If you’re looking for a way to boost employee wellbeing — why not trap your employees in a room and make them complete a series of tasks before they’re allowed to leave? (No, we don’t mean just another day in the office.) Employee wellbeing is something that more and more companies are making a concerted effort to promote: if you put the energy into supporting your employees and helping them feel more fulfilled, you’ll see the result in a happier, healthier, and more energised workplace. Here are five ways that playing a trip to an escape room can help boost employee wellbeing!

The power of problem solving

Problem solving: the solution to all your problems! Problem solving is one of the most important skills, in and out of the workplace, and there’s no better place to sink your teeth into a some puzzles (not literally. Please, not literally) than an escape room. It’s also good for mental wellbeing — solving puzzles is fun, improves confidence, and helps build a toolset that can also be applied to improving everyday mental health.

Ditch the desk and get moving

two people with their backs to the camera doing double thumbs up against the sunsetTake a moment to sit up straight. If you can hear your vertebrae screaming in haunting chorus as you do, that’s probably a sign that you should get up and move around more. Sitting down and being stationary at work is not only demoralising, it’s a health risk! While there are ways you can implement more moving around into your workplace itself, sometimes the only cure for that restlessness is to get out of the office (and into a cursed Egyptian tomb). As well as providing some exercise for your brain, escape rooms will get you standing up and moving around. 

Encourage team building

One of the most important ways to improve employee wellbeing is by encouraging positive relationships in the workplace. Turning coworkers into friends cuts down on the sense of stress and isolation at work, and helps build a sense of community that’ll help everyone work better as a team. And escape rooms are great for team building — it’s hard not to bond with people as you’re celebrating your triumph over a padlock together. Proven to significantly reduce cases of workplace poisonings.

A dose of escapism

a red ball with a smiley face on it floating in the oceanEven if you love your job, doing the same thing day in and day out can get demoralising. That’s why it’s important to take breaks and try new things — and there’s nothing more exciting to try than an escape room. Well, there are probably a bunch of things, but nothing convenient for a company outing, anyway. If you find morale is flagging, and you’re sitting around the office desperately wishing you’d followed your childhood dreams and become an astronaut, then escape rooms are the perfect dose of excitement and (literal) escapism.

Improve productivity

Employee wellbeing is linked to productivity — there’s been a rise in focus on employee wellbeing, as more and more companies are capitalising on the connection between treating your employees like people and seeing the results from your happier, more invested team.  Solving an escape room gives everyone a boost of problem-solving energy, improves team cohesion and confidence, and, most importantly, provides a fun break from routine that’ll make both the productivity and the mood in the office soar, like a majestic, puzzle-fuelled falcon.

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