloween face lift, turning all our escape rooms into dens of terror.  Check out our new themes below!

Armageddon becomes Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie outbreak has reached Cambridge. Thousands of hungry undead are about to smash through the gates of a Secret Missile Base. You have just one hour to enter this base, discover the anti-virus, load it into the missile, and launch it into the upper atmosphere where it will disperse, and kill the evil Zombie fiends, saving the world. But be careful, there may be something waiting for you inside…

Note: This game is only suitable if you have not played Armageddon before.

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Egyptian Tomb becomes Escape into Hell

The Beast is awake. Satan himself is preparing to arise from his Hell-bound prison. The Guardians of Light need you to make your way into the very bowels of Hell itself, and piece together an ancient ritual to once again imprison Satan back into eternal, infernal darkness. But beware, he will tempt you, he will taunt you, he will invade your very soul. For the sake of all Humanity and the force of Good itself, dare you enter the endless dark of Hell?

Note: This game is only suitable if you have not played Egyptian Tomb before.

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Secret Agent becomes Cabin in the Woods

Following a series of grizzly and depraved murders, you must take on the role of Investigating Agents, and enter the seemingly normal looking living area of this lonely, isolated cabin. Can you keep it together as you discover more and more secret and disturbing rooms in your quest to find the evil, twisted killer? And will any of you survive your spooky stay in the creepy killer’s Cabin in the Woods?

Note: This game is only suitable if you have not played Secret Agent before.

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