Life as a Cambridge student has its perks, and one of those perks is being able to demand money off stuff. Student discounts are the band-aid on the gaping wound of student debt; next time your relatives ask what your degree is good for, simply wow them into shutting up by showing off your free entry to the Botanic Garden. Here are some of the many places you can benefit from Cambridge student discounts!

A student staring at a laptop screen with a stressed expression and chewing on a pencilGrand Arcade Student Night

From 3-8pm on October 9th, the Grand Arcade is running a student event,with various stores offering Cambridge student discounts of up to 40%. Take your start-of-term identity crisis clothes shopping in an attempt to reinvent yourself with a new look, indulge your desperate nostalgia at the Disney store, eat some Krispy Kreme donuts. What’s not to love?

Cambridge Leisure Centre

 Nights out in Cambridge can be dismally expensive —if you’re looking for alternatives to the city centre, venture up towards the train station and visit the Cambridge Leisure Centre for some great student discounts. Go bowling, catch a movie, and have a meal out without having to compensate by eating nothing but microwave noodles for the rest of the week. Of particular interest: Bella Italia are offering 50% off pizza Sundays through Thursdays. Half price pizza. We don’t need to say anything else.

Get a TOTUM card

This costs £14.99 for a year of discounts at both local and national retailers. Some highlights of the many, many discounts offered include money off of bike repairs, so you can keep blithely zooming around the city streets. Also gets you £5 cinema tickets at Cambridge Arts Picture House. See all the potential discounts and get a TOTUM card here.

Get into the University Botanic Garden for free

A group of cactuses, red flowers and a palm tree in a greenhouse

This could be you

Catch the last dregs of sunshine or crunch through some drifts of autumn leaves at the Botanic Garden⁠—without having to pay for the privilege. Whether you’re looking to get away from it all by staring broodingly at a lake, or simply relocating your studies to a more scenic bench, the Botanic Garden is a beautiful place for a wander. If an October walk sounds too chilly for you, you can always go sit in one of the spectacular greenhouses, wishing you were a desert plant in a warm and deadline-free world.

Student discounts at LockHouse Escape Games

Interested in playing an escape room? In deference to the penniless student existence, we’ve got multiple options for Cambridge student discounts here at LockHouse. From October 7th-18th, our time-limited Freshers’ Week offer lets you play any of our escape rooms from £14 per player. Simply pick up one of our vouchers in person at Freshers’ Fair, or grab one online here. Can’t make it during that period? Mondays and Tuesdays are our Student Days, offering 25% off to holders of a valid student card. Find out more here!

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