Advent Calendar 2017: Answer to Day 4 and Day 5 Puzzle

Answer to Day 4 Puzzle

Good Day Escapists!

Time sure flies when it wants to, seems like only yesterday us lot at LockHouse were coming up with puzzles for our Advent Calendar. With twenty more days of puzzling to go we hope you’re looking forward to every one of them as much as we are!

Firstly, how many of you were able to crack the code on this mathematical conundrum?

A tricky mathematical brainteaser for this day's puzzle!

An odd one, isn’t it? One of those puzzles you know that the answer is “stair”-ing you straight in the face…

Once  you’ve seen that the weird staircase arrangement of the boxes is intentional, it’s just a case of adding up the boxes above and to the right to get the answer you need. So much like how 4+2 = 6 and 9 + 10 = 19, by adding the numbers 2+1 you get our mystery answer; 3

Two magnificent mathematicians were able to successfully guess the answer to this one, congratulations to you both!

Day 5 Puzzle

For those of us who prefer using a dictionary over a calculator, we have the first of our Christmas Anagrams for you to solve!

A tricky little anagram, what festive phrase can you create from "Vicars Theme?"

If you’ve managed to unscramble the festive phrase we’re looking for, why not pop by and see if you’re right?

Matthew Vernall

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