Escape rooms are the latest craze to be sweeping the nation. But, like with any new experience, people aren’t always 100% sure what playing one actually involves. What challenges await you when the door is closed? How hard are they really? Are they actually for me? We’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions we hear from our customers about what they thought an escape room was like before they got here.

Escape rooms are scary

Woman looking scared with her hands on her cheeks in LockHouse Escape Games foyer  We place a lot of blame for this particular urban myth on the shoulders of the horror movie Escape Room (2019). Whilst LockHouse cannot speak for all escape rooms out there, our rooms in particular are not scary. We don’t have any scary themes, and there are no jump scares or live actors waiting for you in the dark. The exception to this is around Halloween, when we do update our escape rooms to be more on the spooky side, but even then our overall goal is not to scare the pants off of you.

You’re put in a room with total strangers

This urban myth has swum across the pond all the way from our American neighbours. It’s true that in a lot of escape rooms in the States you can be put in rooms with other customers not part of your original booking, but at LockHouse we never do this. Our rooms have a capacity of six to seven players, but if you book as a pair then only the two of you will be playing at that time. This means you don’t have to worry about making awkward small talk whilst also solving puzzles (unless you choose us for a first date that is!)

You are actually locked in the room

This is a very common concern we hear from customers, and it is most definitely false! We do not lock you in the room for real. This is both for health and safety reasons as well as for your own comfort and enjoyment. You can leave your room at any time through the door you entered by.

A woman holding up some old keys looking at them bemused in LockHouse Escape Games foyerThe games are only for children/only for adults

It seems bizarre that both sides of this myth would persist, but many customers think the rooms are either only for children or only for adults. Neither of these things are true. As an industry, escape rooms are targeted more towards an adult audience, as some of the puzzles can be quite complex and some of the themes of the rooms more suitable for a mature audience. However, at LockHouse we pride ourselves on our family-friendly rooms. Whilst the majority of our customer base are adults, we welcome families and indeed groups of children. We allow children of all ages in the rooms accompanied by adult supervision.  Children aged 11 and over are allowed in the room solo, subject to arrangement prior.

You have to be a genius to crack them

Something we often hear from customers is ‘I didn’t think I’d be smart enough to do this!’ Escape rooms are designed to challenge your brain, but not to completely bamboozle you. You’d be surprised just how many people are great at puzzle solving, especially once they are warmed up. We often find it will take a group a little while to solve the first few puzzles, but then they will go on to speed through the rest of the room as they find their groove. A good escape room should never assume any previous knowledge, so you won’t need to be a maths/science/history buff to do well. At LockHouse, all the information you need to solve the puzzles will be inside the room itself.Man looking confused with a red plastic question mark being held over his head in LockHouse Escape Games foyer

You’re penalised for hints

This is a LockHouse specific feature, but at our escape rooms hints don’t cost you anything. A more common industry standard is that hints can cost you in the form of time penalties, or that you only have a limited number. However, at LockHouse, our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience, not a frustrating torture chamber so if you want hints then you can have them! If anything, our gamesmasters enjoy lending a hand, as it gives us a chance to get back into our intro characters.   

At LockHouse Escape Games we see all manner of people coming to play and then leaving with a huge smile on their face.  Our advice for new players is to try giving our Egyptian Tomb a go, as it is considered the most ‘beginner friendly’ of our rooms.