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Escape Games for


Would you like to find an activity to improve your team-bonding?

We aim to bring you the most exciting hour in Cambridge. You don't even need to hide it from Granny - she can play too!

How about identifying future leaders within your group?

Do you want to reward your team with a great night out?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions then Lockhouse Escape Games might be what you’re looking for.

Many businesses including Facebook, Google and JP Morgan have started using Escape Games for team-building, entertainment and even interviews!

Their aim is to give staff a memorable night out whilst the managers can gain insights into each individual’s performance in a team-working scenario. Managers can either play the game, or watch through a video link.

What can LockHouse

Do for us?

Lockhouse games provides an excellent source of escape games for business use. We achieve this with:-

  • Some of the highest quality games available in the UK

  • Facility for managers to sit out and watch the team through a monitor

  • Private Corporate Debriefing Room for hire

  • Buffet service available

  • Option for two teams to play the same game simultaneously - Who will get out first?

  • High quality restaurants and bars nearby so you can extend your night out.

Let your staff know how much you value them by booking today.