Advent Calendar 2017: Answer to Day 3 and Day 4 Puzzle

Answer to Day 3 Puzzle

Good Day Escapists!

It’s the start of a brand new week and what better way to begin than with another Advent Calendar Puzzle?

But first, how many of you were able to work out the famous seasonal song eluded to here?

Can you work out which seasonal song is being referred to here?

This answer is a bit of a Christmas Cracker groaner. For those who are both lyrically and comically minded, you may have worked out that the “punny” title of this song was “Ping Pong Merrily on High!” (Ping Pong + Mary + Leo (Lion) + On High).

One group came into the store with the correct answer after much discussing and head scratching!

Day 4 Puzzle

Today’s puzzle is a mathematical brainteaser that’s sure to get you thinking!

A tricky mathematical brainteaser for this day's puzzle!

If you think you’ve worked out the answer, come inside and see if you’re right!

Matthew Vernall

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