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What we do at

Lockhouse Games

We provide ESCAPE GAMES, Virtual Reality experiences and an emporium of locally produced art, hand crafted puzzles, board games and items for playing with.

We aim to bring you the most exciting hour in Cambridge. You don't even need to hide it from Granny - she can play too!

Do you like secret tunnels, hidden doors and large custom-built puzzles that you move with two hands?

Do you like real-life Cambridge academics playing darker versions of themselves in your in-game videos?

Do scents, sounds and adrenaline bring you closer to your team mates?

If you've answered 'Yes!' to any of these questions, then LockHouse Escape Games could be exactly what you've been waiting for!

Why you'll love

Our games

We use high production value games by European leader TRAP Games, with professional set designers and artists to bring you some of the most thematic Escape Game missions available in the UK. To these already brilliant games we add our own twists and use real Cambridge local characters to act in the in-game videos.

Don't just take our word for it, search out TRAP online or have a look at what Ken Fergusson, owner of leading aggregate site ExitGames.co.uk recently emailed us to say:

"I've played four of their games (including both the Egyptian and Armageddon rooms) and think they're some of the best games I've played, so I'm all in favour of more of them opening in the UK."

Ken Ferguson, ExitGames.co.uk

Thanks Ken, we agree!

Who are the maniacs

Behind it all?

We believe play is for adults as well as children

We're a start-up founded by Paul Chapman, an ex-Cambridge academic specialising in long-division, nano-physics and crumpetology. Our games are based on designs by European leaders TRAP with uber unhomely twists designed by Paul and his wicked brother Mark. We like to bring you things that you haven't seen before in an escape game. Hope you like 'em.

What is an

Escape Game?

Imagine the scene - You're trapped* in a room. Four of your friends are with you. Something terrible, really truly terrible, is going to happen to you all in exactly 1 hour. Your heart pounds as you try to figure out how to escape. The only way to avoid disaster is to work out how to break into the next room. And the next, until you achieve your goal and save your team.

Along the way, you search for clues and keys to uncover new parts of the mystery. You and your team have to solve fiendish lateral thinking problems to get access to undiscovered parts of the game. We present you with large custom built puzzles that require dexterity and teamwork, solve them and uncover new parts of the story. Fail and you get locked in forever*.

When you finish we give you a nice relaxing cup of tea and explain any parts that you got stuck on while your heart-rate returns to normal... We love talking about how we made our rooms, so please ask us about anything that you're interested in and we'll geek-out for you.

*Players are NEVER actually locked in! It's fun to pretend though...

What does it feel like to

Play an Escape Game?

Most players report adrenaline and a raised pulse rate! Teams tend to come out feeling energised and most people walk out on a bit of a high. Just about everyone spends the next hour or so talking about what they just did - the bits they solved, the bits they couldn't crack and what surprised them most. Some people find it a bit addictive and want to play another game very soon, but most responsible adults are happy to play in moderation.

We do ask you to not tell other people about the surprises and puzzles within the game so that they can fully experience the same fun and excitement when they come to play