We are delighted to see this splendid article about our escape rooms featuring in The Cambridge Student, who have given us permission to upload this transcript as featured in the October 2017 Freshers Edition of their paper:

“From Anubis to Armageddon: Lockhouse Escape Room Thrills”
By Sophie Dickinson, Editor in Chief

‘First Time Puzzlers?’ asks Michael Brown as we cautiously enter LockHouse Games, a new escape room near Downing on Regent Street. Inspired by the ever-popular European escape rooms, two Cambridge-based entrepreneurs opened the rooms in Spring, and are obviously full of energy about their business.
The two are certainly characters, even without the scientist/explorer/spy outfits that are donned throughout our time at LockHouse. Michael is enthusiastic, especially (as a Pembroke alumnus himself) for students to get involved. ‘It’s open 9am-11pm’ he says at multiple junctures, and stresses that the (literal) escapism the business provides from degrees has already proven popular.

The building houses three escape rooms with varying different levels of difficulty. The attention to detail was clearly paramount – from the smallest room fitting in the Secret Agent room, to the genuinely impressive space-race vibe of Armageddon mission.

We were chaperoned (without irony, but with jaunty ‘Englishman-abroad’ hats) to the Egyptian Tomb room, where the task was to move through the rooms solving puzzles in order to escape Anubis (who was chatting away to us via a tannoy / some spiritual power). Again, the design of the rooms was genuinely impressive, with sand-beaten walls and innovative, on-theme passages making the rooms worthy of a visit in themselves. Whilst the plastic snakes weren’t exactly embraced by my fellow puzzler, and despite some cynicism at the threats of an Egyptian-Themed death, the 59 minutes and 47 seconds spent in the escape room were genuinely a lot of fun.

For fans keen to spend more time at LockHouse, the foyer doubles up as a board game shop complete with indie strategy games, an electronic palm reader and a VR headset. Michael gushed about term-time games nights and a Halloween week with immersive experiences involving specialist horror actors.

Whether you’re a ‘first time puzzler’ or an experienced European escaper, a visit to LockHouse is a much-needed alternative group night out in Cambridge. They are currently offering 20% for TCS readers, so take this article along, and pick your room!