The number of places to eat and drink in Cambridge can be overwhelming! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places to grab a bite to eat or a quick drink whilst on your travels.  This is by no means an exhaustive list though!

The Eagle

The Eagle is a classic tourist destination in Cambridge. Steeped in a rich history, can be found just off Kings Parade. It is the location in which Watson & Crick announced that they had discovered the structure of DNA, and there is a specific table in the pub where they often used to sit and share ideas. Whilst we’d love to see Rosalind Franklin’s contributions to their work acknowledged, the pub itself is a great place to get a pint or a bite to eat in between seeing the sites.

Front window display of the restaurant Novi on Regent StreetNovi

Novi can be found on Regent Street, just up the road from LockHouse Escape Games. It serves a wonderful range of brunch options during the day and offers sharing platters and a BBQ menu during the evening. The real highlight of Novi is its excellent cocktail menu. You won’t find anything as ordinary as a Long Island Iced Tea here. Instead it boasts a fantastic range of bespoke cocktails that change seasonally and are absolutely delicious. The classier and infinitely tastier alternative to Wetherspoons. It’s a great destination if you’re looking for a bite to eat and drink. 


An iconic part of the Cambridge backdrop, Fitzbillies is a fantastic cafe right in the heart of Cambridge. Nestled between Corpus Christi and Pembroke College, it is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike. Front window display of Fitzbillie's cafe on Trumpington Street in CambridgeWhile it’s most known for its glorious Chelsea Buns, the rest of its menu is simply excellent too. It’s a classic lunch destination in Cambridge that shouldn’t be missed.


A relatively new edition to the restaurant options in Cambridge, Tabanco is an Argentinian tapas restaurant along Green Street by Sidney Sussex College. It has a wide selection of different tapas options, all based around traditional Argentinian recipes with fresh and authentic ingredients. We personally recommend the pork cheeks with mash or the truffled goat’s cheese. Both are mouth-wateringly tasty.

Front door of Indigo Coffee House off King's Parade in CambridgeIndigo Cafe

Indigo Cafe is Cambridge’s worst kept secret. Tucked just off King’s Parade next to the Corpus Playrooms, it’s a tiny but truly wonderful cafe that is a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. Its wholesome homemade appeal and rustic food will charm you, and it has a cozy collection of seats on the floor above.

The Grain and Hop Store

Tucked down a tiny alleyway just off Regent Street, The Grain and Hop Store is a great pub at which to grab a bite to eat or sit and relax. Spread across two floors, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a wonderful selection of drinks, including an impressive range of craft beers. Great for sports evenings or a quiet one with friends. It also has a great function room for more formal events.

So those are some of our recommendations of where to go for a great place to eat and drink in Cambridge.  Looking for some activities to do in Cambridge?  We have a blog post discussing our favourite unusual activities!