Team Building at LockHouse Escape Games

Looking for your next team building activity?  Look no further! Our escape rooms are the perfect blend of team building, problem solving, competition, and fun. Our rooms take up to 60 minutes to complete and can accommodate teams of 6-7 (dependent on room). You can easily book all three rooms via our booking system, giving you a maximum capacity of 19 players.

The perfect activity for team building days, the Christmas party, or just a good old-fashioned social.

“Very good fun great for team building”

Great fun, good for a short sharp team building activity

“We went to the escape room for a team-building experience. None of us had been to one before and it was a great choice, our game master was really fun and helped us to have a great time!”

We came here for our work Christmas do, and not only is this a brilliant team building exercise, it’s also a whole bunch of fun. 100% recommend coming and giving it a go!

“Perfect venue for a post-strategy meeting with my colleagues. We were in the Secret Agent room which was definitely challenging but really good fun. The Lockhouse is great for team building. Thanks to Fred for hosting.

“We came here has a work social event and everyone had a great time. We split the group of 14 into three teams and tried all the rooms (Ancient Egypt, Secret Agent and Armageddon). Everyone has since said they had a great time and been talking about it in the office lots, even though one team didn’t make it out the room it was a great experience, and I think really good for team building as well!'”

“I took a group of 16 students to tackle all the escape rooms at LockHouse for a team building assignment. Without exception every participant came out having enjoyed themselves. This was not only due to the fiendishly devised rooms but also to the friendliness of the staff.”

Why an escape room?

Healthy Competition

Team Building



Problem Solving

Get out of the office



What if we don't know our exact numbers yet?

At LockHouse you only pay for the number of players actually in the room on the day. So if your numbers are still flexible, but you know the date/time you wish to attend, we would recommend booking the room with 2-3 players and then you can always change this number at a later date.

Is it competitive? Can you make it competitive?

Whilst we do not have identical escape rooms for a strict competition, we will be recording how long each group takes in the room, and you can compare these times afterwards. We can also record how many hints each group gets.

Do you offer catering? Where can we eat?

We do not offer catering on site.  LockHouse is centrally located on Regent Street, surrounded by many excellent food/drink establishments, so finding somewhere to finish your evening shouldn’t be difficult!

How long does it take?

Teams have a maximum of one hour in the room. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your start time. If you are doing multiple rooms back to back, there is a short period of downtime between rooms for reset. This can take a maximum of 30 minutes, but we can normally make it shorter.

Can we pay via invoice?

If you need any receipts, invoices etc. for finance department purposes, our customer service team are happy to help. Please contact them directly at admin@lockhouse.co.uk.


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