LockHouse Escape Games is proud to present The Student Escape Room League. Think you’re good at solving puzzles? Reckon you can take on one of our rooms in a record time? Want to represent your college or university? Then keep reading below!

The Student Escape Room League will run until June 12th. Prizes donated by our wonderful sponsors will be confirmed closer to the time.

The Rules

Currently open to University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Students only.

We take an average of the top three best times from a college or ARU

Each room is treated separately

Team size is not considered, so bring as many people as you can!

Maximum number of three hints for each team but no time penalty for the hint.

If there are teams with a mix of players from different colleges, we will put the score down for whatever team you tell us to

The league officially ends Friday 12th June. Games played after this date will automatically be entered into the 20/21 League

How To Book

To book, please use our normal booking system and leave a note in the ‘Special Notes’ section that you are entering the league and what college/university you are entering for.

There is no limit for how many teams can enter for a particular college or university.  We are also happy to accept academics or alumni of the college/university.

The standard 10% student discount or 25% special Student Days discount (see below for details) will be applied on the day, once we see a valid student ID.

Student Days!

Want to join the league but hate paying full price for stuff?

Get 25% off on Mondays & Tuesdays for students

Just show us a valid student ID on the day and we can reduce your booking down by 25%

Only £15 per player!



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