It’s here! LockHouse is excited to announce the first ever Cambridge student escape room league.

Calling all Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University students! Think you’re good at solving puzzles? In case being a student in Cambridge isn’t enough scope to show off your smarts, here’s your chance to finally prove that your college/university is the best! Find out everything you need to know about the league here.

How does it work?

a blackboard recording the currently winning colleges for the cambridge student escape room league, with words in white reading inter-college escape room league, behind some metal scaffolding decorated with ivy and butterflies

This could be you

The league will run from January 13th-June 12th. During that period, you can enter to play representing your college/university. Each of our three escape rooms (Egyptian Tomb, Armageddon, and Secret Agent) is scored separately.The scoreboard on our website will show the top three colleges/universities, and the times to beat.

How are the times calculated?

The time shown for each competing college/university is an average calculated from the top three fastest game times entered by teams representing that college/university. 

Who can play?

The league is open to any members of Cambridge University and ARU. It’s targeted at students, but staff members and alumni are also welcome to enter. 

How do we enter?

Just book a game as normal, and let us know when you’re booking which college/university you’d like to represent! You can do this by leaving a note on bookings made via our website, or by letting your games master know before you start the room. Note: it’s important that you let us know you’re entering before you play the room, since league games have limited hints.

How many teams can enter?

There’s no limit to the amount of teams that can enter from each college/university, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to represent your institution, go for it! The more groups enter for a particular college/university, the better chance that college has of getting winning times!

How many players can be in a league team?

There is no required number of players. Our rooms have a maximum capacity of 6-7 players, so bring as many people as you like!

Do all the players have to be from the same college/university?

No. You can have players from different colleges. However, your time will only be entered for one college/university — just decide and tell us who you want your team to represent.

What are the rules for hints?

League games have a maximum of three hints. There is no time/score penalty for taking hints.

Can we get a discount?

For all students: LockHouse offers a regular 10% discount for students Wednesday-Sunday. Mondays and Tuesdays are our special Student Days — book on a Monday or Tuesday for a 25% discount, meaning you can play for as little as £15 per player!  For student discounts, book as normal and pay a deposit. Then just show a valid student card on the day, and we’ll take the money off the rest of the booking.

For CamFM radio presenters: 25% off during off-peak games. Proof of ID required.

For University of Cambridge Student Union members: 20% off during off-peak games. Proof of ID required.

Are there prizes for the winning teams?

Yes! We’re working with local businesses on some exciting prizes. Watch this space for details to be announced!

Also coming soon: publicity for the student escape room league with CamFM and The Ruskin Journal!

If you’ve still got questions about the escape rooms, our FAQ is here to help. Feeling competitive? Get ahead of the game with our tips for escape rooms!